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I had just turned 17, a few days before. I was walking to school,

doing my normal routine. I bought a newspaper from the guy on 3rd street, but it was strange. For one thing the guy, I bought the newspaper from, wasn’t the same guy, I usually bought it from. I thought maybe the guy had took a day off and this was a friend of his or something. After I bought it from him, he said “Stay Safe” and smiled. So I continuing to walk to school, with the newspaper in my hand, so I looked on the date to see if it was the right day, that was the other strange thing, it was dated 6 days in the future! I waited till lunch break to read it. Once my 4th period class ended, I had lunch and got the newspaper out of my locker and went to lunch. I had packed a PB&J, the night before I had put on crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy, so I every time I took a bite I heard that crunch sound and taste that I disliked, which was ok, I could deal with it. I was looking through the newspaper while I was eating my sandwich, when I almost spit out my sandwich! I was on the Obituary section! At first I thought, my best friend who was out “sick” today, was playing a mean prank on me. I pulled out my cell phone, out of my backpack and called my best friend, Annabelle (but I call her Anna for short.). I heard the phone ring, a few times and she finally picked up.

“Hello,” she said, she didn’t have caller ID, so she didn’t know it was me.

“Hey, Anna. It’s me.” I said.

“Hey, Julie, what’s up?” she said, then I heard her sniffle, so either she really was sick or she was really good at faking it.

“So how are you feeling?” I asked her, as she still continued to sniffle over the phone.

“Um, getting better, I think. Hey, this Friday are we still going to that baseball game?” she replied. Anna and I weren’t the girly girl type, we both were very outgoing, that’s why we were going to the baseball game. We both liked the same things, like we both loved rock music, even though I sometimes like classical music once in awhile.

“Sure, it’s still on. It’s at six, right?” I said, while looking at the newspaper.

“Yeah, but were gonna leave a little after 5, so we can get their on time.” Anna explained, she always loved to be early, anywhere she went.

“So, I forgot to get a newspaper today, do you think they are still there?” I asked, wondering if she knew anything.

“Yep, I can go buy you one if you want?” she offered. So I guess she didn’t prank me, unless she forgot about it.

“No, I can go buy one after school and then meet you at your house.” I said. We always went to either my house or her house after school to talk or do homework and stuff.

“Ok, I will see you then, Bye” Anna said.

“Bye.” I said back and hung up.

I went back to eating my salad and staring at my own obituary, which said:

Julie Hall

Julie Hall, 17 of Coldwater, OH died yesterday July 17, 2011. She was a smart, outgoing girl. She was born and raised in Coldwater, OH, and went to Coldwater High school, she was a junior with excellent grades. She is survived by her mom, dad and brother. Her funeral will be held at Coldwater Funeral Home at 2pm. She will also be buried at Coldwater Cemetery, not far from the Coldwater Funeral Home.

I guess either I died of unexplained causes, the whole town knows how I died (I do live in a small town) or this newspaper doesn’t know how to write a good obituary! I decided to just not worry about it, for today, it was in 5 days, right! So I just go to class and like I normally do. After school, I walked straight to Anna’s house. I even don’t need to knock, her mom either isn’t home or she always knows I come over, but I knock anyway. Anna lets me in.

“Hey Anna, How are you feeling?” I asked, as I walked in.

“I think I’m fine now, just a one day cold or something.” she replied.

“I brought over your homework.” I said, as I handed it to her.

“Thanks, Oh, yeah were they still selling those newspapers.” she remembered.

“It was weird, usually they sell them all day, I guess the guy took the day off.” I said.

So we just talked like we normally do and we helped each other with our homework, then after a couple hours I walked the block and a half to my house. My brother was home, watching T.V., my parents were both at work. So I made dinner for the both of us.

“Thanks.” said my brother, Matt, as I handed him, his dinner.

“Your welcome, How was school?” I asked him, as I sat down and had dinner with him.

“Good, you know, the usual.” he replied, like he always would, when I asked him that.

So we just ate dinner, a little after we finished, our parents came home. So I watched T.V and I went to bed, while my dad checked my brother’s homework. And my normal morning, like always. I walked to Anna’s house and waited outside till she was ready, like always the newsstand was not far from her house. Unlike yesterday, the normal guy was there.

“So, where were you yesterday?” I asked him, after I gave him money for the paper.

“Oh, I took a day off.” He replied.

“The whole day, did you have someone fill in for you?” I questioned.

“No, wait, was someone here selling papers in my spot, who was the guy?” he said, angry

“I don’t know?” I answered, surprised and continued to wait for Anna.

Five minutes later, she came out, wearing her favorite pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers and her backpack.

“Ready to go?” I asked, as she walked out.

“Yep.” she replied, and we walked to school.

We talked and talked till we got to school, thanks to test scores we were both in different classes, we both had one AP class but just different subjects, like I am in AP science and she was in AP Geometry, so we had only one class together, besides lunch. After 4th period, we met where we usually sat, the table in the back. I packed my lunch, while Anna bought hers, so while I was waiting for her I read the newspaper I had bought. At least it wasn’t dated in the future, so far that’s a good thing, I thought as I read the front page. But what the front page had said, was even weirder.

Aren’t you gonna do something to make sure you don’t get killed?!?

That’s what the main front page article had said, except for the fact besides the title there was no article. So I flipped to the obituary page to see if I was in it. Well, it must have been some prank, for one day or something because I wasn’t in the obit. section. I closed the newspaper and started to take out my lunch, and here comes Anna with her lunch, it’s the same thing but she usually makes it different everyday: salad, which was lettuce, dressing, croutons and cheese, she brought everything else to make it, in her words “more enjoyable.”

“What’s different about the salad today,” I asked, “Is there no lettuce?”

“There is lettuce, yes, I have croutons, little bit of cheese, pieces of apple, orange and pear in it with ranch dressing.” she explained.

“Are you sure it’s not a fruit salad?” I joked.

“Just eat your sandwich!” she said.

“I didn’t pack a sandwich, I packed a fruit salad!” I laughed, and I showed it to her.

We continued to laugh and joke as we ate our lunches, till it was time to get back to class. We walked to my house this time, since my brother was next door playing with one of his friends. We just talked and laughed till it hurt while we did our homework, before we knew it, Anna had to leave. So I just did my normal routine, made dinner, ate dinner, watched T.V. and went to bed shortly after my parents got home.

So now skip 3 days, the day I was suppose to die. I completely forgot about it and just ignored it. I bought a newspaper nothing was strange about it, so I went to school and all that. Instead of going to her house straight after school, I went home, to drop off my bookbag and other stuff. I came over to Anna’s house a little before we had to leave. Anna’s mom drove us there to the Coldwater’s baseball field. We were near the top of the bleachers, cheering for the Coldwater Crow’s, and that’s the end of it I died. Oh, you want to know how I died. So here we are watching the game when all of a sudden, I burst into flames! Spontaneous human combustion. Wait...just kidding, we were watching the baseball game when a baseball was hit, (obviously fouled), it was heading right toward for me, except I thought it wasn’t going to hit me since there was like some fence there. It did hit the fence and went right through it! So it was heading right for my head! It happened so fast, but it did hit me, I fell off the top of the bleacher falling about 6 or so feet. I remember Anna, being there with me after I fell and slowly dying while in the ambulance, the last thing I remember was hearing her cry. And that’s how I died, I never knew who sent me those newspaper notes. I think it was the guy who sold me the newspaper, but I will never know. I never turned into a ghost to finish unfinished business, I just died, I am not allowed to tell you what happened after I died, I know people alway think at one time or another about dying, but I just can’t tell you what happened after I died. Goodbye Coldwater.

From, Julie

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TopHatCactusThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jan. 28, 2014 at 12:41 pm
I too like the idea of your story, the foreshadowing of her own death in a paper was good. You had some grammer issues and there was more 'tell' and not enough 'show'. (the word 'I' was repeated too frequently, ex: I was... I went... I walked... You coud've wrote 'My feet carried me briskly down the damp sidewalk'. This shows how she walked and a little about the surroundings/weather). The plot is great! Just work on the details (the devil is in the details). ... (more »)
vegetariangirlThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Jan. 28, 2014 at 12:49 pm
Thanks, I never actually realized I was foreshading her death. When I wrote this, I didn't have as much knowledge on grammar as I do now.
awesomeyyy said...
Oct. 4, 2013 at 6:36 pm
The idea of your story is very interesting, but I agree with AnInking about the grammar. Still, your story has an interesting idea.
AnInkling said...
Oct. 1, 2013 at 5:04 pm
Huh, I think the idea of reading your own obituary was very interesting, but I did not find the story interesting. It would have been much more thrilling if Julia tried to save herself and if more hints were given to her. Also it would have been nice to see some more descriptive writing and better grammar.
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