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Die : Part 1

The salty wind that crowed into my family’s beach house was so soothing as it licked through my window. I yawned and stretched, clicked PLAY on my IPod, and headed to my bathroom. I brushed, whitened, and perfumed. I walked to my closet, singing along to The Rolling Stones as I looked for my bikini and shorts. The great thing about living on the beach in sunny California is that it is always so tranquil. I slipped on my flip-flops, grabbed my bag, and thrust my body out the door into the beautiful sand and sun of Santa Monica.
“Jess! You have to see this!” yelled Marci, pointing, as I jogged up the wood, to Ronnie’s Surf Shop where I hung out.
“Omigod!” I laughed. “Josh actually went through with it!”
“Yeah, totally! I mean, like, I didn’t even think he would do it.” Marci said, excitedly.
Five minutes later, Josh came up the plank, board in hand. He shook his long, wet hair at us.
“Woooow…Josh that was hysterical.” I said, laughing.
“Why, thank you.” He smiled, and then paused. “Be right back, I have to take this stupid Speedo off.” He looked at the two girls that had just walked into the store and flipped his board in front of him, so the Speedo wouldn’t be seen.

I walked over to my bag, where I had left it on the chair ten minutes before. “So are we just waiting for Leila and then we can go?”
Marci looked up from her laptop. “Yeah, and Kyle is getting his bag from his house and then he is going to come pick us all up.”
“Ready, ladies?” Kyle asked, as he put the last of our bags into the truck.
“Totally! I can’t wait for this vacation, we all deserve this after all those exams.” I yelled.
“I second that, so let’s go!” laughed Leila.
We all climbed into the truck. Kyle cranked up the radio, Josh rolled down the windows and pushed the sunroof open. I settled into my window seat and started singing along to Highway to Hell by AC/DC.
After the two-hundred eighty-seven mile drive from Santa Monica, CA just east of Los Vegas, NV; we stopped for a bite to eat at a bar/grill and then to get gas at the station next to the restaurant.
I felt the urge to pee as we were waiting for the gas to finish pumping. “I’ll be right back.” I told Josh.
“Where you going?” he asked.
“Bathroom.” I replied.
“Again?! God, girls pee a lot.” He laughed.
“Thanks” said Marci and Leila at the same time.
I walked into the gas station and asked the guy behind the counter for the key for the bathroom. He handed it over and smiled, creepily. I took the key and hurried into the bathroom, locking the door quickly behind me.
I went to open the door of the bathroom and a shatter of black light flashed through me. The next thing I remember, I was being thrown into the back of a van. I remember rolling around the van, as my kidnapper drove roughly to wherever he was headed. I tried to fight the cuff he had on me, but it was no use.
I woke to a glowing red light. Strange noise was coming from around me. Sounded like crying, to me. I tried to look around me, but my arms were locked in front of me onto the wall, so I had to twist around, hurting my wrists. I saw girls, some younger than me. They were all in the same position as me. There were about six other girls in the room. I attempted to speak to them.
“Where are we?” I whispered.
An answer came from the girl next to me. She looked about 18 or 19. “He is a killer, he murders young girls. He gets visitors from other states or countries, so that no murder cases get opened up, here in Nevada.” She whispered back.
Images of the guy from the gas station, his creepy little grin, flashed into my mind. I shuddered.
“I – I can’t die. Not now.” I said, scared.
A shrill scream came from another room. Not even twenty second seconds later, he came into view. Covered in blood, his smile still seemed to be intact.
I started hyperventilating as he slowly approached me. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face close to his. “This is our new friend, ladies.” He told the other girls.
I screeched as he bashed my head back down on the floor. I tried to kick him, but he grabbed for my leg, twisting it around like a pretzel. I let out another scream.

He left about an hour later. To go to his job, he said.
After thirty minutes of absolute silence, I heard a voice I knew. Cries of why, weeping out of her mouth.
“Lei?” I said, softly. “Is that you, Lei?”
“Yeah it’s me! Oh my god, how did you get here? What happened? Why are you here?” I cried.
“Tha – That guy. H – He took me and Mar – Mar – Marci.” She stammered through her sobs. “We came in the store looking for you, and he grabbed us. He killed Kyle and Josh.”
“What? Where’s Marci?” I yelled, the tears overflowing my eyes and pouring over.
“You heard the scream.” She looked at me. Around her eyes, red and puffy, was her eyeliner trailing down her face.
I collapsed.
Marci was gone. Kyle was gone. Josh was gone. Leila and I were next.

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