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The Revival of the Pact

Revival of the Pact

David Rodriguez- thirty-four
Michael Rodriguez- twenty- five
Ariel Rodriguez- fifty- six
Erica Rodriguez- twenty-six

In March of 1987, in a small town in Puerto Rico, Michael Rodriguez was born and David received the gift of having both a brother and a best friend for life. From the moment that they could walk, they were inseparable. The two remained the closest of brothers through high school, until graduation where they decided to part ways. Both brothers got married in high school, and David already had two children. Michael was more cautious and decided to join the Army to be able to provide for his wife and soon after have a child. This inspired David to start a life of his own outside of Puerto Rico, where he would surrounded by many more opportunities. By the time Michael was done with basic training and stationed in Georgia, David was settling into a small apartment with his family in a new city to him, Philadelphia. After several months of living their own lives and drifting apart, the brothers lost communication. Both were “too busy” to talk about promotions or birthdays, or any other important happenings. January 15, 2010. Michael is now Staff Sgt. in the US Army, given the role of putting new recruits through basic training. This is the time when the men are separated from the boys, and sergeants know who will be somebody in the Army. After two years of enjoying his job, tragedy hits. March 3, 2012. Michael is in the morning orientation with fellow training sergeants and his superior officers, briefing on what will be tested that day. In walks Private First Class Craig Jones… flash, flash, flash. Chaos ensues as Michael is lying on the floor, lifeless. Flash, PFC Jones has killed himself.
One spot light on a pitch black stage. There is a mahogany coffee table with a phone on it, next to a loveseat on hard wood floors. This is a part of David’s living room. The other caller can be heard, but not seen.

The phone rings, no answer. It rings again, David runs to the phone to answer before it misses it again. It’s his mother.

David: Hello
…: Sobbing
David: Hello?
David: ... (Sobbing continues)
David: Mom?
Ariel: (uncontrollably crying)
David: Mom! What’s wrong?!... Tell me what’s wrong your scaring me.
Ariel: Your brother. Your brother
David: What happened? What’s happening!
Ariel: He’s shot, they shot him
David: …

Lights go out on stage. Thirty seconds go by, the loud beep of several machines starts and doctors are heard yelling, trying to save Michael’s life. Sound stops. David walks into a cold, white room. Monitors and tubes in every open space, and Michael laying there, uninhabited, gone. David is speechless when he sees his brother for the first time in years. He pulls a chair up next to his brother and grabs his hand.

David: I’m so sorry. If I could turn back time you know I would. We’d be as close as we always were… I wish it would’ve been me… You had your whole life ahead of you. (Starting to cry in anger) That son of a b****.

Lights go out. Scene opens again to David and his mother eating. Setting is middle stage, one round white table, two white chairs. Neither is eating, more playing with food than anything, tension builds.

Ariel: How does Michael look…?
David: Ma, you need to see him yourself
Ariel: You know I can’t David. I can’t.
David: He needs you there with him right now. You should be there when he finally wakes up; better you than Erica.
Ariel: I don’t know how many times we’ve had to talk about this. You can’t have this rivalry with her; you both have a role in his life.
David: Don’t cover her ass, she..
Ariel: That’s the last time you’re swearing in front of me. I don’t care how old you are or how big of a man you think you’ve become, you won’t use that language in front of me. I know your dad taught you better than that. And nothing, I’m not covering for anyone. Whether you like her or not, she’s his wife. And he’s going to want her here when he wakes up.
David: Sorry, but you know she’s been trying her hardest to break us all apart. All she wants is to isolate him and keep him to herself. I’m not letting’ that happen.
Ariel: David
David: No. You remember Hector and his wife? Outta nowhere they stop talking to him right? They won’t answer calls or anything, I know you know better. She’s done this with everyone and she’s doing it to us now. That’s not the point though; I want you there with me and him. You should be the first person he sees again.

Erica’s voice is heard off stage. The light comes back on in Michael’s room and she’s kneeling beside the gurney.

Erica: Baby. Wake up. Everything’s gonna be fine, I swear. I know you can hear me right now, and remember I’m the one here with you. I don’t see your mom or brother nowhere, but I still love you.

David walks in holding onto his mother’s hand while she covers her eyes. He’s trying to convince her to just look at Michael and talk to him. Erica sees them, picks up her belongings, and walks out, bumping shoulders with David on her way out.

David: I told you Ma. There’s something that’s just not right about her. She’s hiding something.
Ariel: Just stop David. Even if it was true, now isn’t the time.
David: Just look at him, I’ll leave if you want me to.
Ariel: Give me a minute please.
David: I’ll be right outside the door. Just come out when you wanna leave.

David leaves the room, closing the room behind him. Ariel stands over her son’s motionless body, praying and breaking down.

Ariel: Please god. Just pull him through; you know he doesn’t deserve this. I’ll give my life please just help me.

Michael’s monitor gets louder and louder. The fearsome blue light flashes on the outside of Michael’s door, David runs in, but is pushed aside by the white robes. Lights go out.

3 weeks later David received a letter that his mother sent him after receiving all of Michaels belongings. The stage is pitch black again; a spotlight reveals Michael sitting on a chair in mid-stage. He reads his letter:

If you are reading this, its certain that I am gone. I’m young, but can be in harms way at any time. I hope no one will ever have to read this though. First I’d like to address David. If it hasn’t been fixed by now, through the years we’ve grown far apart, much further than I could handle. It may have seemed as if I never made an attempt to fix it, but it’s really not that easy. You’ve been my role model ever since I could remember. With dad missing, you took that place and guided me up through high school. You’ll never know how what you’ve meant to me. I didn’t want to cave in and show any feelings. I leave you half of all savings I have in any accounts, with the other half being split evenly between Mom and Erica. In fact, just split everything that way… And David, find my wallet, wherever it is, you’ll find my half of the brother pact we wrote. Remember, brothers through life and death. You still have yours?
With Love,

Michael Rodriguez.

Lights slowly dim as Michael stares out into the audience…

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