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The Atiyan Rose

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A long time ago, in a land kingdoms away from here, there lived a young, naive princess, Atiya III. Dreams flowed through her mind like water in a stream. No matter how many times Atiya endeavored to persuade herself otherwise, she knew the true reason behind these dreams. For her, it was an escape from the life she was forced into to. She knew her ambitions would never come to be because she was condemned to marry the man she despised the most, Azaru.

Azaru was not a true man. He wasn’t physically displeasing to the eyes. Quite the opposite, actually, and, with his constant rambles of how great he looked, he knew it. In Atiya’s educated eyes, a true man fought for his home and family. Azaru only fought for himself.
One day, when the particularly careless servant forgot to lock her door, Atiya dashed away. She intended to fulfill the void in her heart and imagination. Instead leaving her throne resulted in a shortage of money on her part. Once she left the land, she became a peasant. Despite her countless hours of planning, she never learned that life doesn’t follow a plan.

Atiya’s conviction in her dreams began to waver and fade until she met an unusual old man named Rozario. At the sight of the former princess, Rozario felt his bleeding heart being dunked into a pool of ravenous sharks. The blankness of her once vibrant green eyes disturbed Rozario.

Approaching the former princess, he held out a vivid red rose. In a voice that was plain and clear, he whispered, “Take this rose and all of your dreams will come true. Give it the same name as you. Tell it your dreams and the magic will begin. Although there is a price...” His voice faded away before he could finish his sentence. What was the price? Her nose wrinkled and eyebrows rose.

“You will find out the price eventually, youngling,” Rozario announced with a chuckle.

Wherever Atiya went, the rose was always in hand. All of her dreams began to come true. That is until she decided she wanted to fly. Climbing to the tallest branch in the flimsy baobab tree,one of the only baobabs in the humid climate, Atiya jumped down.

Anticipating the lift, Atiya stared down at the incoming ground. A harsh tug pulled at her violently churning stomach. The air flowed freely through her outspread fingers as she went twenty feet, fifteen feet, ten feet, five feet, SPLAT! Picking herself off the ground, Atiya brushed the dirt off of her threadbare rag dress. With a, she stomped off to find the liar.

“You lied; this didn’t make my dreams come true!” Atiya shouted. A green blaze was visible in Atiya’s naturally gentle eyes. If you stood down the street from her, you could still hear her yellow teeth grind against each other.

With a warm grin, Rozario explained, “That was the price.” At Atiya’s blank expression, he continued, “As long as you believe in your dreams, they will come true.”

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