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I'm a kid and there was a war

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"Stay here!" sister said, hurriedly shoving me into the cellar, "Wait until I come back!" she gave me an unwavering stare with trembling pale lips before letting go of my hands abruptly and shutting the door. It had a fruity smell down here and i could hear sister's footstep tromping up the stairs back to our backyard. Could there be another tornado, if so , why weren't they all here? I remembered my mother's panicked expression as my dad took out a shotgun when we heard several loud voices shouting what seemed like commands from outside our house earlier before my sister hurriedly brought me to the back of our house and left me here.
Dusts formed my footprints as i walked from barrel after barrel of wine examining them curiously until i heard a cry.

"No! Please don't! Don't!" sister screamed in distress.
Bang Bang Bang.
Multiple shots fired.
"Aaaaahhhhhh!" shrieked my mother and it was cut off by several other gunshots.
Bang Bang
Silence. My legs began to tremble leaving me collapsed to the ground as i buried my head into my hands and sobbed silently. I assumed that my family was dead, i had nowhere to go and nothing to eat other than the wine father stored in this cellar. I still remembered his voice saying "Your only eight Anna, wait till' your older," to me when i tried to take a sip during one of our festivals with his southern Oklahoma accent. I froze when i heard
"That's about all."
"Have you checked their pulse?" replied a gruff voice.
"Yes officer!"
"Get Sergeant Cliff's troop to take care of map B area. We need all the villagers annihilated as orders!"

Reacting impulsively, i immediately left the cellar after the noises have cleared. There was only one thing in my mind; to get out of here no matter what. Pushing my slightly ajar back house door, i had to cover my mouth with both hands to keep from screaming when i saw my mother,father and sister all lying passive next to each other on our living room floor with messy fresh blood marks on the floor indicating someone had dragged and placed them next to each other. Gun shots. Everywhere. In the stomach, head, eye, legs and arms! How can they be so sadistic! Dazedly, i crouched next to sister and kissed her cheek. Tears welled up in my eye and i started crying loudly on sister's wet,bloody clothing. Snapping out of oblivion, i hastily got up
and got a large blanket to cover their bodies.
A beep caught my attention and i quickly gazed up only to see an explosion happening in my house from across the street. I saw my body getting ripped out into a hundred burned pieces alongside with my family. Another loud eruption and the whole house collapsed; burning with roaring
fires. Thousands of wood fell and broke into a million pieces. I lifted my head up to see a man in a helicopter saying "Allen KS clear."
Odd how i can hear him from hundreds of feet below and then I find myself fading into somewhere, i cannot recall.

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