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She ran through the willows saying arms,her feet light on the sand below her. The otters in the river beside her raced playfully along her side. Ahead she saw a large white mansion that she thought she had never seen before so with obvious curiosity she kept running straight up to the front doors. They were large wooden doors with brass knockers in the center of them. Pansie tried her best to reach up an grasp them but her arm only reached a foot beneath them. So she decided to push then open, and They were conveniently unlocked! So Pansie strode right in onto the pink and black marble floor that covered the entire entrance hall, which could be described as never ending. Pansie looked around and found multiple doors in just the entrance hall, at least 10. One looked particularly strange so of course she decided to open it. Inside it was completely dark, except a pin-sized blinking purple light at what seemed to be the end of the room. She found herself walking toward it in quite fast. Pansie reached out and poked it, all of a sudden the room was multiple colors and she wasn't standing.

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