Linda; Kidnapped

September 8, 2010
By Anonymous

The air blew past Linda’s face as she sat alone under the clear, night sky in Madagascar. Linda was a frail, and timid girl, although she was not a youngster, and being alone with only her small cat by her side had her as nervous as ever. The light-post above her shimmered in the darkness as she thought of the wonderful day she had had with her friends while they were sky-diving. Now, bored and exhausted, she waited for her best friend, Emma, to come pick her up for a sleepover.

Just as Emma’s car lights were becoming visible to Linda’s eyes, she saw a hand come over her mouth and grab her with such strength that she fell to her knees. She tried to scream for Emma, who was running towards her, but could not strain a single sound out of her mouth. Before she knew it, she was being driven away to an unknown destination by a completely unknown man. She was freaking out, and suddenly, everything went black.

Linda’s eyes shuttered, and then they opened. Where was she? How could she have been so stupid as to wait alone in the abandoned area where she was before? She thought to herself. Just then, she heard footsteps approaching her, and when she looked up, a tall man came towards her, holding a chainsaw in one hand. The man’s face was cloaked with a dark mask which covered every feature of his face besides his eyes and mouth. Lind had a sudden shiver roll down her spine, and hurriedly got up from the floor, and started to run. Still, the man was too fast, and was catching up to her pace. Yet, she kept running with all the power that was left in her, although she didn’t have the slightest clue of where she was heading.

Just then, the man tripped behind her, and fell with a loud crash that made Linda shudder. There was no sound afterwards – the man could not be seen, nor could he be heard. Linda’s eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of two flashing lights. A faint holler could be heard, and was approaching her, yelling “Linda! Linda!” She looked up to see Emma running towards her, with her kitten in hand. She had a blazing look in her face.

At that moment, Linda knew she was finally safe, and that she was going home at last. She would never have to see that wretched man again.

The author's comments:
This was an assignment for school, but I loved it so much I made a better copy for myself!

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