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Luna's Wind.

Chapter one:

"Run Luna! Run!", a voice cried out in the shadows of the woods. She turned around to see a wave of fire coming towards her. A sudden fear ran up then back down her spine. She sprinted down the narrow path deeper and deeper into the woods. Without seeing it her ankle became caught on a root of a tree coming out of the ground, and she fell to the ground. She turned around thinking she had escaped the flame, but as she slowly turned the flame went right against her.

"Ah!", Luna screams awakening from her sleep. She looked around very dazed and confused. Crack! Clank! Scrape! The sounds that make Luna hide in fear each time. "Luna! Get down here! Now!", a woman yelled. With a tear rolling down her cheek then neck Luna gets up, gets dressed, and goes out the door. As she goes outside she bows as low as she can to the older woman awaiting her outside. "You're late!", the woman shouts. Luna looks over in the woman's hands and sees a whip in her tight grasp. With a wince of fear she whispers, "I'm sorry, I won't be late again. I promise." The older woman looks at her. "You better not be," she says, "now be of some use and go buy bamboo from the market." Luna bows as the woman hands her and leaves. Before heading to the market Luna stops at a barn, not too far down the dirt path. She opened the doors and on top of a stack of hay laid a small geisha doll she had always kept hidden. She picked up the fragile doll and was on her way to the market. While she was walking along she wasn't really paying too much attention to what she was doing she was busy watching the clouds. "Hey watch it!", a guy shoulder when Luna bumped into him. "I'm so sorry sir!!", she said almost crying as she looked up at him. He looked down at her and gasped a little. Thinking this was a bad thing she ran right past him crying. "Wait!", the guy screams but it was too late Luna was too far to hear. "She looks so familiar...", the guy mumbles to himself. Luna started to get the bamboo and put it in a carrier she had on her back. She started on her way home and soon got a weird feeling that someone was following her, but she didn't think much of it and continued to walk ahead. When she got onto the dirt path she dropped the doll off in her barn. A few more miles down the dirt path she was home. She put the bamboo down on the porch like always then as soon as she brought her head up the woman slapped her right across the face so hard Luna dropped to the ground holding her face while in tears. "How dare you become late again and break your promise!", the woman shouts while raising her whip high. Luna covers her face in pure fear knowing what was next to come. The woman grabbed Luna by the arm and jerked her down the stairs and pushed her to a tree. Luna busted out into a stream of tears. The woman raised her whip and started beating Luna across the back with it until she finally started bleeding. After about 100 times of hitting her she stopped. Holding in her screams of unbearable pain Luna cried until she started to gag. The back of her dress was ripped all up. The metal claws on the ends of the woman's whip were covered in blood. Luna knew there would be 100 more to come and didn't think she could take anymore of it. She threw herself to the ground and tried to crawl away but before she could even make it far from the tree the woman grabbed her by the shoulder and slammed her again against the tree and began to beat Luna until her whole back had been completely ripped open. The woman smirked with a complete satisfaction once she looked at Luna's back and saw that she had ripped into the skin so much that the bones of her spine began to show. The woman shoved Luna to the ground and threw hot water all on the wound causing Luna to scream in complete agony. When she knew Luna was in the most pain she could imagine she kicked her once and left Luna laying on the ground to suffer. Things started going black. Luna's focus began to slowly blur she saw someone walking towards her before finally everything went completely black.

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RebeccaJoy This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 11, 2011 at 4:50 pm
wow. i thought that was really good. you did a great job painting a picture for the reader.
UNserieswriter said...
Dec. 11, 2011 at 12:29 pm
ok. you lost me at times. i love the character's name, and you shifted between tenses at times. also some sentences were a bit simple, and brought down your work. otherwise, keep at it! please COMMENT on my work The Underground Network. it's long so try chapter 15. also Roman leagues if you have the time! Thanks in advance!
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