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The Creature

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I was the first to see him and as I remembered, he was tall, slender and had holes for his eyes and mouth. Each of his arms had a bubble on it.

I recognised him as a demon and said what my grandfather had always told me to say when I saw one, "In Christ's name, begone!"

He went, but not far. The next thing I heard was a bloodcurdling scream from downstairs. I ran down the stairs and saw my mother lying down on the floor and a glass of spilled water in her hand. Her face was pale and her eyes were opened with its pupils moved to the top her eye My mother was the only one that lived with me. Sadness, frightfulness and anger- those were the emotions that I had at that moment.

I ran upstairs to look out of the window to see the more horror the creature was to do. I looked left- no sign of him. I looked right- he was not there. Then I slowly tilted my head to the left again and saw him; there he was on Mrs. Josephina's house with what I thought was her baby, Little Willy in his hand! I saw some white mist being drawn from the baby's mouth into his. I assumed that was his spirit. As the process was being accomplished, those bubbles were getting bigger. That must have been where he stored the spirits. If I made a hole in each of his bubbles, the spirits could escape and that was what I was going to do.

I went down to the kitchen to find a knife. I took the biggest of the knifes and ran outside. I traced the demon by hearing a scream coming from the Arrafin family. Being a good rock climber, it was easy for me to climb their house so that I will climb down their chimney and land in their furnace, which they don't light up at night.

I was covered in ash. Out of the furnace, I went finding that all four Arrafins were dead- Mr. Arrafin, Mrs. Arrafin, George and Lucy were all in the same condition as my mother was. The next scream came from the outside of their house.

There he was, the creature, quenching his thirst by drinking the Arrafins' maid’s spirit. I charged at his right hand’s bubble first. I closed my eyes in doing so as I was quite unready to see the result of doing what I was about to do. I had run for longer than I expected but when I opened my eyes, I saw that the creature was still behind me.
It spoke in the angelic language, a language I came to understand from my grandfather ‘s teachings to me. I shall translate to you what it said, “You cannot make a scratch on me today, boy; it is Friday the thirteenth today- a time in which all creatures belonging to the abyss are immortal.”
Its voice was horrible: Its voice’s sound was like that of a blackboard being scratched but a few times worse. He laughed and held me up after dropping the Arrafins’ maid. He-

Note to readers: A piece of paper was dropped in the Arrafins’ garden and found by a student, Derek Yong one day. The written words above were what it contained. Also, the writing ends with a “He” followed by a dash; we suspect that the creature got the writer too but there is no evidence of that as his body was nowhere to be found. We think that the writer was writing this in the process of his short adventure. Everything you have just read is yours to believe. End.

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