drama where everything goes wrong

January 21, 2013
teachers and students

the school....... Where one of the teachers is the meanest of all the teachers at the school. You ask why, than you will see.

Charlie: mrs morf, I don't get this math equation or anything we are doing

mrs.morf: we'll, figure it out yourself or you will get turned into an animal.

mrs. Morf: no questions either.

Charlie: a animal? What does that have to deal with what I need help on.

mrs. Morf: I warned you once, so she popped it, locked it, and jammed it out. Than turned Charlie into a gorilla.

All the other students: what just happened, turn him back into a human or we will go tell the principal.

mrs morf: you guys better shut the hell up or this will be happening to all of you and pretty fast too.

all the students: everyone said nothing and did nothing after that. They were all scared to say or do anything because they wanted to stay human.

mrs. Morf: now class what is the quadratic formula.

all students:.......... Blank faces, not one answered............

mrs morf: I said what is the quadratic formula, if no on speaks now I will turn any one of you into an animal or anything I want you to be turned into.

mrs. Morf: so now and I going to get an answer or not.

Steve: is it X=-b+or- the square root of cba - c squared all over 2(q) mrs morf.

mrs morf: you are so wrong, so she pooped it, locked it, and jammed it out and turned Steven into a chipmunk.

all the students: we are so scared now, there is not much of us left, now what do we do.

mrs. Morf: hello class

no one said a word and even flinched

mrs morf: I said hello class

Suzie, Mary, and zack: hello mrs. Morf

the rest were turned into animals because they didnt respond to mrs. Morf when she said hello to the class.

mrs morf: ok time for more math

zack: oh noooo, I hate math s much.

mrs morf: popped it

Suzie: nooooo, zack catch my mirror and reflect it so mrs morf can't turn you into a animal and turns herself into one instead.

mrs morf: locked it

zack: hurry, so he turned the mirror at mrs. Morf and she was turned into a penguin.

everyone else: cheered in joy, and went home, and that was the end of mrs morf.

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