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Abandoned: Part VII

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"Matthias!" I yelped, panic rising in my throat. "No, no!" I followed the blue beam that was sucking him inside a tube. I saw a button near the opening, and crazily dashed forward to the ship. Just as it was almost out of reach, I smacked the big red button and a door jammed down and the blue beam disappeared. Matthias plummeted to the ground, and was out cold. I rushed to his side, and violently shoved him back and forth.
"Wake up, now!" I shouted in his ear, and he cringed. But his eyes refused to slip open, and he was completely limp. My companion was officially unconscious. And his clothes was smoking and hot, his face sweaty and a dark shade of magenta. I gently rested my hand on his forehead, which was warmer than his singed clothes. "Matthias, what am I going to do with you?" I croaked in a small voice. I had no supplies to break his fever, and he could have infection or worse from that laser beam. I forced myself up, realizing that it was my fault he was in this way. I was the one who had grabbed the glowstick. I was the one who had leaped out of the truck just to see a stupid alien ship. I was the one who had suggested coming to D.C. altogether, or what was left of it.

Bracing myself, I slowly walked over to the pit that the strange ship had appeared from and peered over the edge into a cavernous, shadowy tunnel that gaped open about fifty feet in diameter. The bottom was concealed in darkness, and tiny ledges embroidered the rocky walls. Suddenly, a strange zipping sound followed by footsteps echoed in the silent setting. I whipped in time to see a nightmarish sight...

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