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Part One... Pure One

The Pure One
Today began the best day of my life that I have lived. I am going to college finally to get away from the house I will never call home. My mother is probably happier than me to leave, it seems to me she can't stand the ground i walk on. And to be honest I dont mind her being happier than me because she will miss me and I can say you nevered loved me so I don't care. I make myself laugh when I think of all the things I say to her in my head and how much she will evantually miss me but she would never. I think she thinks she has to love me because i'm her child but in about 2 minutes I get to tell her that she doesn't have to love me or miss me because there is nothing in me that loves her or will miss her. But now is the beginning of a new chapter of my life and it's called "Veronica Stutes"s: New beginning." I think the only thing I am going to miss is my best friend Adam Fitz who I have been in love with since the day he saved me from Mr.Herman's pitbull who asks like he is a junkyard dog when we were ten. I will miss him dearly but he is going to college in Italy and is going to forget me in a heartbeat. But that's fine because I will hopefully meet someone who notices me and sees me how see them.

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