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ABC...Always Be Careful

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ABC…Always Be Careful…
“My story begins like this… I was walking down a long, dark, narrow alley. It was littered with trash, cats, mice, and other stuff that I didn’t want to even know the names of them. I was on my way to a haunted house. You ask why I am walking down a long, dark, narrow alley by myself with nothing to accommodate me except for trash and bits of pieces of trash. Well, actually my mom was suppose to take me, but she has a broken leg! Can you believe that? A broken leg when I needed—” “AHHHHHHHH…”
I groaned and stopped my story. I couldn’t believe it, another interruption. “Tiffany, can’t you stop screaming at every little thing!?! You scream to the grape eyeballs, rice krispy bones, and even the stupid intestine spaghetti we had for dinner!” Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I was having a Halloween Party and sleepover at my house with my best friends ever: Brian, Tiffany, and yes I had to include my sister, Stephanie. But anyways, Tiffany was, like, totally screaming her head off at everything we prepared for this party.
“But, but the just saw the shadow move across the wall! OMG it’s moving again!!” Tiffany was hyperventilating from all of the “scariness”.
I glared at her…and she apologized. “Anyways, like I was telling you guys, I was walking toward the haunted house by myself in a long, dark, narrow alley, because my mom had a broken leg—” “AHHHHHH…”
“TIFFANY!” We all shouted. “Stop that!”
“But it wasn’t me this time…”
“AHHHH…” the voice screamed again. “My leg, MY LEG!”
OMG!!! It was my MOM!! My friends and I raced down stairs. My mom had a broken leg! How scary, in my story she has a broken leg, and in real life she has a broken leg. I was starting to get frightened… what if next; we had to go to a haunted house with a dragon slayer!?
DING…DONG. It was my cousin…who was dressed up like a dragon slayer!
“Sup, cuz? You wanna go to a haunted house? I found this really awesome one not too far from here.”
I should probably mention that he is around 20 years old. Why he’s still trick’er treating? I truly have no clue. Anyways, my dad came rushing out of the garage, and started yelling about calling 911 and getting the ambulance. After he calmed down enough to listen to my mom, he put on his coat and helped my mom into a car and told my cousin to take all of us to the haunted house… OMG! That is coming true too, except we’ll be driving in my cousin’s car instead of me walking by myself to the haunted.
Anyways, we get there in like no time at all, because my cousin is like a speed driver. Once we were in “A Haunted House”, (the name of the haunted house, pretty lame right?), my cousin shot off with some of his friends he saw there and left us at the entrance. He left us with our tickets and told us to have fun and wait at the entrance when will were done. So we went in the haunted house, we started by going into an alley, littered with trash and other stuff, then…A SHADOW moved across the wall!!! OMG! Tiffany didn’t scream this time and a shadow actually moved across the wall! Anyways, I guess we were starting our journey by walking to another haunted… OMG! I guess my fictional story is coming true! What if anything I say is true? I began to ponder and I said, “Snow!” Nothing happened; the others looked at me all funny, like I was crazy. OK then, so its not me having super powers, it was just a coincidence. I was still pondering on the subject when all of a sudden, PLUNK! We hit something, like a glass wall, I couldn’t see it, and neither could the rest of the guys. It was like an invisible force field… I couldn’t believe it! This HAD to be some sort of joke, but it’s a silly joke if you ask me, what haunted house wouldn’t want to scare some kids, right. Then it hit me! I didn’t finish my story, and in real life, this invisible wall is where my story ends. My “powers” didn’t work with the snow. And my cousin must have made it through because they were way ahead of us. So now the question is… now what?

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