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Kids and Pranks

Claire Boyer- Age 8. Logan Boyer’s little sister. Has brown hair and green eyes, just like her brother. Maggie’s best friend. Has her brother wrapped around her finger and knows it. Her parents aren’t around much so Logan is pretty much raising her. She loves to play pranks, but hates getting into trouble.

Katie Clarkson- Age 17. Has dirty blonde hair that goes down past her shoulder with green eyes. She is a senior in High School and works as a nanny after school during the week and babysits whenever she gets a chance. She is saving up for her college fund. Her mother is a lawyer that travels the majority of the time and even though she had a nanny, she pretty much raised herself. That is one of the reasons why she loves to babysit and give kids a chance to be kids. Here nanny never did anything for her. Doesn’t have much of a social life outside of babysitting, but likes it that way. She prefers a quite night in rather than a party. Maggie is a straight A student and wants to become a pediatrician. She has never been in trouble and all the parents and kids love her.
Logan Boyer- Age 18. He has brown hair and green eyes. He is about five eleven and also has a very athletic build. Goes to the same school as Katie and Matt and is also on the football team. He doesn’t care about school, but is able to get good grades anyway. He is Matt’s right hand man and if Matt doesn’t like someone, then Logan doesn’t like them. He does want to go to college, but doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. Logan is starting to wonder if Matt is really a good person though. They have been friends since Kindergarten, but Logan is starting to notice the changes in him. Has a little sister that is 8 and would do anything for her. He loves kids, but not many people know that.
Maggie Livingston- Age 7. She has long blonde hair that she refuses to wear down and bright blue eyes. Goes to Elementary school and Maggie is her nanny. Her parents are both doctors that really didn’t want children, but do make a point to take weekends off to be with her. Loves a good adventure and doesn’t really listen to the rules, but she loves Maggie and rarely defies her. She is an only child but wants a little brother or sister. She never wants anything material, but she doesn’t really care about physical things. Hates doing her schoolwork, but knows if she does then Maggie will be happy and play with her. Doesn’t have many friends and is kinda seen as a social pariah, much like her role model, Maggie. Her best friend is Claire.
Matthew “Matt” Johnston- Age 18. Has shaggy brown hair and green eyes. About five eleven and has a very athletic build. Goes to the same school as Katie and is the Quarterback on the football team. Doesn’t care much about schoolwork, but loves to be the center of attention. He is failing Math and if he doesn’t get his grade up with be suspended from the football team, which is a horrible thought for him since he wants to play in the NFL. He doesn’t care how is grade improves, just that it does. His best friend is Logan Boyer.

(Maggie is sitting on a bench at a small park watching Katie play on the Monkey Bars. Matt enters stage left and makes his way to Katie)
Matt: So, little miss know it all, how much do the answer cost?
Katie: I’m sorry? What do you mean?
Matt: Everyone knows that you sell the answers to the test. I need them.
Katie: Look, I don’t know where you heard that, but that is not true.
(Katie gets up to leave)
Matt: Whoa, where do you think that you’re going? I’m not done.
Katie: Sorry Matt, but I have a job to do. And that job isn’t selling answers to test. I work hard for my grades and so should everyone else.
(Katie looks around for Maggie, but can’t find her. Katie runs over to the playground to find Maggie and get away from Matt. Matt runs after her.)
Matt: Okay, I get it. You don’t sell the answers, that doesn’t mean you have to run away from me!
(Katie glares at him and takes a few deep breaths)
Katie: The world doesn’t revolve around you Matt.
(Katie turns away from Matt)
(Screaming)Katie: MAGGIE! MAGGIE!
Matt: What, did you lose the kid?
Katie: I didn’t lose her, she just went somewhere.
Matt: Whatever you say sweetheart. Look, if I help you find the kid, will you give me the answers?
(Katie glares at him and walks away in search of Maggie)
(mumbling) Matt: That girl sure has a temper…
(Matt keeps following Katie)
Matt: Look, will you at least help me then. Like, I don’t know, tutor me?
(Katie stops, shocked)
Katie: Umm… Yeah… I’ll tutor you. But first I have to find Maggie. I get off at eight. Here’s my number call me then.
(Katie hands Matt her number and Matt walks away. He gets a few feet before tripping and yelping in shock. Katie turns around.)
Katie: Matt! Are you okay?
Matt: I’m fine. I just tripped over this… Wire?
(Matt hold up a thin wire.)
Katie: Maggie! I know that was you!!! Come on out!
(Maggie walks out of the little forest with an older boy, Logan, and another little girl, Claire. All three are laughing)
(Matt is surprised, Katie is accusing) Matt and Katie: Logan!
Katie: Really Logan, I thought we had talked about this! You’re not supposed to play pranks with the little kids! You’re not supposed to play pranks! What will that teach them!
Claire and Maggie: Hey! We’re not little!
(Logan looks down, ashamed)
Logan: Sorry Katie. They just gave me those eyes, ya know? And who can resist them! They’re so cute.
(Katie rolls her eyes)
Katie: Claire, Maggie, so sorry to Matt.
Maggie: Sorry Mr. Matt.
Katie: Thank you Maggie. Claire…
Claire: But I didn’t do anything! It was all Logan and Maggie! I didn’t want to!
(Claire starts crying)

Claire: I’m so sorry Matt! I didn’t mean to let anyone get tripped!
Matt: It’s okay Claire. And thanks for the apology Maggie.
Katie: Maggie, why don’t you and Claire go play on the playground while I have a talk with Logan.
(Katie glares at Logan)
Maggie and Claire: Yes ma’am
(Maggie and Claire run off toward the playground.)
Katie: Logan, really! Do you want to get the kids in trouble? If they see an adult doing something then they will assume that it’s okay to do! Which it’s not!
(Mocking tone) Matt: Dude, you’re in trouble.
Katie: (Turns to Matt) Matt, shut up. (Turns back to Logan) You do realize that I had to explain to Doctors Livingston WHY their daughter decided it would be fun to replace the salt with sugar? They almost banned you and Claire from the house!
Matt: Wait, you’ve been to the riches house?
Logan: (Turns to Logan) Claire and Maggie are good friends; I’ve been to the house a couple of times. (Turns back to Katie) And I’m sorry Katie! I won’t do it again! I promise.
Katie: You better not. I swear-
(Katie is cut off by someone screaming. They turn to see someone tripping. In between two trees. They then see Maggie and Claire laughing.)
Katie: LOGAN!

End Scene

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