Brother, Hold Tight

May 24, 2017
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(JADEN lies lifelessly on his bed. SETH, his recently deceased brother, sulks in the corner of the room as a ghost.)



Now that he’s gone for good, the house is just as dead as Seth

(JADEN jolts up and looks at the ceiling. His arms wrap around a pillow like a vise. He panics. )

Seth! You said you would stay with me, so why did you leave? Why is your presence gone? Why am I alone in this world now? I need you back, before I go insane without you. No, I’ll die and join you. We won’t be separated for long!




I am dead. I have left my brother on his own. I must go back. I must help him. But do I dare disrupt the peace between the living and the dead?



(frantic muttering, knee bouncing)

Seth, you must wait for me! I will find a way for us to walk together again. Yes, even if it’s my life. Don’t worry, brother. After all, we need each other. You are my other half and I can’t survive without your company!



(Sits next to JADEN and his hands hover over JADEN’s shoulders, faces audience)

The urge to comfort him is too great. If I touch Jaden though, our connection will be ripped apart and I will never be able to watch over and protect him again. (turns towards JADEN) I’m sorry, Jaden, more than words can say. You’ll never forgive me, but I must leave you forever. You may go insane, but I fear it’s for the best. You will learn to live without me.

(SETH exits RIGHT without turning back. Blackout. JADEN lights a candle.)


(mad pacing)

I feel like Seth is here, but it’s not so. The lights turned off out of nowhere, just like a cliche horror movie. (increases pacing speed) Maybe I'm getting closer to Seth! Maybe it's a sign from his ghost to follow him! Soon...Soon, we must reunite for our lives to go back to normal. I’ll sacrifice everything until then because he is my dear brother.

(Laughs maniacally)

Yes, Seth is my dear brother and we will be together... Forever!

(JADEN slowly exits RIGHT. Simultaneously, SETH enters LEFT, running after JADEN. SETH stumbles and grazes JADEN when he falls. STAGEHANDS forcefully and hurriedly drag SETH across the stage LEFT as if he is a prop. Curtain.)

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