Willow's Edge

May 5, 2010
My old blue mustang came to a screeching halt as a dim light suddenly caught my eye. It peered through the woods I parked in front of. Curiosity led me to try to find out exactly where the light was coming from. I took the key out the ignition and got out of the car, closing the door behind me. As I stuffed my keys in the front pocket of my denim jeans, I entered the small section of woods. The ground was layered with overly wet snow making each step soft and mushy. The cold air whipped around me. The silence in the woods made it seem eerie, and I suddenly wished I wasn’t alone. I especially wished Caden wasn’t missing either. Normally I wouldn’t be concerned since Caden is always leaving without notice. But it’s been two weeks that I haven’t heard from him, and that’s what made me search for him. A friend of his said that he talked about being one with nature, and Willow’s Edge was all I could think of. It wasn’t like him to be gone this long and I’ve been worried ever since.
I reached the source of the light. It belonged to a house. The house was made of stone and it looked like a miniature castle. Snow covered a third of it, and the stars hung over. I was tempted to turn back around and get in the car, but I used the door bell anyway. Several moments passed and then the door slowly opened, revealing a man in his late twenties. He was dressed as if he was about to leave for a formal party. His sleek black tuxedo and white buttoned up shirt clashed once you saw his copper hair sticking out in all directions. He grinned. “Well, hello Miss, what brings you here?
“Uh, hi. I’m looking for my brother Caden. He’s been missing for two weeks. Last time I heard, he could have been in this area recently.” I pull out a photo of us, Caden grinning impishly and putting bunny ears above my head. “Have you seen him by any chance?” The man examined the photo for a couple of seconds.
“I don’t believe I have.”
“Are you sure?”
The man chuckled. “Not too many people come in these woods so if I saw this young man, I would certainly recognize him.
“ Well, that’s just great..” I said, feeling defeated. I drive to Willow’s Edge hot on a lead, only to come out empty handed. On top of that, I’m talking to a strange guy that lives in the middle of the woods. Go me. “Thanks anyway.” I put the photo in my jacket.
“Surely you are cold and hungry. How about a nice meal before you go?” The man said warmly.
I looked around. The sun was growing dim. “It’s getting late and I should be on my way.”
“It’s the least I could do for all your trouble. Who knows, maybe a some food in your stomach can give you some insight to where your brother might be.”
The mans polite smile made me feel bad and I didn’t want to decline his invitation. Plus, he could be right. I am starving, and food might help me think clearly. “Okay. I mean I am pretty hungry.”
“Excellent! Come on in. You’re just in time for supper.” He said opening the door. I entered the big house as the man closed the door behind me.
The interior of the house was even more beautiful than the exterior. Maroon walls weren’t bare but covered with renaissance paintings. The wooded floors were so clean, as if they were never walked on before. As I try to keep up with the man, I saw a staircase made from white marble. He noticed my pace slowed.
“Pretty nice, isn’t it? It’s been in my family for generations. I’m quite proud of this house.
“It is something…” I said lost in thought. Who would own a house like this in the woods?
The man turned back around so quickly, he made me jump a little. “Oh wwere are my manners? Don’t give my name, nor ask for yours in return! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Oliver Dawson. And you are?”
“Such a lovely name! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Molly!” He gave a bow.
“Er, thanks. You too.” What is with this guy?
He continued walking. “I hope you don’t mind, I have some other guests here. I’m sure they’ll love to meet you.” Oliver disappeared into a room, and I power walked after him.
The dining room was just as nice as everything else I saw. The walls and carpet was burgundy, giving it a warm and eloquent feel. A long cherry wood table had plates of food and empty goblets with wine bottles in crushed ice. Three of the seats were filled with people that were dressed similar to Oliver. As I got closer to them, that’s when I opened and closed my mouth in horror.
I noticed the two women first. Their outrageous make up, pig tails, and frilly attire gave them the appearance of dolls young girls played with in their spare time. The third person looked even creepier. The guy was dressed in a charcoal suit with red pinstripes. He wore dark sunglasses, so I couldn’t see his eyes. Black lines were drawn down from the corners of his mouth. Red blush covered his cheek bones. He looked like a human dummy. But there was something else I noticed on him that sent chills down my spine. A scar of a straight line ran across the back of his hand. It was the same exact scar Caden has in the same exact spot from when he fell of his surfboard a year ago.
I raced to his side, and ripped of the sunglasses, confirming what I already knew. The dummy look-alike was indeed Caden.
“Cade, we have to go, this guy is obviously nuts. Why would you let him dress you in this weird get up?” I said, but he didn’t answer. In fact, he didn’t move at all. His blue eyes showed sheer terror and he made a faint ‘mrmm’ sound. But his mouth remained closed as if he couldn’t part his lips. “Oh Cade, what has he done to you?”
An excited voice boomed across the dining hall, answering my question. “He can’t move a single thing at the moment. I gave him something special and now he’s paralyzed!”
My head whipped towards Oliver Dawson’s direction.” Why would you do this? Fix him now!”
“Did you not hear me? I said ‘at the moment’. It will wear off. How else would I have gotten him to join my party?
“You’re psycho!” I screamed, ignoring the hurt look on Oliver’s face. “And this is…I’m calling the police.” I pulled out my cell phone, dialing 9-1-1. No signal. Oliver laughed.
“You’re not going to be getting any signal here.”
I shoved my phone in my pocket, already about to exit the dining hall.
“Where do you think you’re going?
“Going to get help for my brother and these poor people you’re using for your sick entertainment.”
I heard Oliver chuckle at my declaration. “And what makes you think they would be even be alive when you come back with this so called ‘help’?”
His words stopped me dead in my tracks and I turned around slowly. “What is that supposed to mean?” I hissed.
“I’m just saying you don’t know what I’m capable of, because you simply don’t know me. So I ask my next question. Are you willing to risk you brothers life, plus two innocent people?”
I tried to talk. I wanted to talk. But I couldn’t. I was terrified and I couldn't form any words. I’ve been thrown into a nightmare that was a rare and tragic reality. I heard a grunt from Caden and I ran back to him.
Oliver gave a taunting smile. “Did you change your mind, Molly?”
I paid no attention and looked at my brother. “Cade? If you can hear me, make a noise.” Caden grunted in response. “Okay, that’s good. Look, I’m not going to let anything happen to you. We’re going to get out of here somehow.” Caden’s eyes softened a little.
“Aww, how sweet. Sibling love. Well, take a seat. Enjoy a meal with us.”
“I’m not eating your-”
“I suggest you sit down and eat.” Oliver stood ten inches from me. “Unless you want to end up being in the same state as your brother over there.”
Stay strong Molly. Play his sick game, and keep everyone alive. You’re no good to any of them if you can’t move either. I took a seat next to Caden. Oliver took one across from me, looking as happy as can be.
“Dig in Molly. The boneless chicken is to die for!” he yelled, already starting to eat.
I stared at my plate. How could I stomach food in a situation like this? I tried to keep my hands from shaking as I stuck my fork into the diced chicken. I chewed slowly ,taking one swallow. It did taste great, but I didn’t want to eat anymore. What if he put something in it?
Oliver looked up at me. “So how was your day, Molly?
I wanted to throw my fork at him.
“Well, let’s see. I went from searching for my brother, to being held captive along with him by a psychotic freak. So how do you think I’m doing, Mr. Dawson?”
Oliver jumped up. His plate whizzed past me, food hitting the floor.” ENOUGH! I welcome you in my house, and you insult me? How dare you?” I stumbled out of my chair as he hopped on the table trying to get me. I took just three steps and he pulled my hair from the back, sending me flying on the floor. The land brought immediate pain through my back and head. Before I could get up, he got on top of me, wrapping his hands around my neck.
“I should take the life from you with my bare hands. I could do it. Oh, what an intimate murder it would be to feel your life slip away…” I struggled to remove his hands from my neck, but he was surprisingly strong. My vision blurred and I started to see black spots. Oh god, please don’t let me die.
Suddenly he let go of me and stood up, straightening his tux. I automatically hurdled over, gasping for air.
“I’m sorry for the way I acted. It may have been a bit too much. But you made me Molly, you know that right? And apology would make me feel better.”
“ I- I-’m s-sorry…” I spit out, trying to catch my breath.
Oliver gently took my hand, helping me to my feet. He swept a strand of dark brown hair from my face. “ You can’t do that to me again, alright?” I wanted to push his hand away. I wanted to do more, like stab him in the eye. But I felt weak and my head was pounding between my ears. I held on to the table for support.
“Please just let us go. People are going to look for us, you know.”
Oliver looked at me like I was stupid. “Of course I know people are going to look for you. Hmm, I’ll be back…” He said stomping out of the dining hall. As soon Oliver left, the words I heard gave me hope.
“M-Molly…”It was Caden. I rushed to his side.
“Cade, you can talk!”
“Yeah kiddo…I can move too…I was trying to wait until he left. Caden clenched and unclenched his fists.” I could kill him…”

“I know, I know. We have to get out of here.” I tried to help Caden up, swinging his arm over my shoulder. “You think you can walk well enough? What about those two women?” I asked, glancing at the them.
Caden frowned. “I don’t think…they’re alive anymore. They were here before me. But we need to go.”
As I started to lead the way, Oliver entered holding an axe. He was obviously crazy, but he actually looked crazed instead of always smiling. I thought he was coming toward us, but he went to the two women. My heart dropped when he raised his axe and swung at them like he was hitting a baseball. Then he just started hacking away. Blood splattered all over Oliver’s face as viciously murdered these women. His eyes were wide and he laughed like the mad man he was.
He dropped his axe to the floor, still laughing but not as loud. Then he looked over to us, who were gaping in horror and utter disbelief. I couldn’t control the tears that flowed down my cheeks.
“You’re free to go.”
“What…?” I thought I didn’t hear him correctly. The maniacal laughter still rung in my ears.
“I said you and your brother are free to go. I like you Molly. I couldn’t hurt you and I couldn’t kill your brother because that would hurt you as well. Plus I much rather be alone now.” He said glumly.
“ I-I don’t understand. You’re just letting us go?”
“Don’t question my generosity, or I’ll change my mind. Just go. Now.”
I shook my head slightly. “I-uh-”
“You heard him, let’s go.” Caden interrupted.
I led Caden out of the house and through the woods. We drove away, neither of us saying a word. Our minds were trying to process what we just experienced.
Would anyone believe us?

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roxymutt said...
Jun. 7, 2010 at 4:10 pm
very interesting...i liked the story but i kinda wish there was more detail to the paralyzed women...i feel like they needed a little more umph to show just how sick that guy was and to also help me feel more sympathy for them when he was "hacking away" at them
DayofRain50 said...
Jun. 7, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Great story and awesome ending to it. It creeped me out as I read it.

Can people check out my "Blue Hour" story. 

Imaginedangerous This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 7, 2010 at 3:17 pm
You do a very good job of creeping the readers out.
J.Octavian.R This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 7, 2010 at 2:09 pm
I apologize for having to give such negative feedback. However you switch tenses over and over throughout the story. It was very irritating.
TashaTyrantthnx replied...
Jun. 7, 2010 at 2:15 pm
Lol, it isn't really much feedback on the story itself, but thanks for the attempt! I'll be sure to read your pieces, though.
J.Octavian.R This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Jun. 8, 2010 at 12:19 am
I don't have anything here as of yet. I just read yours out of curiosity.
0004bri said...
May 26, 2010 at 3:06 pm
that was prettty cool should of added more to the ending!
Kandabear said...
May 20, 2010 at 11:01 pm
Wow.. Hopeless wasn't kidding haha. So talented. I love your work. Great diction and the wording was decent. I say decent because one can always expand vocabulary ya know? Would you mind reading my piece "Shades of Red"? It might surprise you =]
...Hopeless... said...
May 18, 2010 at 8:37 am
Wow... this is so creepy!!  But really good nonetheless.  I very much enjoyed this, keep up the good work!
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