Till death do us part

October 17, 2011
Even though it was the middle of the afternoon, I could sense the darkness surround me. I walked quickly brushing the hair out of my face. Fall was here, leaves crunched under me as I quickened my pace. I could feel the presence of someone, or something lurking behind me, following my every move. I turned my head abruptly; nothing was there, except the road and the swirl of leaves moving with the wind. I started walking again more slowly this time, less aware of my surroundings. I wasn’t watching where I was going and tripped on an uneven piece of sidewalk. I fell, feeling the air rush out of me. I faced my palms downward to cushion my fall. I felt a sting, my chin and palms were tingling with a slight pain. I stood up and brushed myself off. I looked at my palms and saw that they had been cut. I lifted my hands to my chin slowly and gently touched it. I winced at the slight pain. I slowly pulled my hands away from my chin and noticed that a small amount of blood had come along with my hand. I wiped my hands on my pants and then cleaned my chin on the inside of my shirt. I then looked around and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. It was a doll, an antique, maybe a porcelain doll. She had blonde ringlets and a little green dress that was green like the grass. Her eyes were blue like the ocean, and she smiled in such a way I couldn’t help but stare at her. Underneath her ringlets was a small silver wind up key attached to her neck. I approached the doll slowly. I picked her up and examined her. A piece of paper fell from her dress slowly falling to the ground. I bent over and picked it up and unfolded it and began to read what it said. “Dear poor soul who has come across the doll, I warn you this is no ordinary doll. It is now in your best interest to look after this creature. I must heed this warning for your safety and the safety of the world. I beg of you DO NOT TWIST THE KEY! If you go against my deepest wish all hell will indeed break loose upon you and the human population.” I stood there for a second rereading it, looking to see if there was a signature to indicate who wrote this insane letter. There was none. I crumpled up the paper and tossed it into the street. I put the doll in my backpack and continued walking. I felt my phone vibrate and reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone. (MOM) the screen lit up. I sighed and opened my phone “Hello?” I said. “Cassey, where are you!” my mother snapped.
“Mom, I’m walking home I got distracted I’ll be home soon.”I sighed again. “Well hurry up your fathers on his way home!” My mom said frustrated. “Ok mom bye.” I clicked my phone shut and slid it back into my pocket. I continued walking looking up at the sky. “Man its getting dark I better hurry.” I said aloud to myself. I quickly walked home carefully watching where I step. I reached the front door and took out my key and unlocked the door. I stepped inside looking around carefully. “Hello?” I called out. No reply. “Mom?” I called out. No answer. I took out my phone and dialed my mother’s number, it went straight to voicemail. I tried my father’s, the same thing happened. I shut my phone, put it away and went upstairs. I looked and I called out but no one was home except for me. I went to my room and locked my door behind me. I took off my shoes and laid across my bed. I suddenly remembered that creepy doll I had found. I got up and walked over to my backpack and unzipped it and took out the doll. I examined it for a moment, looking at its features and accessories. “I’m going to call you Lacy” I said to the inanimate object I held in my hands. As I suspected the doll didn’t reply. I remembered what the letter warned me about, but I didn’t believe in any of that nonsense. I looked closely at the key attached to her neck. I reached for it slowly and I started to turn it. It made a creaking noise; I kept turning it, faster and faster. I kept turning until I heard a *click*. I let go, as I let go the doll’s eye’s turned pitch black, her mouth that was supposed to be waxed together slowly came apart. I dropped the doll and stood there unable to move, shocked. A noise came out of the dolls mouth, it sounded like music. A low, eerie sound escaped her mouth. The words were hard to hear but I was able to make out, “You have awoken me, turn and twisted my key did thee. I shall never leave your side. Best friends till the end; you’re my friend until your life ends.” The music slowly faded away and I heard a soft *click* once again as the key stopped turning. I stood there with my mouth wide open like a nub. I shut my mouth and reached over to pick up the doll. As I did another piece of paper came floating down. I slowly picked it up and unwrapped it and read what was written. “I warned you Cassey! All hell is now upon you! Say goodbye to your life. You will never live it again!” I dropped the paper and stumbled backwards, falling onto my bed. I fell on my back and saw the doll right in front of my face. I scrambled to my feet and ran out of the room. I ran downstairs and opened the door and ran down the street. I finally realized I had no idea where I was going, so I headed back home and slowly opened the front door.
I saw a light on upstairs coming from my parent’s room. “Mom, Dad?” I called out. No reply. I walked upstairs and slowly approached my parent’s bedroom door. I pushed gently on the door and it creaked open. I stepped inside. “Mom, Dad?” I called out again, still no reply. There was a faint light coming from underneath their bathroom door. I walked up to it and pushed the door open slowly. No one was there but the water in the shower was running and the curtains were closed. I inched towards the shower cautiously. I slowly started to pull the curtain back. Something smelled foul, repulsive. I gagged and kept pulling the curtain open slowly. I stumbled backwards and fell on my back. I tried to scream but the noise wouldn’t come out. I backed away on my hands and feet. I hit the wall and hugged my legs close to my chest. My mother, or what was left of her, laid sprawled across the shower floor. Her hands were tied together, her mouth was stitched closed. Her eyes….. Her eyes were no longer there. She stared at me with empty black sockets. I couldn’t breathe. I got up and ran out the room. I ran to my bathroom. I pulled open the curtains, nothing was there. I heard a faint thump from downstairs and sprinted downstairs. “DADDY!!!” I yelled. No answer. I fell to my knees crying. I saw something glisten from the kitchen. I got up and slowly walked over to the kitchen door and pushed it open. I gagged once more and turned away quickly. My father had been killed, murdered, along with my mother. His mouth was wide open; his teeth were gone, as was his tongue. His throat had been slit open and the blood was flowing out. The blood gurgled from the open slit on his throat. His eyes were cut in half and bled down his face. I couldn’t take it anymore; I couldn’t hold it down any longer. I puked and kept puking. I fell down on the floor crying, my stomach in knots. I crawled back upstairs and pulled myself onto my bed. I felt a hard poke on my back. I got up and looked under my sheets. There was Lacy, she was covered in blood and held a knife in her hand. I stumbled away from her. Lacy slowly got up in a sitting position. Her mouth opened slowly again the wax spreading apart. She started to “Cassey my friend don’t be afraid. I just want to play with you. Best friends till the end are we and together we will stay.” I turned away quickly and tried to open my door. It was locked. I yanked and I pulled at the doorknob. It wouldn’t budge. I looked back at Lacy, she was no longer there. I pressed myself against the wall trembling. Lacy slowly walked out from beneath my bed. I screamed and got closer to the wall. She got closer to me and lifted the knife up. She shouted “together forever!” and plunged the knife into my leg.
I fell to the floor crying out in pain. Lacy kept stabbing me and stabbing me. She took the knife and cut out my eyes, replacing them with plastic ones. I tried to fight back, but I couldn’t. My whole body was numb. The world was fading to black. A sudden light flashed on. I saw the world again. A sudden flash of a girls face appeared in front of me. A small tear escaped my eye. The girl had blonde ringlets and blue eyes, blue like the ocean. She had on a green dress; it was as green as grass. My heart stopped beating. The girl picked me up and set me in front of a mirror and started brushing my hair. I stopped breathing. I was a doll, she was a human. The girl that killed my family had made me a doll. She picked me up slowly and said to me in a soft voice. “Hi I’m Lacy, I’m going to name you Cassey, and we’ll be friends till the end.” The world faded away, and never came back.

The end

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