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The Young Man

Living with my grandfather seemed torturous, and miserable once I turned eighteen. He's been trying to get me to marry a very right and noble man. Since we barely can make enough here alone; my grandfather is also a Black Smith on the weekends. Besides that, we have nothing else to bring in any kind of decent pension. Working hard to keep up this broken down tavern is something else, to appreciate this place humbly? Not possible in the least. I cannot reasonably say I enjoy this place; it makes me cringe to see all these harlots fill this small, dim-lit room, for hours at end. These women act as if this place is a brothel!

We sell whiskey at its finest, ale, and beer that is it. What could bring these women to this place? My grandfather. Lips painted a bright red, eyes darkened and their cheek bones a dark pink. Lord knows how I'd like to clean their faces, or slap them, whatever means comes first. I realize I'll probably be working here the rest of my life. Filling tin cups with beer and listening to old men comment on my body, and I have to hold back my vomit and my pride. Does it bother me that my grandfather lets this go on? Yes, yes it does. Does he care about my feelings? He does not.

One day a young man walked in with a much older man, something about him seemed different. I don't know if it was because he wasn't old or the way he dressed shocked me. A tall black top hat sat upon his head, a black tail coat, and his face was hid by his dark hair.

"Stop gawking and get over there." My grandfather grumbled. I was nervous, who was this man? I questioned myself. I rubbed my sweaty hands on my apron as I made my way to the table in the far left.

" Hello, may I get you an ale or a strong beer?" I asked, the usual statement.

The older man looked up at me and smiled, he seemed like an average old man not like the type in this kind of place.
"Well, I'll have an ale my sweet." He replied. I smiled, and turned to the young man.

His hand was covering his face with anguish, his hair scattered before him. What was the matter?

"For you sir?" I piped up.
He then looked up, and I became struck by his beauty.

"Oh dear, I am sorry. I wish for just an ale as well." He replied, voice shaken.

I made my way to the bar and started to fill the cups with our ale. I glanced over at the young man, he was now bent over the table, what could be wrong? I hurried with the two ales. I sat them down in front of the two men.

"Thank you miss." Chirped the old man with a smile.

I thought this old man could be a charming grandfather, I wish he was mine. The young man never even sipped his drink, he just held it hand gripping the side.

"Sir, is he alright?" I whispered to the old man.

The young man turned his head to the side, and caught my eye.

“If you'd like to know, care to ask me?” He recommended.
I blushed, and looked down.

"Oh don't mind him my sweet, he's had a hard night.." He chimed.

I nodded and walked back to my place behind the bar, now I'm really interested in this man. I watched him as he drank his ale, and talked with the old man. I cleaned the bar with an old rag as I watched this young man.

The bar closes at midnight, I looked at the clock, it was ten minutes away from midnight. Thank god, my feet are aching, and I'd like to take a long bath. Slowly I saw people leave, some friends had to hold their other friends up to get out, since they were so drunk. I sighed with disgust as I sat down. I ran my fingers through my greasy hair, it needed washed. I watched the elder man and the young man as they sat there and talked. Their conversation seemed heated by how fast the old man spoke. The old man sat up quickly, almost knocking over his chair. I sat up instinctively, if there was a fight. The old man quickly left and the young man stayed where he was. What on earth? Almost everyone left, the ones still left seemed shocked by the random fighting. Everyone left but him, as I went to each table slowly I blew out each candle hoping he'd get the idea that it was time to close. He didn't, as I reached his table I leaned in and blew out the candle. I could see the outline of his face in the darkness, it tilt. He then quickly rose up, I worried he'd strike me. He coughed,

" Excuse me." He said.

As he made his way to the door. For some reason, I didn't want him to leave. I stood there for a while before I locked up. I made my way up to the bar. I cleaned the saucers, bowls, and tin cups quickly. I was so tired and just wanted to get things done quickly so I could sleep. I grabbed my old rag and cleaned the counter tops. I turned down the gaslight's, I tumbled into a chair to rest my aching feet for a minute. I took off my boots, not even bothering with the laces. I rubbed my feet tenderly, my boots were two sizes too small. I never got the chance to go down to the shop to get new ones made. I might start going barefoot, like the other maidens that work at the bar. After rubbing my feet, I grabbed my boots and slowly made my up the old steps up to my room.

I locked the door behind me as I made my way upstairs; I glanced into my grandfathers room, he was past out on his desk, his hand holding a beer. I sighed, what a humorous site. I closed the door. I made my way into our small bathroom and quickly washed my sweaty face and brushed my teeth. I filled our bucket with nuke warm water and filled our tub, it was quite dirty but I didn't mind tonight. After about five buckets of water I was able to get in, I sighed and smiled.
I grabbed the bar of soap and ran it through my dirty, honey; almost golden looking hair. I quickly washed everything else, and tried to massage my feet in the water. It's cold now, I wish we could have hot water, but of course the poor aren't able to have hot water. I noticed two blisters on my little toes. I slowly got up from the tub and dried off, putting on my nightgown ,tip-toed to the far end of the hall to my room. I slipped under my quilt and as soon as my head hit my pillow, I was fast asleep.

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MissEmilyDickinsonThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Oct. 26, 2014 at 10:36 pm
Oh, geez Luis. I would love it, if you continue it. I'm so curious, to what is going to happen. I hope you do, but that is your choice. :) I enjoyed reading this, so much. :) I absoluely, love this. You are amazing and you do have such a talent and greatness and light in you. Thank you so much, my friend! For sharong this. :)
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