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The Clown and the Joker

It seems that all there is on TV these past couple months are the clown and the joker, and I'm quite sick of it. I'd come home after an exhausting day at school, wishing to relax with a bucket of ice cream in front of the television, but when I turn on the TV, I see the clown. He has a gigantic head with crazy hair, and he is always saying the most arrogant, ignorant, and offense things. He makes a fool of himself with each syllable that leaves his big mouth, and for some reason, people can't get enough. He feeds like a parasite on people's hate and paranoia, absorbing their ignorance. His act is how he achieves this simply with his garbled, nonsensical sentences and his petulant mannerism.


Sick of watching the clown, I switch the channel, and I see the joker, who's just as irritating as the clown. She's deceitful, saying and doing anything it takes to appeal to the people, but she won't keep to her words. Words are just tools to her. She bends them in all shapes and sizes, distorting them to make something else. She uses them to cover up her clandestine evil deeds. Words are her weapons and her fortress.


I'm not sure who's worse, the clown or the joker, but I'm disgusted when I see them on tv.


Do people fall for their tricks?

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