You Don't Know Anything

October 25, 2016

“How could you!” Jessabelle said, “she was my friend.”
“I know but she knew too much, she was going to tell you or the police but I couldn’t let that happen.  This is not my fault.” Nameless said.
If you like to wear black and you make stupid mistakes like getting a nose ring or tattoos then you might know Jessabelle. Jessabelle had long dark hair, white skin, and loved to wear black. Her best friend’s name was Fraya.
Fraya was just like Jessabelle. She liked to wear black, had dark hair but she had tan skin.
When you walked by you would always see Jessabelle and Fraya together.  Fraya had a boyfriend named Jake Reese.
Jake was the captain of the football team. He had jet-black hair, loved sports and he had dark tan skin.
It was Friday and Jessabelle had made plans with Fraya to get a tattoo.  She could not stop thinking of the right one to choose. When they finally arrived at the tattoo parlor there were many tattoos to choose from. They looked at all of them. Then when they thought they were out of luck, they found the perfect one: A Yin and Yang tattoo which represents friendship. Jessabelle got yang and Fraya got Yin.  They had the design tattooed on their wrists. When they were done, they went back to Fraya’s house. They could not stop talking about that tattoo.
That night they went to bed. In the middle of the night, Fraya left the house with no one noticing. She snuck out to meet someone.
“I know what you did,” Fraya said.
“You don’t know anything,” said a nameless deep voice.
“I know that you went to juvie. You shot people: a little kid’s parents, and a police officer, and you also broke out of juvie. I’m calling the police, “Fraya said.
  “NO DON’T,” said the Nameless deep voice.
  As Fraya turned, she saw something coming at her and then...
As Jessabelle woke up, she noticed that Fraya was not in her bed.
“Fraya” Jessabelle call out hoping to find her friend.
There was no answer so Jessabelle just got ready. As Jessabelle went outside, she was stopped in her tracks.
  “NO” Jessabelle said as she fell on to her knees. There in the yard her friend Fraya… lay DEAD. As she ran to her friend’s body, the police grabbed her and held her back so she could not get to Fraya.
“Miss you need to calm down” the policeman said as Jessabelle struggled to push past the officer to get to her friend’s lifeless body. After a while, Jessabelle tired from screaming and fell onto her knees. The policeman tried to move her towards the police car for questioning.
“NO, NO Fraya NO” Jessabelle said trying to squirm her way out of the policeman’s hands.
It took two policemen to move her over to the police car but Jessabelle would not talk. So they took her to the police station and put her in a cell for one night. The next morning the policeman asked her questions.
“How long have you known Fraya?” The policeman asked.
“Since as long as I could remember,” Jessabelle said.
“When was the last time you saw her?” The policeman asked.
“Last night before bed,” Jessabelle said
“Do you know anyone who might want to hurt or kill Fraya?” The policeman said.
“No,” Jessabelle said.
“OK, I think that’s all we need. Do you have anyone we can call,” The policeman asked.
“No, my parents died in a car crash and so I was living with Fraya,” Jessabelle said.
“Ok, well you can go home now.” The policeman said.
“Ok,” Jessabelle said as she got up to leave.
On her way home she thought about who could have done this to Fraya. It was dark and it felt like someone was watching her so she ran home. As she got inside her house, she got ready for bed but she could not sleep knowing there was a murderer on the loose.
The next day she stayed home from school. How could she concentrate on her classes knowing her friend was dead? After a while, she looked in Freya’s bag to help see if there were any clues. All she found were her textbooks with nothing in them to help her. After that, she checked Fraya’s phone for clues. She read all of the text messages and noticed an unknown number and the text message read meet me outside in five minutes I need to talk to you. You will not get away with this. After she read that, she called the number.
“Hello?” someone said in a deep voice.
” Fraya I know this is you and whatever you know about me, I don’t want to know. Sorry about last night, you passed out and I left. Don’t tell Jessabelle or next time you won’t wake up.”
Jessabelle hung up the phone and with it ran to the police station.
“Someone help me, please,” Jessabelle said as she tried to find a police officer who could help her. Finally, she found the same police officer who had questioned her that morning.
“What’s wrong?” he said.
“I know who killed Fraya,” Jessabelle said.
“Who”? The police officer said.
“There was this person on the phone who said that he knew Fraya and killed her!” Jessabelle said.
“Ok, you just need to go home and get some rest. Give me the phone and go home.” the police officer said.
“Ok I will,” Jessabelle said.
  A little later, after she got home she got a phone call.
“Hello?” Jessabelle said.
“Hey this is Fred Tomas from the police department. May I ask who this is?”
“This is Jessabelle, the girl who gave you Fraya’s phone.”
“Well, may I ask where you are at?” The police officer said.
“I went home like you said,” Jessabelle said.
“Well I’m going to need you to stay there. We found the murderer.” The police officer said.
“Who is it?” Jessabelle said.
  The call ended.
  A little later, there was a knock on the door. As she walked down stairs, the door swung open and Jessabelle fell and huddled right then and there. Police don’t move.
  “Are you Jessabelle?” the policeman asked.
“Yes,” Jessabelle said.
You have the right to remain silent. You are under arrest for the murder of Fraya. The policeman said.
Jessabelle was grabbed, handcuffed, and taken to jail. She struggled with the police officer until she tired. So now, somehow she was a murderer. When the lights dimmed, she reached in her pillowcase and got the keys. She was so proud because when she struggled she reached and grabbed the keys. As she crept out, she found a shirt and pants. She went down to the record room and cleared her name saying she was let go. She was about to leave when she saw a tab open with the name Jake Reese. Why would Jake be in trouble? Jessabelle heard what she thought was water running but paid no attention.
As she read murder of parents and police officer, broke out of juvie. Is this what Fraya knew all along.  Jessabelle smelled something that smelled like oil. As she turned around, she saw a man in black pouring oil. Then he pulled out a lighter.
“Wait!” Jessabelle said as he put the lighter to the ground.
“Jake I know it’s you, you were the one who killed Fraya, you were the one who killed all those people”.
“How could you? She was my friend.”
“I know but she knew too much. She was going to tell you or the police but I couldn’t let that happen. It’s not my fault!” Jake said.
As the fire grew bigger, Jake took off. Jessabelle carefully ran after him jumping while trying not to get burned by the flames. As she ran out the door, she followed him towards her house. He stopped and pulled out a gun. Jessabelle stopped dead in her tracks.
“I killed her and now I’m going to kill you,” Jake said.” You know too much, just like Fraya.” As he fired the gun, Jessabelle tried to move out of the way but the bullet hit her shoulder. As she fell to the ground, he turned to run when all of a sudden.
The police said, “Drop the weapon and put your hands behind your head.”
Jake dropped the gun and took off. The policemen ran after Jake and finally caught him and brought him over to the car. Jessabelle tried hard not to close her eyes afraid she might never open them again.
“This is not the end there are more like me and they will come for you.” Jake said.
After that, the police officer ran to Jessabelle while Jake was placed in the police car. Jessabelle lost too much blood, and she slowly closed her eyes and passed out. She sees Fraya sitting next to her telling her that it will be all right.
As Fraya gets up, she says “I will see you soon”.
When Jessabelle awoke she was in the hospital, there were guys about the same age as Jake with weapons around her.  Jessabelle screamed and closed her eyes and when she opened, they were gone.
Fraya was standing at the end of her bed with a big smile on her face and she said, “they’re coming for you,” as she disappeared into the shadows.

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Nov. 14, 2016 at 10:41 am
Absolutely amazing I love it
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