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The Lollipop

I was riding the bus home from school, just as I always had, for nine years in a row. I wished the always-different driver a good day, and stepped down the stairs that led to the ground like a pointing arrow. I walked down my neighborhood like a snail drudging along the road. I stepped on the road, and on the grass twirling in the wind, and then on the road again, back and forth. I kept on, tired from a lack of sleep and a boring day of school. Suddenly, I felt a bump in my shoe like a rock, but it was not a piece of nature. I looked down. There it was-- the bump. It was a pink sucker-- small and round with a wrapper perfectly wrapped around it like a snug blanket. I quickly leaned over and picked it up like a ninja, because I did not want any of the other kids to see me picking it up. They might have seen it and think it odd, but I did not. I was quite the curious cat.
      I glanced at it, and then continued walking home. On the way to my house, I unwrapped the lollipop like an animal. I had always loved suckers as a kid. My parents used to buy me lollipops all the time: when I was happy, sad, … but they stopped doing that after my tenth birthday. They told me then I was too old for hard candy, and I believed them. I smelled the candy on a stick, expecting a bubble gum scent or something of that sort, but the lollipop’s smell came to me as a surprise. It was a rotten smell like a week-old dead body, or at least that is what I had imagined an old body would smell like. I immediately crumpled up the wrapper and threw the candy to the ground. Call me a litterer-- I do not care. I was terrified. No sucker should smell like that—not one.
      I ignored that for the rest of the day and worked like a soldier to complete all of my homework. Hours later, nighttime approached and darkness began to spread throughout the house. I got ready for bed and went to sleep.
      The next morning, my dad drove me to school, as per usual, and the bus took me home. I said goodbye to the bus driver, stepped onto the road, and walked home. I was not even thinking of the candy from the ground when I saw, in the same exact spot as yesterday, the lollipop. It was perfectly wrapped! The same one! I was spooked like a horse out at midnight. I could not believe my eyes. Were they lying to me? I could not see how.
      This time, I kept the wrapper on the sucker and took it home with me like a hoarder— an inquisitive hoarder. Once I had reached my home, I set the hard candy on my dresser and started working on my homework. I was a mad man— glancing at it every few minutes like a crazy person. It was still haunting me with its capability of revival. I grew tired like an old lady and fell asleep.
      The next morning, I woke up and remembered the lollipop. I awoke and sat up from my covers to look at the candy, but it was gone. I was a statue— staring at nothing.
      “Mom? Are you up?” I hurried to her room, “Dad? Are you guys awake?”
      “What is it, Karson?” My parents and I used to fight constantly— day and night. The fighting had stopped a few years ago, but only because I began to distance myself from my parents.
      “Did you take my sucker?”
      “My lollipop. It was pink— on my dresser.”
      “We haven’t gotten you one of those in years.”
      “I know. I found it.”
      “…It doesn’t matter. So you guys didn’t take it?”
      “Why would we?”
      I got ready for school and my dad drove me there. He asked me a few questions about the sucker, but I mostly stayed quiet. I thought I was probably just insane.
      By the third day of seeing the lollipop in the same spot after it had been taken, I was underwhelmed. This time, I grabbed it and shoved it into my pocket. I took it home as the wind fought me.
      Once I reached home, an idea hit me in the head: I set my camera up to record. I waited until 11:50pm to press the button. When twelve o’ clock hit, the lollipop did not disappear. I was so angry. I thought that maybe it was vanishing at the end of every day. I turned my camera off, and right after that, the annoying thing disappeared! Redness conquered my face. I thought to myself for hours about what was going on and what I should do, but I could not come up with a plan. The skin under my eyes started to scream at me. My mind was yelling at me to get some sleep, so I did.
      I woke up in complete sadness. My head could not wrap around what was going on. I readied myself for school and my dad took me there. Life was so boring, yet so strange. I barely got through the day without falling asleep, and when I got home, of course, the lollipop was on the ground in the same place again. I was so fed up with the terribly unusual situation that I stormed home. I unlocked my house’s door, slammed it shut, marched to my room, set my backpack on the carpet, flattened myself out on my bed, and cried. I don’t know why I was extravagantly emotional, but I remember feeling alone. I did not know what to do or what to think. I was alone.
      I was all out of hope, ideas, and plans… I was empty. I assumed no one would believe me if I told him or her a sucker kept coming alive, and I concluded that I was either supernatural or just plain insane. After my breakdown, I could think of only one thing to do and one thing only: to eat the lollipop. Maybe that is what it wanted, and then it would go away. I unwrapped the candy, licked it a few times, spit out the wretched taste, and forced myself to finish eating it. I bit it into small pieces inside my mouth and swallowed.
      Abruptly, I could no longer feel my limbs. I could not think or breathe. I was paralyzed.
      I do not know where I am now. I only know that I am not alive anymore.

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