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Mission A-13399

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Day 1

I am nervous, I thought as I sat up on my bed. What do I do? I started to calm down a little bit. But then, suddenly, the door burst open and in came Osama, my best friend.

“Hola Prashil!” he said as he rushed in.

“Ugh... why are you trying to be funny when you and I both know that you aren’t?” I replied back. He smiled.

“Fine, I’ll shut up. But you have to promise to let me steer when we’re in space,” he replied back to me.

“If I say yes, will you get out?” I tried to ask him nicely.

“Sure,” he replies.

“Fine,” I said. “You can steer the ship when out of the Solar System.”

“Oh, thank you! Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!” he screamed. After that, he ran out of the room. As I started to close my eyes, I heard the buzzer.

“Oh... 11:30 PM,” I said aloud. “Ugh... we take off in three hours.” After that, I got up and started to get dressed. As I did this, the speaker came on.

“Mission A-1339 flight crew, please report to the lobby at this time. Again, Mission A-1339 flight crew, please report to the lobby at this time. Thank you.” I walked out of the room, only to meet my crew, Osama Dahnoun, Aditya Harsh, Ashwin Punj, Lalita Gupta, and myself, Prashil Dulal.

“Hey Commander!” Osama yelled out. Everyone turned around, after that, to see me.

“Hey!” they all yelled out at the same time. I kept walking past them without talking. I had to save all my energy and oxygen for when we go into space.

“All right!” I started. “Listen up. We have an important mission. Gliese 581 C, E, and G. We are the second generation of people who will go there. As we know, Matt Smith went there in 2503. He has not returned back, and our mission is to find him, complete his mission for him, and then bring him back home. Any questions?” No one asked me anything.

“All right,” Aditya said. “Let’s go.” We all looked at each other and started walking outside toward the launch pad.

Day 2

As we all got inside of the rocket, Ashwin closed the door and locked us in. There was no turning back now. I got in the pilot seat and Osama got in the Co-Pilot seat.

“You’re still going to let me fly, right?” Osama asked me.

“Yeah. I will let you after we get out of the Solar System,” I told him. He sighed, sat back and relaxed. As a matter of fact, everyone relaxed.

“Lalita,” Ashwin spoke. “Are you feeling confident in flying to Gliese 581?”

“Yeah,” she replied back worriedly. “I’m really worried though. What if we don’t make it back? What if we die during our launch? What if--”

“Lalita!” I yelled. “Calm down. Nothing is going to happen to us, okay?” She didn’t say anything, but she still looked worried. The speakers from Houston came on.

“Wormhole deploying in two seconds,” Houston said. “Wormhole deployed. Launch in T-Minus 5 seconds. 4 seconds. 3 seconds. 2 seconds. 1 second. Good Luck team.” We heard the booster turn on. It was such a loud sound that you wouldn’t even know whether you were in space or if you are in a death hole.

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