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Journal of Mine Excapades

*Editor's Note*
The following is one of the first accounts found after the wreckage of the 'world' as they knew it. After the din was sorted through and the world rebuilt it was published in obscurity however its cult appeal grew as one of the first known texts from the Hostile Period (1945-2014). The following is said to have taken place in 'December' (as we know it, the Detachment) of 2013.

"Judiciously, I found the cannibals unapproachable their inhumane hunger present on their faces.
As pale as death, their skin seemed to be stretched like a mask over their skulls.
Contorted, the one I had hunted lay grounded by the spear through his stomach.
Oh! What horrors had befallen him, what torment of the wonders beyond.
I had before the night had been over in the night before ventured to their encampment on the outermost of the town 's outskirts.
Silently I crept past their sentries, spear in my hand, 'cap on my head'
and the first one what came within mine sight I slew
And death came upon him like the shepherd of vengeance.
Can you too feel what I hath done? The taking of the life and the gift of his domination? Ack! Twasn't his fault for his dreadful dogma, was he singularly to blame, most assuredly not!
But lo! Could he not leave the tribe of savages?
Retribution for his kind seemed to be of gloom and unworldly pain.
'Ah but...sir...why have you done this?' He whimpered with his finalmost breaths.
'Hitherto your kind have been as mongrel dogs.' Was my response.
'Ah...' was his sigh, was his dying breath, 'But would you treat a dog with such animosity?'
My knife strapped to my side I removed fluidly then implemented it namely to....
Decapitate him -- fluidly.
A gale like none other wrapped me, the cold inspired mine thoughts. I closed my parka around mine figure...
Could any human do as I have?
Reassured by my acts I hid myself within the shadows.
Enveloped in the demonic nature of my being I waited for another to come into view, finally it presented itself within mine sight.
Like a MONSTERI crept upon him and slew him. My knife protruded from his stomach
As a final scream left his lips I released a smile.
'Damn it! Damn you! Christ be by the Old One!'...
I laughed sadistically and then did my predicament befall me.
My acts had opened myself up to hostilities, having not prevented the finding of my initial victim I found myself in conflict.
I heard the growling of persons in the distance and lo! Did they seem like hell hath opened it's gates.
Raw screams pierced the cold silence echoing...
Blasphemers beware, this tale is no fabrication it was from this moment on that I became the hunted rather than he who preys...
Apocryphal creatures began to emerge from the shadowy silence around me. Bald creatures with fragile bodies and teeth dishonest. The very flesh of humanity seemed to hang from they're lips...
Right! Once they had caught sight of me I knew that I must my freedom.
Together we ran for what seemed like leagues, as much as I wished for freedom from the Compound with each passing street it seemed only to grow bigger...the hoard only larger...
How could I have been so simply leave it there... I may as well have prayed for mine death.
Owls hooted as the wind blew...the creatures did not stop their hunt. I ran as they ran their beastlike hunger ever enduring...
Lord, in these final moments let it be said that I sought salvation for mine sins. Could these creatures be human...?
O! How I longed for the end of this...
End in sight...I could see the sun rising in the distance, the creatures I could hear growing tired...
WHAT?!? NO! NO! NO...' I screamed! Many lights were in the distance it was mine friends and family come to torch the compound...the cannibals within...
'Me!' I screamed! 'It's me!'...caught was I between fire and the creatures...
Evil! The beasts were evil for having lured me here!
EVIL! CONDEMN THEM FOR THEIR SINS! CONDEMN THEM! Twas their fault for luring me here like a lamb to the slaughter.
'Shut the...' the gate was closing in the distance...'NO! Don't shut the gate!' I cried, 'It's me! Do not leave me in here!' Were mine final cries but nobody in here could hear me.

*Editor's Note*
The passage ends here, several other burnt pages were found however none of them are discernable. Where not burnt to a cinder the final pages of the journal are coated with ash, the writing long faded away. If you have any more fine examples such as this authenticated as being from the Hostile Period please give us a call at the Historical Society at 1-(877)-432-1109.

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