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The horrifying undergo

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"Bye honey," mother said as she closed the door so I didn't bother calling back. My parents went out for dinner but I didn't follow because i had to study for the SAT.
"I'm going to need a quick snack," i said to myself as i helped myself to an apple from the refrigerator.
Thomp thomp thomp
My footsteps sounded so loud from the stairs in the house when no one was around. Just as i settled cross-legged on my bed with so many thick books laid out in front of me and ready to study for hours, my 'Big girls don't cry' ringtone started ringing. I picked up the phone reluctantly and said "hello?"
An isolated gruff voice whispered "Aaaahhhh.....ahhh...."
Thinking it was someone fooling around, i hung up. "Idiot, can't even study without disturbance?" i muttered to myself again. I've always had the habit of speaking to myself a lot whenever no one was around to fill up the atmosphere, even the smallest little thing such as needing to go to the bathroom because i would say "Gotta go to the bathroom."
My phone started ringing again. Picking it up harshly, i shouted "Hello!"
"Katie... Katie...." the voice said.
"Who is this! I swear i will call the police if you keep messing with me!" i yelled into the phone with anger surging inside of me.
"Katie.. where are you darling..." It replied and my bedroom light began to flicker. I was so scared, the light was just replaced with a new one yesterday and something as
coincidental as that was never a coincidence. Immediately after my bedroom light settled down, the bedspread began to move dragging me along as if someone was tugging at it. Naturally, i screamed, dropped my cellphone and ran downstairs.
Thomp thomp thomp Thomp Thomp
I ran straight for the front door and tried to open it. Twisting and turning the knob, the door still wouldn't budge! I began to panic as i saw a dark object sitting on the couch at the corner of my eye. I screamed again and avoided looking at it as i daringly moved past the couch to the kitchen. My heartbeat was so fast and drumming in my ears as I tried opening the back door but that too was jammed. At my side view, a knife slid and dropped off the counter by itself. I felt so trapped with nowhere to go! With adrenaline pumping so high inside of me, i screamed even more louder and my whole body began to shake. I left the kitchen, feet sliding and nearly falling by a puddle of water that had formed on the floor by who-knows-what. Quickly gaining my balance, I ran as fast as my feet could bring me to my parents bedroom, locked the door behind me and began frantically searching my parent's drawers for my dad's former cellphone. It was so hard to search with my hands trembling so vigorously. Finally, i got hold of the cellphone and began pressing 9232 on the keypad. I tried to stop my shaking fingers but failed miserably and ended up typing 92327897363. Sighing out, i gently pressed 911. I waited impatiently
and saying "Come on come on!" I spoke instantly the dispatcher picked up "Police! There is someone in my house, please help me!" i screamed into the phone.
"Katie... why are you afraid darling?" the same isolated gruff voice replied to her.
My throat felt so sore after all the previous screaming but i did anyway "AAAAAHHHHHHH!" and immediately drop the cellphone.
I began breathing heavily with one hand placed on my chest. My trembling body collapsed to the floor as i began losing breath. Shockingly, directly above me i saw the object i saw earlier crouching on top of my parents canopied bed. It's red eyes glared at me and i didn't remember anything afterwards.

White. All i see was white when i opened my eyes. Am i dead? No, wait, that was my father's voice, i thought.
"Damn, those drugs must have been pretty bad huh?" my father let out a hearty laugh as he settled himself onto the big armchair behind him. I realized that i was in a hospital bedroom and my arms were hooked with tubes and a machine was making noises beside me. I had always hated the hospital because my first impression of it would be blood and i cannot stand blood but when i look at my own blood flowing through the tube, i don't feel anything at all because i was still traumatized by the experience at home earlier. I had never met a Katie in my life and why was she mentioned in my dream? Must be a name i read in a book or something like that, i thought.
My mother threw him a look and said "Are you okay Rachel darling? You were screaming and i had to wake you up."
I was numb, didn't know how to react to the unexpected change of events. I tried to speak but ended up with slurred words and my mother took over by saying "The drugs the doctor gave you just now has side effects and nightmares was one of them. Sorry dear. Do you remember anything?"
"No," Finally i could make out something.
My mother explained the whole horrifying situation to me and only then i remembered that i had an accident while i was driving to school. What a relief, the accident thing was so much more better than the dream.

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