Corn Field

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     The rocky dirt road felt never ending, rocks hit the belly of Olivia’s new BMW, Roxy, it is a tradition in her family to name their cars. Olivia’s parents surprised her yesterday evening with Roxy as a sweet sixteenth birthday present, all shinny and new. Page, her twin sister, sat in the passenger seat and looked as if she was going to be sick. “Throw up in my car and I will kill you.” Olivia said. “You will become fertilizer for the corn.”
     “I can’t help it, you are a horrible driver and thanks for putting that image in my head by the way.” Page kept looking straight.
     “Hey, you are the one who didn’t pass their drivers test.” Olivia glanced over at Page, “Here,” She rolled down the window, “some fresh air might help.” The cool, Iowa night air flooded the car, along with the stench of fertilizer from the corn field that bordered both sides of the narrow road. Driving through the corn field is the only way to get to Olivia’s and Page’s favorite pizza parlor. “Only twenty more minutes.” Olivia said, just as something shiny in the road caught her attention.
     The front right side of the car fell. Olivia had been in cars enough to know that her tire just went flat. Her sister on the other hand was screaming bloody murder. “Page,” Olivia put her hand on Page’s shoulder “Relax, it is just a flat tire. I am sure Dad put a spare in the trunk. Call Dad and ask if he knows how to change a tire.” Page’s grip on the car door eased. Letting go of Page’s shoulder, Olivia unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped out of the car. Roxy’s sides are covered in dust form the road, the paint no longer looking white.
     “Livy,” Page called from inside the car, “there is no cell service!”  with a sigh Olivia opened the trunk. Of course it is empty. Olivia thought rolling he eyes, she slammed the trunk shut with such force it shook the car.
     “Help me look.” Olivia said.
     “For what, a miracle?” Page said sarcastically
     “No, for whatever gave us the flat.”
     “Anything to get me out of this car, I am going to be car sick for days.” Page stepped awkwardly out of the car. “It was probably just a rock.”
     “I don’t think so I saw something in the road—” a piece of sliver metal was sticking out from under the car’s front tire. Olivia bent down to grabbed it, the metal cool in her hand. Attached to the top of the long thin strip of metal are nails sticking out. The nails look like they were somehow melted onto the strip of metal. Someone definitely made this, there is no way that this was store bought.
     “What is that?” Olivia jumped at the sound of Page’s voice
     “This my dear sister is what gave us our flat.” Olivia handed it to her sister to examine, Page furrowed her eyebrows flipping it in her hand.
     “So weird.” Page said, Olivia looked up from Page’s hands. Behind Page a figure was slowly creeping toward them, the figure was two whole heads taller than Page and Olivia, it was definitely a man. Olivia could make out the broad shoulders and muscular arms, he was wearing a straw hat and overalls, but something was covering his face. Page turned to see what Olivia was so focused on, Page’s body sagged in relief.
     “Thank God,” Page said with a smile on her face. “Excuse me sir, can you help us? We are having some car troubles, our tire popped.” Page call out to him, Page was always the more trusting one out of the two. The man kept walking closer his footsteps light and soundless. “Sir?” His hand reached for his back pocket, tension filled Olivia’s chest, bringing his hand out in front of him, he relieving what was in his pocket. Knife. Olivia’s eyes widened, Page’s mouth was open about to scream.
     “Run!” Olivia yelled at Page, she spun Page around by the arm and started running away from the man, not letting go of Page. The man’s footsteps grew louder as he stated to run after them.  Olivia jerked back as Page collapsed to the ground, Page’s knees started to bleed from the pebbles in the road.  “Get up.” Olivia hulled her sister up off the ground.
     “Leave us alone!” Page screamed at the man, tears pooling in her eyes. Page was good at many things, running isn’t one of them. But Olivia was the track star of her school, always winning races for the team. “Can we lose him in the fields?” Page asked. It’s worth a shot. Olivia thought. She made a sharp left turn into the corn field. Olivia let go of her sister to make her way threw the crops faster, leaves slapping her face making it harder to see. She could hear the loud snapping of the plants beneath her feet, Olivia’s heart raced. 
     When Olivia came to a stop, she bent down both hands on her knees. “I think we…lost him.” Olivia panted. “Are you okay?” She turned to face her sister, her heart dropped. She was alone. Olivia bit back the erg to scream her sister’s name, afraid it would attract the creep that was chasing them. Olivia dropped to the ground ready to burst into a waterfall of tears, her muscles ache, all she could hear was the plants swaying in the breeze and the rapped beating of her heart.  Why did I let go?  She thought just as an ear piercing scream cut threw the air. Page. Olivia jumped to her feet running in the direction the scream came from, the leaves blocking her vision.
     People say twins know when something bad happens to the other, Olivia knew something happened when the screaming stopped, she felt it in her heart. It felt like she had been running for hours searching for her sister, her legs ready to give out.  Olivia’s foot caught on something large tripping her. Olivia’s body landed on top of it. Warm liquid spread across her chest soaking her clothes. She saw herself in the reflection of her sister’s dead hollow eyes. She couldn’t hold back her scream. “Page!” a waterfall of tears fell from her eyes, “No, no, no, no, no.” She was rocking back a forth cradling Page’s lifeless body in her arms. Blood spilling out of her sister’s throat, pooling on the ground. She was to good to go like his. Olivia was shaking uncontrollably. The sound of crunching corn plants came from behind her, Olivia spun around coming face to face their attacker, he was carrying a shovel. He was going to burry her body, like she is nothing. A mask was covering his face. On the mask he had painted a smiling face in red. He looks like a scarecrow. Olivia was crying uncontrollably. “Why?” She screamed at him. The man raised his shovel and swung fast at Olivia’s head, Olivia wasn’t quick enough to dodge the blow.
     Olivia’s eyes fluttered open her head throbbed. She lay awake on a thin bed made of straw that was placed in the corner of a small room. In the room’s walls are made of loosely stacked bricks covered in dust, the ceiling was made of wood. There were also steps leading up to a hatch on the ceiling, her way out. Basement? Wait no, tornado shelter. Olivia had on just like it hat home, just thinking about home made her want to burst out tears. Olivia’s wrists and legs were bound together by thick rope. If only her mouth wasn’t gagged she could have screamed for help. But she was scared the screams would attract the wrong person. Olivia drew her focus to the far corner of the room. Pictures hung there by tape, pictures of her and her sister playing in the yard from when they were young, shopping at the mall and getting ice cream. Her mind was raced as she was still in shock of her now dead sister and all the photos of them growing up. How did we not ever notice?  One picture stood out the most, her and her sisters birthday dinner from last night. The picture looked like it was taken from a bushes that grew outside the kitchen window. All those happy, privet moments she shared with her family were being invaded by this stranger.  On the floor wires lay in a tangled mess. He bugged my house. All of Olivia’s sense of security washes away, she started sobbing for herself and her sister. Was she safe?
     The hatch creaked open, the man, still wearing his mask, stomped loudly down the wooden steps shutting the door after him. In his hands was a small cardboard box, he c***ed his head to the side looking at Olivia. She picoted him grinning at her from underneath the mask. After what seemed like for ever he finally moved, sitting down on the dirt floor next to Olivia, setting the box in his lap. He reached out to touch Olivia, she jerked back. He shook his finger and clicked his tongue. He opened the box, pulling out a single cricket, and shut the box again.
Everyone has their worst fears snakes, heights, or spiders, for Olivia it is crickets, the way that they moved and the feel of their legs and antennas on her skin, it made her skin scrawl just thinking about it. He shoved the cricket toward her face. Already backed up against the wall she had no where to go. The antennas tickled her cheek. “Please stop.” snot and droll covered her face from crying.
     He pulled back the insect, reaching for her again, stroking her cheek, this time she didn’t pull away.  She stiffened to his touch, she lounged up at him and clamped her teeth on his fingers. He let out a loud yelp slapping her in the face with his free hand that, to her horror, held the cricket. The insect crunched against her face, the leg still twitching. She could taste the blood from the man’s hand in her mouth. Her captor stood up angrily holding his bloody hand, the man looked around the ground like he was searching for something. He scooped up the box and looked inside it. If Olivia could she he his face, she knows he would be smirking, she could sense it. He took two large steps closer to her, and turned the box upside-down. Crickets rained down on her, she could barley hear the mans psychotic laughter over her screams. “Help!” She yelled “Get them off!” Olivia started rolling on the ground in effort to get the crickets off. She could feel their bodies crunching under her weight and some getting tangled in her hair.  
     The hatch door opened, the light burning her eyes. Day time? I have been here all night. She thought. She could she the silhouette of a man standing at the top of the stair, the light of the sun surrounding his body. “This is the police; put you hands up.” The voice deep and aggressive. Her captor trapped, with no way out, held up his hands in surrender.  Olivia let out a cry of joy.

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