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Wisp - Prologue

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“Alright, roll ‘er up!” shouted the man, slightly larger than his companions, crouching comfortably on the chandelier. He looked as though he was weightless, hovering above the hundreds of harmonized magnificent pieces of glass. At his signal, the slim masked men began to roll up the fifty-foot-long carpet with the body of a thin woman inside. The thick texture of the carpet alone would be enough to kill her if she wasn’t already dead.

When they finished, the width of the large carpet was about two meters, and its length the size of the fourteen men placed together end-to-end. They carried this bulky weight effortlessly and began to march out of the museum.


They lifted the carpet over the rail, and several men held on to it. “On my signal, remain holding one end, and let her fall into the falls.” The leader enunciated carefully behind his face-mask. A couple of the men chuckled. “Alright” he paused dramatically and shouted, “Now!” The bulk of the carpet unrolled into the majestic waters. The fabric became a waterfall of its own, a drapery of rich red beside the curtain of water. They watched as she plummeted downward, awaiting a freezing coffin. At last, at fifty feet, the carpet released the woman’s body and she fell the last meter unaccompanied by its caress. She didn’t make a very large splash, it seemed as though the water had momentarily risen, but fallen almost instantly. Then she was gone, into the depths of the roaring falls that hungrily engulfed her.

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