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The Start of the End of Humanity

Sebastian slept in the guest room of Mrs. Johnson’s house. The room had a large queen-sized bed under the window, the moon shining dully across the room.

He was lying on his back, staring at the ceiling. It was now 2 o’clock in the morning and he couldn’t sleep. He had a strange feeling that someone was watching. Sebastian shifted my gaze to the floor, sighing.

“You’re overreacting,” he whispered to himself.


Then a shadow ran across the room and disappeared. Sebastian bolted upright. What was that? He looked out the window. The road was empty except for his car, the street lamps casting dull light on the road. Sebastian shook my head.


I’m probably just imagining things, he thought.

Sebastian was about to lie back down when he heard a loud crash. John, Jordan, and Kayla were down in the basement, so he doubted doubt they heard anything.  Sebastian held his breath, listening.


Seconds later, a scream hit his ears. A woman’s scream. Then, another scream, this one male.

Sebastian climbed out of bed and crept towards the door.

Opening it, he looked into the hall. It was empty. Another crash sounded followed by a low groan. Sebastian believed it came from the living room. He tiptoed into the kitchen, grabbing a large kitchen knife off the counter, just in case.

Sebastian peeked around the corner to see a man standing in the middle of the room. Even in the dim lighting, he could see that this thing was not human.


His...well its shirt was ripped, exposing ugly gray skin. On his arm, the skin was torn, bone showing. Sebastian gasped as he got a glimpse of its face.

Its eyes were clear as if it were blind. A large red stain covered the skin around its mouth, flesh torn in many places. Sebastian pulled his gaze away from the creature and down to the floor where two bodies lay sprawled out like rag dolls in two puddles of blood.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.


A lump formed in Sebastian’s throat as he turned back to the creature. Sebastian flinched, sharply inhaling. It was staring directly at him, a low, almost animalistic growl sounding with each breath it took. Sebastian could smell its breath from ten feet away. It seemed to be a mixture of rotten eggs, rust, and salt. Then it happened.

The creature came at him with alarming speed. Sebastian let out a yell as he was grabbed by the shoulders and slammed into the kitchen wall. The creature opened its mouth wide; its hot breath blew in Sebastian’s face.

This it, he thought, I’m going to die.

Then he remembered. The knife. He was still clutching it tightly in my hand. Sebastian lifted it and swung, plunging it into the creature’s face. The creature let out a horrifying howl as Sebastian brought the knife down again and again. Blood exploded from its face, staining Sebastian’s clothes, the floor, and wall behind him. Then the body finally dropped to the floor.

Breathing hard, Sebastian looked up to find Jordan, John, and Kayla watching the scene silently, horror in their eyes.

“What happened,” John asked in a shaky voice, stepping over the body towards Sebastian. “Sebastian?”

John grabbed hold of Sebastian’s shoulders, causing to other male to flinch slightly. Sebastian realized that he was shaking rather violently. Then Jordan spoke.
“Mom,” she called out “Dad?”

She stood there for a second before rushing into the living room. Then her scream sounded. John ran past Sebastian with Kayla right behind him.


Sebastian remained where he was, leaning against the wall. The living room wall flicked on and Sebastian turned his head to the scene in the other room.

Jordan was on the floor clutching her parents’ bodies, tears rolling down her red cheeks. John stood beside her, a tears running down his face. Kayla stood with her hand over her mouth.

Sebastian finally got over some of his shocks and stumbled over to the window, pulling aside the curtains. Down the road, a large crowd was heading towards the house. It seems like that howl was more of a signal for help than pain like Sebastian had thought.

“John,” Sebastian said urgently. “You need to see this.”

John walked up beside him and looked out the window, gasping. He backed away.

“We need to get somewhere safe,” he told Sebastian. “You and Kayla block the doors. I’ll be right back.”

Sebastian gave John a questioning look but John shook his head and then disappeared into the hallway.

Kayla and Sebastian grabbed the arms of the sofa and pulled it to the door. Jordan had moved into the corner, away from her parents. Trembling sobs left her every now and then. Groans and moans got closer to the house.

“They’re getting closer,” Sebastian said.

“Well,” Kayla panted as she tried to lift one of the arm chairs. “Help me.”

By the time John got back, the mob was right outside the door, looking for a way in. They pounded on the door and windows. Kayla was trying to comfort Jordan. John walked in with two large duffle bags. Sebastian walked over as he dumped the contents on the floor.
“Whoa”, Sebastian said in awe. Three handguns, a pair of twin pistols, a machine gun, a TMP, and a shotgun lay in a pile on the floor.

“For emergencies”, John explained. Sebastian nodded, wondering what type of emergency called for so much weaponry and picked up the TMP.

As soon as they got Jordan to calm down, Kayla packed a bag of first aid supplies and canned food. She took the twin pistols. John got the machine gun and Sebastian carried the shotgun, not really trusting Jordan with a gun while she was in this state. They had decided to go through the back and through the woods.
Then there was a crash. Several gray arms busted through the window.


“Let’s get out of here,” Sebastian said quickly.

John nodded and they went out the back door. Groans of the creatures echoed through the night as they ran, not knowing what was ahead or what was waiting for them. But there was one thing Sebastian did know. They weren’t going to be safe anytime soon.

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