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Shadows quivered on the wall as the candle flickered, then fizzled to nothing. The room turned to ice. My teeth chattered as I pulled my coat tighter.

"OW!!" I yelped as I tripped over some rocks. I found my phone and shined the light around the room.

"Where am I?" I thought, "Why? How did I get here?" I couldn't remember a thing.

The walls of the room were cool stone; except for the occasional torch holder, they were bare. The floor was slippery with condensation and rocks were everywhere. The scent of ancient air filled my lungs and made me cough. The humid air made my hands clammy. Every move I made echoed off the slick walls like thunder.

"Am I the only one here?" I whispered. I swore I heard an eerie voice, "No..."

I turned to look, but nothing was there. I kept searching and found a dark red door with intricate silver symbols carved in it. The door creaked open to an even darker hallway. It was lined with doors, each a different color.

"What is this place?" my voice shook.

"Hell..." The same eerie voice whispered back.

I ignored it and opened the first door. Inside was another hallway with more doors. I closed it and opened each of the doors with the same result. So I stepped into the door I was at and checked all of the doors in that room. More halls and doors! Same thing every time. I couldn't get out but I couldn't stop searching.

I screamed in frustration as that same eerie voice filled the halls with its bellowing laughter.

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