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Nora and Peter in Paris: A Love Scene

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[Lights up. A young British couple sits at restaurant table outdoors in Paris. The nighttime scene has a romantic atmosphere with twinkling lights draped above them. They are drinking champagne and eating cheese; it's the stereotypical romantic date night. The boyfriend, Peter, is getting a little tipsy.]

Peter: Nora Giselle Alexander...
Nora: Yes?
Peter: Nora Giselle Alexander...// Nora Giselle Alexander. [Peter begins to shout] Nora Giselle Alexander! //Nora Giselle Alexander!!
Nora:// Yes, my love?
Nora: // Peter!
Nora: PETER ADAM BROOKS! [pause]
Peter: Why must you shout?
Nora: [laughing] You are impossible.
Nora: Impossible...absolutely impossible. People are staring!
Peter: So what?! They too should envy such a beautiful name that is NORA GISELLE ALEXANDER!// And more so should they envy such a beautiful face. I envy it...your name and your face. What sort of name is Peter Adam Brooks? Hardly interesting, I tell you.
Nora: //Peter, stop!
Nora: Oh Peter, you make me blush. And don't speak like that, Darling. You are perfectly charming. Every bit of you! Your name, your face, your heart...
Peter: Hardly! When I shout your name to the heavens, it is like Cupid is shooting me with an arrow over and over again. When I see your face, I see the face of Venus! My heart aches when I am not in your presence.

[Peter quickly pulls the tablecloth off the table, pulling everything off with it causing it to all smash on the ground. Even though it would be easier to walk around, he climbs onto the table.]

Nora: PETER! What the devil are you doing?! Are you absolutely mental?!
Peter: [Standing, he makes dramatic gestures to the moon.] Oh Selene! Was it thee that gave me my angel, Nora Giselle Alexander? Or was it Hephaestus? For a fiery passion builds inside me unlike any I have felt before! Or was it- [in the midst of his next dramatic gesture, he slips off the table onto the ground.]
Nora: [sits next to him and rests her head on his shoulder.] Shhhhhh, my love. I think you may have had too much to drink. [pause. She puts her hand on his face] My face is not that of Venus and I can humbly assure you, Darling, that I am no angel. But perhaps that is a good thing. Perhaps there is only room for one god in this relationship. [she goes and gets the tablecloth from the ground. She gently wraps him in it.] When I look into your eyes, I see a light unlike any other. It is wonderful and precious and beautiful. You know every bit of me from the birth marks on my person to the birthmarks in my soul. Your cleverness and romanticism is godly. You know how to sweep me off my feet even in your drunkenness. And oh how I envy you, Peter Adam Brooks. I envy your smile. In the corner of your mouth hides a curious hint of mystery. A riddle, if you will. And although the mystery is perfectly endearing, I swear on my auntie's grave that I have solved that riddle.
Peter: And so what is the answer, my angelic goddess?
Nora: Oh, it's nothing.
Peter: It must be something if you mentioned it.
Nora: Precisely.
Peter: [laughs drunkenly.] Even in my drunkenness that sounds completely irrelevant Damn you, Nora! Why do you have to be so damn sexy.
Nora: [whispers in his ear] I envy your courage too, my love. [pulls away] You define what it is to be brave and you think nothing of it. It's quite remarkable; quite remarkable indeed.
Peter: Damn you Nora Giselle Alexander! You say how much you envy me but do you love me?
Nora: Oh Peter! Of course I do! I love you with every birthmark, every freckle.
Peter: Then why...why don't you want to marry me? Why do you tell such heart wrenching tales the likes of 'we need to wait a while longer'? I love you more than my own soul, Nora. I will always love you: my Venus, my goddess, my angel. And you say you love me but you do not want to marry me? [starts to weep drunkenly, a little overdramatic]
Nora: Please, Peter. Do not weep in sadness for our love. Save your tears for tears of them for our wedding day. [pause] Nora Giselle Brooks does have a nice ring to it…

[Peter gets off the ground and stands up, throwing off the table cloth. Nora stands too and the stand close to each other, almost touching noses. They are giggling like children because they are so happy but also because Peter's a little tipsy.]

Peter: Nora Giselle Brooks.
Nora: [takes a long sip of champagne] Nora Giselle Brooks!
Peter: [running up and standing on his chair] Nora Giselle Brooks!!
Nora: [running up and standing on the table] Nora Giselle Brooks!!
Peter: [standing on the table] NORA GISELLE BROOKS!!

[The couple both stop giggling and stare at each other. Nora puts her hands on Peter's face. They share a long passionate kiss.]

Peter: People are staring.
Nora: So what? They envy us, Peter Adam Brooks.
Peter: [laughing] Damn you. [They kiss passionately again]

[Lights down. Curtains close. End scene.]

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SportsStar23 said...
Jan. 2, 2014 at 6:56 pm
Wow. I'm usually not much of a theater fan but I was kind of intrigued by the romantic title (I'm a sucker for romance) and this wow. This just blew me away. I thought this was a really great scene. This actually kind of sounds like something that a professional would write. The way that you showed Peter and Nora's love for each other without being cheesy was great. I could almost feel like I was sitting there with both of them in Paris. I have no criticism. This was absolutely amazi... (more »)
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