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Abandoned: Part VI

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What was I thinking? How could he love me? In the years I’d known Matthias, he’d never shown me any friendship or affection. We argued so much, it was a wonder we hadn’t already torn each other to pieces. I had slapped him once, and he’d shoved me into a metal closet door. But now, he was acting stranger than normal. Looking me in the eye, holding me for a full two seconds when we tumbled to the ground earlier, taking over the driving when my fear had coated sense…and he hadn’t teased me about it either. The old Matthias would’ve found some remark immediately when I had frozen up. Now he just…dealt with it in a better way.

We drove on for two more days before arriving in Virginia, stopping at desolate shops and fast food buildings along the way. We said little to one another, till I finally brought up what had happened. “Hey, thanks for what you did the other day. I’m sorry I kind of…flipped out.”
“It’s fine.” Matthias seemed to keenly be interested in popping his knuckles suddenly. “So, have you ever thought about what we might actually find, you know, in D.C.?”
I shook my head, not knowing what to say. “I guess not. What about you?”
“This is going to sound stupid…but I think aliens could have seriously abducted everyone. I mean, how could almost the whole world’s population disappear off the face of the earth?”
“There has to be another explanation. God wouldn’t create aliens to come steal all the humans in the world,” I retorted.
“Hmm. Maybe.” Matthias glanced at me, an eyebrow raised skeptically. “Why did He let everyone go, anyway? And where?” I shrugged nonchalantly.
An hour later, we had reached the White House. I gaped at what used to be the White House, anyhow. Shambling black rubble and a bit of white was all that was left, but all the other buildings of the Pentagon were fine. Hesitantly, I took a few steps to it. “Elisa, I-I wouldn’t do that…” Matthias’ voice died as he simply strode into the small mountain of burnt stone, and halted suddenly. I looked down at his feet, and saw a glowing stick. Lime green light pooled inside of it, and it generated a cool feeling. Daredevil-ish me wanted to pick it up, but cautious me was throwing red flags around it. My spontaneous self-ruled over, and I snatched it up before Matthias said anything. It tingled in my touch, and suddenly tugged me up as a swirling mass of charcoal clouds whirled together. A snap of thunder roared in the sky, and as lightning bolts crackled downwards, they attached to the green stick. “Oh you’ve done it good, Elisa!” Matthias yelled and grabbed my arm. He towed me back to the truck, and I was shoved into the passenger seat. I leapt out after he darted away to the driver’s place, and I was amazed at the scene before me. A ship, not from the sky, but from underground was breaking through the cement’s surface and blue lights flashed about. “Elisa, hurry the cr*p up and get in!” Matthias called. I whipped around and saw him once again marching towards me and I sprinted to the truck. But then, just as he got in, a blue light detected him and Matthias slowly was sucked into the beam.

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