A Mask (Conversation)

February 27, 2018
By Katiej5745 GOLD, Auburn, California
Katiej5745 GOLD, Auburn, California
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“Do you wear makeup?”
“Wow that’s out of the blue.”
“Do you?”
“No, but I own it. It just feels uncomfortable, it’s a picture that isn’t me. And it irritates my skin anyway.”
“So you’re just naturally beautiful?”
“I like to think myself as an awkward potato that has just as much bumps and bruises as the rest. And makeup can be from fun and art, to a mask to hide insecurities.”
“Well that’s one way to think of it.”
“Just like a phone, forsay social media. You can have a million snapchat filters to make you who you want to be like, or a profile that shows only you, yourself the way you want to be seen. There’s a difference between fun and a scared child not wanting to be picked on by the public. So they put on a mask, like a shell they hope that won’t break.”
“Since today there are props because people give out tips online to make you feel ‘beautiful’ but they put a high bar that natural humans can’t reach to.”
“There are pros and cons to everything after all.”
“And things can always go south. Like over text, you don’t know how many people put on a mask because they’re insecure so they bully other people to feel good.”
“I never thought about it.”
“It’s good to feel comfortable in your own skin, but it’s hard not to have at least one people judge or hate on you. But being yourself is the best self you have.”
“I’ve always just thrown on a hat and a sweatshirt.”
“But some people spend an hour on working on their beauty each morning before they feel like they can be accepted.”
“But just be yourself and forget the haters, not that makeup is bad or anything. It’s a way of art or a statement, but to some people it’s a mask.”
“I get it, forget the haters like the kid that put spoons over his eyes.”
“Just like that, vine was so long ago.”

The author's comments:

Be yourself, afterall, no one can do it better.

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