The Kidnapping

July 14, 2009
By Justin Wilander BRONZE, Courtenay, BC, Other
Justin Wilander BRONZE, Courtenay, BC, Other
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December 11, 2000. It was a cold, winter day in The Northwest Territories. Students line up outside Yellowknife Senior Secondary, waiting to be checked for weapons, drugs, etc. The security is quite strict up here, due to the increase in crime in the last few years. Everyday students are checked for anything harmful. “We just can’t take any chances, even though most of our students are clean. We don’t want to cause worry to anyone, just know we are taking precautions” said Const. John Williams at an earlier meeting with the school districts.

This did not bring worry to senior student Tristan Taylor. He was in his last year of Yellowknife Senior, excited to graduate, as the year was over in a couple of months for him. Tristan is a successful student, who holds a steady 3.25 grade point average. He is somewhat shy, and just goes off and does his own thing. Tristan has a few very close friends, but one in particular.

His name is Rob Samson. Rob and Tristan have been friends since grade 1 and still are today. Rob is a smaller kid, about 5’3 with a different hair color every week. “I just like to be unique” said Rob when he was interviewed by the school newspaper. Rob and Tristan both participate on the school sports teams such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. Tristan has received many athletic awards, as Rob receives the academic awards.

Once Tristan passed inspection, he went over to his locker to drop off his books, and get ready for homeroom. "Good Morning Rob!" said Tristan as he chucked his books in his locker. Rob and Tristan's lockers were side by side.

"Morning Tristan, how are you?"

"Not too bad, had a pretty boring weekend, just played some hockey, the usual. What did you get up to Rob?" Rob wasn't really in the mood for talking this early.

"Just did some homework, the usual goody-good. Haha." And with that the boys went off to their separate homerooms. Tristan was in Mr. Gransons homeroom, and Rob was in Ms. Shaver’s homeroom.

After a long morning of boring Math, English and Science, the boys finally got to have their lunch hour. Justin Trailson, Matt Johnson and Trevor Rondles all meet with Rob and Tristan for their lunch hour every day. One day, they would go to the local corner store for some munchies, because that is what Rob likes to do, and the other day they would stay at the school and join in a game of hockey or basketball, because that is what Tristan liked to do. Yesterday, they had played a game of 3 on 2 basketball, so today was Rob’s day to go to the corner store for snacks. Once they arrived at the corner store, the boys picked out their snacks, and went up to the counter to pay. "Your total is $13.67" said the clerk to Tristan.

"Sorry, I only have five dollars." said Tristan back to the clerk. So, as usual, Rob had to pay for Tristan's lunch, as he did almost every other day, but didn't mind because him and Tristan were pretty good friends.

"Excited for PE next block?" said Justin to Rob.

"Heck Yes! We get to do dodge ball today! Boys against girls!" Rob wasn't usually a fan of PE but when they got to do dodge ball he absolutely loved it. When they got back to the school, the bell rang for next block, and the boys went to get their PE strip for next class.

"Four laps around the track outside, then we will come make teams in here. Tristan and Rob, you guys get the equipment set up for us while we are running!" yelled the gym teacher, Mr. Woodason. Everyday there were two students selected to help set up equipment while the rest of the class did the warm-up. Mr. Woodason then took the kids outside for the run and Tristan and Rob went into the equipment room to get all the dodge ball supplies, when there was a knock at the gymnasium door.

"I'll get it!" yelled Rob as he dropped the bag of doge balls in the middle of the gym floor.

"Hey guys, I need help unloading my van. I have a delivery for the school" said the man at the door.

"TRISTAN! A man needs our help unloading his van!" yelled Rob.

"COMING" yelled Tristan. Then the boys went outside, not knowing, they won't be returning for the dodge ball game.

Meanwhile, Justin and Trevor entered the gym, tired from the run, but they were both in really good shape so it didn't bother them that much. "I wonder where Rob and Tristan are!" said Justin, worried.

"Probably skipping, haha." said Trevor.

"Oh well, let's just set the gym up because who knows how long they will be" said Justin.
Forty-Five minutes later, Rob and Tristan still have not showed up, so Mr. Woodason goes to ask the office to page them. "Just continue on with your game kids, I will be back in a couple of minutes." said Woodason.

"Rob Samson and Tristan Taylor please come to the office ASAP" was announced over the PA system. Now all of the kids knew something was wrong. Neither Tristan nor Rob ever skipped a class. Woodason came back to class with a worried look on his face. This was never good.

"It looks like Tristan and Rob are missing. We have contacted their parents, and no one seems to know where they are. We have also contacted the police. They will be here shortly and may want to talk to a few students." said Woodason. The unthinkable had happened....Tristan and Rob were missing.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Rob were suffering from injuries, as the fake delivery man had hit them pretty hard and knocked them both out, and gagged them in the back of his van. When Tristan finally woke up, he realized that they were still driving. There were no windows in the back so he had no way of seeing where they were. He then woke Rob up and tried to explain everything that had happened, though it was very hard since the boys had been gagged. Rob was so upset he started to have trouble breathing, and eventually passed out again. Since Tristan didn't want to make the driver angry, he also, decided to get some sleep because he did not know what he had in store for him later that day.

Back at the school, a lockdown procedure was in effect. All the students now knew about the disappearance of Tristan and Robert. All the classes were suspended until further notice, and certain students had to stay around the school to be interviewed by the police officers and detectives. The head detective on the case was Jay Westguard, who was been called in from New York as one of the best known detectives for kidnapping cases. He is 35 years old, has a wife and one four year old daughter. He also runs a chain of detective offices around the world.

“Hello, my name is Dt. Westguard here to investigate the kidnapping of Mr. Tristan Taylor and Robert Samson.” Said Jay Westguard.

“Right this way, to the gymnasium where the kids are waiting to be interviewed and this is where Tristan and Rob were taken from” said Mr. Woodason. Then the interviewing began.

Once again Tristan was woken up by the movement of the vehicle. Rob was still sound asleep and not aware of anything around him. He was still pretty shaken up from the hit he took to the head from the kidnapper. Tristan did not want to bother Rob again so he decided to ask the driver what was going on. "Excuse me mister, where are you planning on taking us, and what are you planning on doing with us?" said Tristan

. "Look you little punk, I need some extra cash. I'm going to take you to my cabin in Alaska, and you can wait there with me until I get one hundred thousand dollars from your school district. So you better damn well hope they have money!" said the driver. and with that Tristan did not say another word until they reached border crossing.

Meanwhile at Yellowknife Senior, certain students were being interviewed one by one to try and find out where the boys are located. Detective Westguard managed to locate traces of the vehicle because the driver had smashed into a pole on his way out of the school yard. The other main detective, Jim Johnson, had just received information that the vehicle had been spotted heading northbound towards Alaska." I vehicle report has been filed and they will be stopped at the border." said Dt. Johnson to Dt. Westguard.

"Good, finally we will get a lead on this case" said Westguard.

Back in the van, Tristan and Rob were both wide awake, due to the horrible road they have come along, on their way to the border. Once they arrived at the border, the driver told the boys to shut up or die. "Passport please" said the border patrol.

"Uhhh, forgot it at home." said the driver.

"Pull over here please sir, NOW" replied border patrol. Tristan and Rob both knew then that there was something wrong.

Over at border patrol, security officer James Maxwell had just received the call about the van and notified the school that the van had been pulled over due to a missing passport. "Max, could you go and put that van in the security yard, he is under arrest, and not going anywhere." said James. Just as Max walked up to the van, the driver had walked around the side of the vehicle with Tristan and a gun pointed to his head.

“I’ll shoot!” screamed the kidnapper. “I am demanding one hundred thousand dollars from the school district, and I will give these kids back with no harm done to them.”

Meanwhile, back at the school, the school had been evacuated, now knowing where the boys were. It was getting late, and everyone was ready to go home, except for Jay Westguard, and assistant detective, Jim Johnson, who would be staying on the case until it was solved. Jay was just going to head out and grab a coffee, and Jim would stay on the case looking for clues to identify the driver. "Be back in ten!" said Jay. "Want anything?"

"No, I'm good thanks!" replied Johnson. And with that Westguard was off.

On Jays way down the hill he noticed something funny about his truck. His brakes were not grabbing like they should be. Before Jay could do anything about it, he had lost all of his brakes, and was coasting, at 100 kilometers an hour, down the main hill in Yellowknife, heading right for the busiest intersection in town. Jay knew this was not going to end well, and since he knows his truck was in good condition, he knew someone had cut his brake lines. A few seconds later, everything went black. Jay had just had a head on collision with a tractor trailer, and was off the case for good.

Back at the school, Jim had just been informed by local police about the accident of Jay Westguard. "Will he back on the case at all?" asked Jim to the police officer.

"No, Jim. He is off the case, which makes you the lead detective for the case. Good luck." Now Jim was satisfied.

The next day, the school was closed, and the principals and detectives continued working on the case. Everyone now knew about Jay, and were a bit suspicious at why it did not affect Jim at all. The principal had just informed Jim that the kidnapper has demanded $100K in cash for them to get the kids back. "Perfect" said Jim. "I have just located a drop of blood on the floor, of which I believe to be the kidnappers, when the kids tried to fight back. I will send it to processing, get the information on him, and we will print the money in counterfeit form, in exchange for the kids. Alaska police will then take him down when he crosses the border." said Johnson.

"Glad you have all this worked out!" said Woodason. "Keep me posted."

"Will do." replied Johnson.

Meanwhile, at border patrol, the kidnapper has a gun held to Tristan's head, and is demanding his money. Border patrol officer, James Maxwell, has assured the kidnapper that the money is on the way and just to hold tight for awhile. The kidnapper then drags Rob out of the van and puts the gun to his head as well. Then the waiting starts.

Back at school, Jim gets the results from the lab where he sent the blood. It belongs to a Mr. Cam Verdun, who is 45 years old, 145 pounds, and lives by himself in a tiny little shack in Alaska. He has no job, and has been arrested for this type of stunt many times prior to this. Jim also gets word that the money has been printed and is on its way up to the border. "Now that we have all the information we need, we can head up to the border as well and notify Alaska police department, to stake out his cabin." Johnson said to Woodason.

"That sounds good Jim, I will get my stuff, and let the CSI clean up the gymnasium." Johnson and Woodason were now on their way to Alaska border patrol.

Once police, and detectives reached the border, Cam Verdun stood up with both boys and the gun to their heads. "Where's the money?!" screamed Verdun.

"Calm down sir, we have the money right here, give us the kids and we will give you the money." said Johnson. While Dt. Johnson was negotiating with Verdun, Const. Rowland decided to have a look in Johnsons car, and spotted a tool for cutting break lines. Right then, Rowland knew that Johnson had cut the brake lines in Jays truck, just so he could solve the case and get the glory. Well too bad for that, because Rowland is choked.

Back at the van, Verdun has just exchanged the kids for the money, and wants to head to his cabin in Alaska. The Yellowknife police let him go, because Alaska Police are waiting at his cabin to make the final arrest on Mr. Verdun.

"Good Job, Johnson." said Const. Rowland. "You just forgot one thing. To hide the tool you used to try and kill Jay Westguard!"

"Damnit! I just wanted to win one case, and get the detective of the year award, just once!" yelled Dt. Johnson.

Later that evening, Tristan and Rob were taken to the hospital to receive further care, and were then released into the custody of their parents again. Jim Johnson had been arrested for the attempted murder of Jay Westguard, and Cam Verdun had been arrested in Alaska, with the money confiscated, and looking at 10+ years in prison. Tristan and Rob then return to school the next week, being the most popular kids around.


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on Jul. 18 2009 at 8:00 pm
peacenow17 SILVER, Auburn, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Be yourself and never let anyone tell you otherwise" Andy Sixx

This story was interesting but a little confusing. you jumped from character to character quickly and in the process the reader got a little swept up in trying to keep up with the many plots. It also read a bit stiff in places. Other than that I liked the cocncept of the story.

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