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Abandoned Part IV

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As we trudged through the snow, I searched for words to offer Matthias. But whenever I found them, my voice died in my throat. Finally, I stammered, "Um, thanks. You were amazing back there." He stopped and looked at me.
"I never thought you'd say that to me," he commented.
"So were you. I didn't know you knew how to use a revolver."
"When my dad was still around, he taught me several skills, but ever since...he left, I've never had the oppurtunity to use a weapon till now," I explained uncomfortably.
"Well, your voice can be more dangerous than a weapon." Matthias shrugged and began walking again. I trailed after him, and we heaved open the doors to Target.
"Okay, I'm going to grab some warm clothes and then some food to take with us. We need to get enough supplies to make it a few days before stopping," I told him.
"Yeah, I know. I'll find a map around here...somewhere, anyway." Matthias strolled away, and I cantered to the clothes section. After seeking out a nice and warm coat, sweater, and a few long-sleeved tees, I jogged to the food section and picked up a cart on the way. I snatched some granola bar boxes, carrots, apples, trail mix, and a few bags of candy for comfort.

Nine hours later, we were in Meridian, Mississippi with plenty of supplies still. It had been difficuly to navigate through a labirynth of cars that had piled up in the road after the mysterious disappearance, but we'd made it farther than we expected. I drove most of the way, insisting that Matthew was the one who'd wanted the map. Just as I pulled over to the side so we could snatch a few z's, a roar echoed down the road.
"What was that?" My voice was tinier and frightened than I'd ever heard it sound. Matthias glanced at me sharply, startled at hearing my unnatural terror.
"Let me take the wheel. I'll get us out of here," he murmured, and we slid out of the truck to change seats. But Matthias lost the grip on his door, and it slammed shut with a sickening thud. And several heavy footsteps could be heard close behing us...

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