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The Performance

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls! Tonight’s performance will be the best of them all, and you wont regret coming to watch me in my big moment!” The man cackled in front of his audience of starved, weak, and injured guys and gals, which he had collected for years, just for this moment. All he ever wanted was to be a performer but no, he was rejected by every play he auditioned for, ever since he was a boy. Oh how he had waited for this day to come, the day he presents his play to his kidnapped audience.

He walked down the stage and began to bellow meaningless words about a long lost love, lost in sea. Behind him was a projection screen, which was illuminated with the image of a vast ocean coming directly from the projector.

“Oh how I miss her so, how I long to see her pretty face one more time,” he cried, tears pouring from his eyes. A small boy from the audience suddenly got a disturbed look on his face, and he whispered up too his mother, “Mommy… I feel sick I’m going to throw up.” She looked down at him and began to silently cry and she pleaded, “Hold it please, just for this play, if we watch his play, without interruption we get to liv—“ and that’s when the boy vomited all over the ground. The audience gasped, and the mother cried louder and screamed, “D*mn It!” and she collapsed onto the ground in anguish.

The man’s face fumed, and he pulled out a gun and aimed it directly at the mother and son’s head. “Didn’t I say no interruptions.” He growled, and then he shot two bullets, killing them both. The rest of the audience shook in fear. Complete silence washed over them all. “How sad how sad… now I must restart my performance.” He said sadly, then he slugged over too his starting point, and restarted his play, hopeful that maybe he’s be able to complete it, with no interruptions and no blood.

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