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Abandoned: Part V

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"Matthias..." was all I could utter, grinding my teeth as a figure menacingly approached in the distance.
"Move!" he hissed, and shoved me away from the driver's side. I darted into the opposite end of the truck and we zoomed down the road, dodging unmanned cars as the Abominable Snow-Monster made its second appearance. After a few minutes of chase, I knew that we weren't going to lose it anytime soon and we would just run out of gasoline. "Matthias, pull over!" I shouted above the commotion of gigantic feet thudding behind the truck.
"Are you nuts?" was the reply.
"Trust me! I have an idea!"
"Well, it sounds like a bad one." He continued to vainly drive forward. I desperately glanced at the back window, wondering if maybe the creature had given up. But no, it was still wallowing towards us. But I also noticed that something strange had slided out of one of the Target grocery bags. "Fireworks?" I murmured. "Matthias, we can set off fireworks to distract it! Pull over." Finally, he relented and spun the wheel as the truck heaved to the roadside. I dashed into the neighbouring woodland, the grocery sack whipping up and down.

Hastily, I tore open the plastic around it and unsteadily attempted to light a match. It flared, but then sparked out. If not rapidly done, the monster would catch up to Matthias and demolish our vehicle...and possibly him. I snapped out another one, and struck with more force than before. Tiny light blazed, and I put it on the firework's fuse and sprinted away. The detonation seemed to shriek into the air, and I heard fire splatter across the sky. I glanced up, and saw that the firework had been a pink heart. What had Matthias been thinking, taking fireworks that were shaped like hearts?

I snatched another one out of the pack and lit it, tossing it behind me as our pursuer thundered in the distraction’s direction. Just as the road came insight, a force threw me to the ground and a lump was on top of me. I stared into Matthias’ eyes as he realized his stumble. “Dude, what in the world…?” I gasped as he toppled off me.
“You were taking forever! I thought something went wr-wrong…” His flustered face was blushing, but I remarked, “We should probably get going.”
“Yeah, let’s go.” We sped to the truck and managed to evade the disturbing monster, but not the monster inside of me. Chaos was taking the wheel in my heart, because I had seen something in my companion’s eyes and words that I never imagined I would: love.

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