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Bloody Mary

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There are three things that I am positive of right now. I am locked in a dark closet. Something locked me in here. I am being stalked by that something.
Let me start from the beginning, all the way from getting ready to trick-or-treat. My friends and I were all meeting up at my house. We got our costumes on and went outside. We were a group of seven, three boys, four girls, including me. We were going to do the usual fun Halloween things, get some candy, and go home. As we were getting closer to home it was about nine p.m., much earlier than we expected. My friends’ parents weren’t coming; the girls were gong to sleep over at my house, and the guys at Mark’s, so we had plenty of time. That’s when one of the guys made the worst mistake. His name’s Jake, and he said, “Hey guys, look! It’s that old abandoned house! You know, the one that’s supposed to be haunted.” When he said that, the rest of the guys stopped and stared at him. “I bet you’re scared”, said another guy, Jimmy. “No I’m not”, said Jake. “Yeah right, you’re probably scared to death you wimp,” said the other guy, Mark.
All of us girls just looked at them, hoping we could just keep walking. Then Jake said, “You guys are the wimps! I dare you to go in there, Jimmy.” “Fine, I’ll go in, as long as everybody else comes”, said Jimmy. Well I’m not the type of girl to get scared easily, so I said, “Sure, It’s Halloween, let’s have some fun!” How I hate myself now. Eventually, the rest of us agreed, and we went up to the door. Jimmy was leading us. He opened the door, which creaked loudly as it opened slowly. It was dark outside and inside. We could only see things that reflected the moonlight.
We entered, and walked around slowly. Holly, my best friend said, “alright, I think we should go back now.” Mark said, “Come on Holly, don’t be a little girl!” She stopped talking. It was so quiet; we could hear the floorboards creaking beneath our feet and the wind blowing through a crack in the window.
We came to a staircase, and Jake said, “I’ll go up first, to make sure it’s safe.” He walked slowly up the stairs, each step creaking. When he got to the top, he looked around the corner, let out a loud cry, and was pulled around the corner by something.
Everyone panicked. Some girls started screaming. The guys yelled up, “Jake! Jake! Then through all the chaos, I heard another scream, then, “Psych!” as Jake’s head popped back around the corner and said, “Come on guys, it’s okay, just come up!” He stopped talking and looked with high eyebrows at Mark and Jimmy. Everyone quickly turned their heads toward them. Jimmy was hiding his face with his hands, and Mark was hiding behind him. They straightened up as if nothing had happened. The rest of us snickered. Then we got serious again and headed up the stairs.
They were creaky, like the rest of the house. All of a sudden, we heard a whoosh behind us. Holly asked, “What was that?” We all looked around, and then ignored it. When we reached the top of the stairs, there was a light. That’s weird, I thought. I said, “Jake, did you turn on a light up here?” He said, “No.” The door was open, inviting us in.
We entered the lit room. There were newspapers and articles covering the all of the walls. Some headlines said, “Mad Mary”, or, “Mary gone bloody”, or just “Bloody Mary.” I was starting to freak out. Holly said, “Look Hana, that picture looks just like you.”
She was right. In some pictures, there was a picture of an older, much plumper person who greatly resembled me. Under one picture it said, “Kiana, stealer of husbands.” Jake yelled out, “It says here there was a woman named Mary who was married to a guy named Brad. This Kiana girl ran away with him. Mary killed Brad, then she went crazy and killed herself trying to find Kiana.”
My heart started to pound furiously. If the others weren’t watching me I would have just flipped out. “Let’s get out of here”, said one of the girls, Sara. Everyone nodded. Holly grabbed my arm and we led the group slowly out of the room. With a loud bang, the door slammed shut behind us. Holly and I whipped around. We were the only ones outside the door. The others were inside.
I tried the door, but it was locked. Holly yelled, “Are you guys okay?” I heard a muffled, “Yeah we’re fine but the door’s locked. You guys get help. Fast!” Holly grabbed me and we ran like a ghost was chasing us. For all I knew, it could be chasing us. I heard the thumping of feet behind me and went even faster.
We came to a dead end with just a door at the end. We stopped and heard a whooshing sound. I looked behind me and there was nothing. I was sweating like crazy from fear. Holly said, “If there is a ghost, it would want you. It will follow both of us if we stuck together. There is more of a chance that I could get help if I went alone.” I didn’t disagree with her. She pointed to the door and said, “Hide in there, and I’ll get help.” I went inside, clasped her hands, and told her, “Just hurry.” “She looked away from me and said with a shaky voice, “I will.” She started running. When I heard the creaking of the floor, I was snapped back to reality.
I went inside the door. It was a dusty closet. I heard noises in the hallway, and slammed the door in panic. I know, I know, big mistake. When I closed it, the door locked from the outside. I heard whisperings outside the door. I heard, “I found you… I’m going to kill you … kill you… ” echoed outside the door. I screamed, “Please Mary, it’s not me, it’s not me! I didn’t do anything with Brad!” I started screaming out, “Are you a lost soul? Look into the light! Please, I’m innocent!”
I heard from outside the door, “Are you serious? I thought you were hardcore, Hana! We really got you good!” I heard some giggling in the background. The door unlocked and I stepped outside. All of my friends were there. As soon as I stepped out, everyone started laughing hysterically. Jake said through a megaphone set to echo, “You got owned!” I said, “Are you telling me this was just a prank?” I felt relieved, and then I felt embarrassed, then angry. Mark said, “Yup, but Jake’s little disappearing act was new.” At this Jake took a dramatic bow and everyone but I clapped.
Sara said, “Revenge is sweet!” I said, “Hold on a moment, revenge for what?” I was confused. Holly said, “Hana, you’re a real prankster, no denying it.” At this, there were nods from the rest of the group. She went on. “You got every single one of us many times, but that was your turn.” I said, “So the newspapers are all made up? You guys made all the wooshing noises and everything? “No those were real, and there were some things we didn’t do”, said Mark. At hearing this Emma, another girl, said, “We should probably get going, this place creeps me out.” Everyone agreed, and we headed towards the stairs.

As we climbed down, Sara was at the end of the group. I noticed her bending down to tie her shoe. Then I heard a bloodcurdling shriek, as a glowing figure wearing a long white bloodstained robe holding a knife floated towards us. Holly screamed, “RUN! IT’S BLOODY MARY! She didn’t need to say anything; our feet were already pounding the floor. Sara was running with us, but then she tripped and cried out. I saw her, yet when a girl is running for her life, nothing really matters except her flight. We ran out the door, and ran halfway to my house, three blocks away from the haunted house.
We slowed down to a walk to catch our breath. I looked to see if Sara made it. I counted heads. One, two, three, four, five, six. No Sara. I think everyone else noticed too, but no one said anything. We walked all the way back to my house in silence. I think the others were feeling major guilt pangs. I know I was.
When we reached my house, the guys said bye, and the girls and I went in. My mom was there. “Where’s Sara?” She asked. We stared at her with aphasia. Then Emma said in a quiet, shaky voice, “Her mom already picked her up.” We all stared at Emma, but didn’t say anything. My mom was folding clothes, so it’s a good thing she didn’t see our faces. She would have gotten really scared. “Alright, good night girls”, She said. The others and I mumbled back, “good night.”
We put on our pajamas, brushed our teeth, and set up our sleeping bags in my room, one sleeping bag empty, then we got in our beds in silence. I didn’t sleep, I don’t think anyone did. The empty sleeping bag kept me awake. I couldn’t stop thinking about where my friends’ prank had gone wrong.
The next morning, at about seven, we were awakened by the doorbell. I guess I did fall asleep. My mom is a heavy sleeper, so she wouldn’t be awake. The others, who had also woken up, went downstairs with me to open the door. I was thinking, it’s got to be Sara, it’s got to be. I opened the door really fast. There was a pale, shivering girl, wearing a tattered bumblebee costume with ripped sleeves. “Sara?” I said. The costume didn’t have those rips before; it was brand new. She just walked in and sat on the couch, arms folded.
“Call my mom to pick me up”, she said in a raspy whisper. Holly moved to the phone and started to dial with shaky hands. The rest of us stood around Sara in silence, wanting to know what happened, yet scared to ask. Holly finished calling, then came and stood by us. Holly said, “She’ll be here in five”. Sara had an empty look on her face that chilled me to the bone. I noticed she had two long scars running up the undersides of each arm, from her wrists to her armpits.
We jumped when the doorbell rang. Emma went to get it. Sara stood up and walked towards me. She was holding a note. She leaned close to me and whispered, “A message from Mary, written in my blood.” She handed me the note without even looking at me, and walked past me out the door. I felt frozen to the ground. I opened the note, which was written on a piece of parchment. It was written in blood. It said,

The girl has paid for your mistakes
but i won't be satisfied
until i have enough of your blood
to cover my walls
I know who you are
I know where you are
Don't even try to hide

Great, now there’s a crazy ghost on my tail. So what is to be learned from this? Always tie your shoes before entering a haunted house, if you ever enter one. Things don’t usually go as planned.

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