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The hospital was quiet at this time of night. It was eleven o' clock and I was on my way to meet my friend, Maria. There wasn't that much doctors or nurses around since they all left fifteen minutes ago. There were only three nurses from what I saw. Two of them were behind a desk, talking and filing out papers. Another nurse I saw was in a room attending to a patient. I didn't know what room Angela was in and I didn't feel like wasting my time looking for her either. I decided to ask the two ladies behind the desk.
"Excuse me ma'am?", I asked, walking over towards the desk.
They both looked up at me. The one nurse was blonde with blues while the other was dark haired with brown eyes. They looked similar in the way. Maybe they were sisters, I didn't know.
"May we help you?", the blonde asked.
"I'm looking for Maria Lambert. She's a patient here that was moved in today. A friend called me and told me that she would be here. She had a stroke or something..."
I know I didn't sound truthful, but I was hoping these ladies would believe me. They looked at me confusingly at first, but then nodded.
"Before we send you in to go see her, you need to sign in here.", the dark haired nurse said. She handed me a clip board with a pen.
"Just sign right there.", the blonde haired nurse said, pointing to a spot on the paper.
I sighed my name and handed the clipboard and pen back to her.
"Now, if you would go down this hallway and make a left, look for room three hundred and thirty three, and she should be in there. I must say, I can't promise you that she would be awake, but if she's sleeping, please don't disturb her."
I nodded. "Oh I won't. I just want to check up on her is all and see how she's doing, but I will be back in the morning so, keep that in mind and thank you."
With that said, I walked down the hallway and turned to my left around the corner. I slowed my pace and scanned the numbers printed on the wall besides the doors. I looked for my number. I came to a stop in front of the door that I was looking for. It was located at the far end of the hallway on the right side. I smiled to myself and walked up to the door. I peeked into the small window built in to the door. There I saw a glimpse of Maria laying in bed, eyes shut, mouth closed and her chest heaving up and down in a normal pace. I smirked.
I twisted the knob and slowly pushed open the door. Carefully without making a sound, I stepped inside the cold room and quietly shut the door. I was hoping to see a lock on the back of the handle, but there wasn't. I saw a chair sat still in the corner of the room. With one quick swap, I snatched the chair up and pressed it tight under the door handle. Hopefully, this would keep anybody from coming in the room. With that done and out of the way, I slowly approached Maria. She laid still in bed. She looked peaceful; peaceful in her sleep, and hopefully peaceful at rest.
I raised my hand over to her face and pressed my hand against her cheek. Her cheek felt smooth, soft and cold. Her whole body temperature was cold as I ran my fingers slightly up and down her arm. I raised my fingers up her arm and over towards her neck. I checked her pulse. Normal pace, but won't be for any long. I pulled my hands back and cracked my knuckles as I got ready to do what needed to be done.
Hopefully this would work. Plotting Maria's death wasn't easy, but picturing it in my head was easy. With one snap of her neck and she would be soon dead. Instead of snapping her neck, I decided to think of something different. What else could I do to make Maria suffer the same fate I did? After all, she stole my husband, stole my job title; she pretty much swept my entire life away. She stole everything that was rightfully mine. I wanted her to suffer as much as I. I want her to feel the pain I felt, I want her to feel and taste the suffering. If I was going to do this, I would want her to take one last look into my eyes to see who was killing her.
I pressed my hand on Maria's cheek again. She whimpered at my touch. I smirked. With my hand still pressed against her cheek, she turned her head and suddenly, her eyes began to open. She blinked twice and then looked at my hand, then up at me. Her eyes grew wide with shock. Her mouth opened and she could only utter a sound that made no sense. I rolled my eyes down at her.
"You really are pathetic you know that?", I asked, pulling my hand away.
Maria, without taking her eyes off me, sat up straight in bed and tried backing away. My smirk grew wider.
"Trying to be me, when you really have no clue on who I am or what I'm capable of. That's just pathetic don't you think?"
Maria stood silent with fear written across her face. I laughed at this.
"And just to think. With you gone, I will get my life back; my husband, my house, my job title, my children, you name it! With you gone, I will be the new center of attention. And for that to happen, I have to get rid of you. Let's face it Maria, I am better than you. I may not be better than everybody else, but compared to you, I'm way better."
"What the hell are you doing here?", Maria asked shakily. "You better get out of here or I'll call the nurse!"
"Am I suppose to feel threatened? I don't think so."
With that said, I launched over for Maria who let out a scream. I slapped my hand over her mouth and punched her in her stomach. She let out a groan and fell backwards against the wall. I punched her in the face repeatedly for all she done was kick and slap. After a fifth punch, Maria was unconscious. I scooted off the bed and pulled both her legs down towards me. I sprawled her out like the way she was before when she was sleeping. I crawled back on top of her and reached behind her head for her pillow. I picked the pillow up and pressed it firmly on her face. This was one way I knew that Maria would suffer; she will suffer to her last breath.
I pressed the pillow firmly more down on her face and then suddenly, I heard a groan. She was awake. She screamed through the pillow, but it wasn't loud enough for the nurses to hear. She threw her hands helpless in the air, trying to push me away. I only held the pillow down more further this time. I gripped it in place and within the next couple seconds, Maria's hands fell down and her screaming stopped. I removed the pillow and starred down at Maria's face. Her eyes were wide open as so was her mouth. I checked her pulse. I didn't feel the blood pumping no more. I smiled at my victory. My revenge was complete. Now, it was time to get back at my husband.

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