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Ruby Dream

Ruby Dream





Nurse 1

Nurse 2

Scene 1:
(Libby sits at a desk writing in a book. The only light is one on the desk.)
Libby: (voice over) important: today was another sunny day, just one more in six months of sunny days. I’m starting to get suspicious. Summer shouldn’t last this long, though it’s great because I’m on holidays. But that’s another thing; I’ve been on holidays for six months now. School holidays shouldn’t go for this long, they never did before… (She pauses and looks up, confused, than she continues writing) before what? I don’t remember anything before these last six months. Nothing for the first… fourteen and a half years of my life. I just… don’t think this is real. Endless summer, endless holidays and no memory of before this started, apart from the fact that I’m sure my life was different prior the last six months. Six whole months, that’s all I have to cling to. Though that’s yet another thing, it doesn’t feel like six months, more like two, as if time is jumping. I only know for sure because that’s when the personalized calendar one of my amazing friends gave me for my birthday starts, 26th February. But don’t calendars start in January?
If this life isn’t real, than sometimes I ask myself, what’s the problem? My life, real or not is great. I spend the days with friends or alone, I eat my favorite foods and I somehow get whatever I want, like my house is expanding to suit me,. Rooms I never thought to look for are appearing when I want them. My life is perfect.
Sometimes, when the whirl of my life stops for a few seconds, I think and I realize that the more I get swept up, the further I will drift away from something more real and if and when my life starts going badly, like a nightmare, I am afraid I won’t be able to get back. So I write this down, write important at the top and read it every night when the whirl is the strongest so that I don’t get swept away from the strange feeling feelings that I’m sure are reality.
(Libby closes book, turns out light and walks to the bed)

Scene 2: (the next morning)
(Libby walks into the kitchen fully dressed; her mother is at the stove making pancakes.)
Mother: Good morning Libby, How did you sleep? I heard you were going to the beach today so I made you breakfast.
Libby: Thanks mum. They smell great. Ummm mum?
Mother: Yes dear? Get a plate and sit down. These will be ready soon.
Libby: (Laughing) Nothing. I was just going to ask why the school holidays are so long, but that’s silly! I should just enjoy them right?
Mother: Absolutely. (Flips a pancake.)
(Libby takes a plate from a draw and sits at the long bench on one of the stools.)
Libby: (Grabs her left wrist) Oww!
Mother: (Concerned) what is it dear? Are you all right?
Libby: Nothing. I just felt something prick me.
Mother: Let me see. (Goes over and examines Libby’s wrist.) Nothing at all. Are you feeling alright?
Libby: (Confused) Yeah I’m fine now. It just felt like… like I was getting an injection or something.
(Mother puts a pancake on Libby’s plate)
Libby: Thanks. (Pours maple syrup on the pancake.)
Mother: You’re welcome. Now let me fix your hair before you go out. Do you want me to do that plait I did for you yesterday?
Libby: Yes thanks, I stayed at home yesterday; no one has seen that one yet.
(Libby eats her pancakes while mother tidies the kitchen.)
Libby: where’s dad?
Mother: He left already. Don’t worry, you’ll see him tonight. Now, if you’re done, leave your plate here and come with me. I found a hair elastic that will match the new swimming costume I bought you exactly!
(Both exit the room.)

Scene 3:
(Libby reappears in the kitchen wearing a swimming costume with clothes over the top and thongs. She is carrying a beach bag. Her hair has been redone into a half plait that curls halfway around her head. Ruby walks in from the garden; she is dressed in similar clothes.)
Libby: Hey!
Ruby: Hey, ready to go?
Libby: Sure, let me just let mum know I’m going.
Ruby: I’ll wait here.
(Libby walks back out the door and returns shortly holding ten dollars.)
Libby: Ready, I’ve got some money for ice-creams or hot chips.
Ruby: So have I. We’ll have so much fun today.
Libby: Why today in particular? Who else is coming?
Ruby: Let’s see, Elaine canceled, so did Katie, but Josh, Emily, Laura, Milly, James and Jake will be there. And I spoke to Sam, he might meet us there.
Libby: I knew it! You told me you were getting new swimmers, but a whole new outfit? Bought after you talked with Sam perhaps?
(Libby starts to giggle. Ruby blushes, then joins in.)
Ruby: Ok, you caught me out, but let’s just have fun and if Sam does come… then I’ll be on a mission, right?
Libby: Sure. I’ll try to keep Laura and Milly away from him.
Ruby: Please do!
Libby: Right, let’s go.
(Both girls walk out of the house and to the beach. Ruby stops at a huge rock on a hill that overlooks the beach. It is near a small shop.)
Ruby: (Sits down on the rock) we’re meting the others here.
Libby: (Checking her watch) we’re early, should we get ice-creams while we wait?
Ruby: Cherry and chocolate please.
Libby: (Laughing) you’re so lazy!
Ruby: (Getting up) All right but you owe me. Chocolate chip?
(Libby nods hands Ruby some money and sits down on the rock. Ruby walks into and comes out after a short time with two ice-creams. She gives one to Libby and sits down too.)
Libby: Thanks. Oww! Shakes right wrist violently)
Ruby: What’s wrong?
Libby: (Confused) something must have bit me but… I don’t see anything. That happened this morning too.
Ruby: Weird. I like your hair, who did it?
Libby: (Still a bit confused) my mum.
Ruby: (Sighing) your mum is so cool.
Libby: I can’t imagine not having her around.
(Ruby gets out an i-pod and puts her ear buds in. Libby is still for a few moments then gives a small scream.)
Ruby: (Tearing out her ear buds) what’s wrong?
Libby: (Shaking) I’m not sure. I thought I was in a… a white room and there were lots of people staring at me like I was dead.
Ruby: You didn’t go anywhere.
Libby: I just got so scared. Sorry.
Ruby: Don’t worry; do you want to go home? We can watch a movie or something.
Libby: It’s kind of you but I’m all right now. And besides, you need to be there for Sam.
Ruby: Well… if you’re sure. (Looks towards the beach) I think I see Emily. She’s already down there.
Libby: And so is everyone else. Let’s run and catch them by surprise!
(Both girls stand up and rush down to the beach.)

Scene 4:
(Ruby and Libby walk into Libby’s house.)
Libby: I thought we would stay for longer, not that I’m complaining. I’m so tired.
Ruby: What do you mean?
Libby: We were only at the beach for a few hours right, we usually stay all day.
Ruby: (Turns to face Libby) Libby, we did stay all day, look outside, it’s dark.
(Libby looks out the window.)
Libby: But we can’t have been gone for more than two hours! I don’t understand.
Ruby: Lib…
(Mother walks into the room.)
Mother: Hello girls. Did you have a nice time?
Ruby: Yes thank you Mrs. Jones. We were just going up to Libby’s room until my parents come to pick me up.
Mother: Oh, you’re welcome to stay the night Ruby.
Ruby: Thanks, I’ll ask.
Mother: You do that; I’ll just put the dinner on.
(Ruby and Libby walk upstairs to Libby’s room.)

Scene 5:
(Ruby is in Libby’s room reading a book. Libby comes in with a sleeping bag.)
Libby: Here, it’s my dad’s but it’s very warm. (Drops the sleeping bag on the floor next to her bed).
Ruby: What’s the matter Libby? You’ve been so… different today. Is it because of this?
(Ruby holds up the book she was reading. It is the same one Libby was writing in the night before)
Libby: Yeah, but how did you find that?
Ruby: It was in the front of Treasure Island, it’s my favorite book too. I went to read it and I saw this.
(Libby sits on the floor next to Ruby)
Ruby: (in a hushed voice) it isn’t a joke is it?
Libby: No.
Ruby: Then… am I real?
Libby: I honestly don’t know. Am I real?
Ruby: (in a small, scared voice to herself) I feel real.
Libby: I suppose the um vision has something to do with this.
Ruby: That might be your real life.
Libby: Then am I dead? Is this heaven?
Ruby: Maybe for you but like you wrote, it could turn into hell.
Libby: The stings on my wrist might be linked but I don’t know how.
Ruby: You had one just before that vision.
Libby: (Thoughtfully) Yeah…
(Libby’s mother comes into the room and turns off the light)
Mother: Goodnight girls.
Libby and Ruby: Goodnight.
(They lie in silence for a while then Ruby starts to talk.)
Ruby: I’m scared. I agree with what you said, about the calendars and everything. I never thought about it before but the only moment I can remember are when I can see or hear you. I don’t think I exist.
Libby: Oh Ruby, I’m sorry. Do you think it’s the same with the others?
Ruby: Probably.
Libby: You can see me now so we should sort it out in the morning.
Ruby: What, with walkie talkies twenty four seven?
Libby: Yeah, that could work!
(Both girls laugh tensely)
Ruby: Oh well, goodnight.
Libby: Goodnight.
(They go to sleep)

Scene 6:
(Libby is sleeping in a white hospital bed. A nurse is tidying up one of the small tables while another injects a new drip into Libby’s arm, causing Libby to wake up)
Libby: Ow! Not again. Ruby. (She sits up) Ruby? Where am I?
(Both nurses hurry over to her)
Nurse 1: Oh dearie! We were so worries, you were down for ages.
Nurse 2: (Walks to an intercom on the wall near Libby’s bed) She is awake.
Libby: Where am I? Where is Ruby, she was right there.
Nurse 1: (Gently) There is no Ruby here.
Libby: What about mum. Where is she?
Nurse 2: (Looking up) you don’t have a mother dear.
Libby: Yes I do!
Nurse 1: Now calm down. It’s alright to be scared. You were in a coma for six months.
Libby: Six months!
Nurse 1: Yes. Now what do you remember about your life?
Libby: Nothing prior to the last six months.
(Libby gets up and runs to the window. Outside it is raining and grey. A police car sounds in the distance)
Libby: Where am I? I do have a mother; my best friend is called Ruby. I can’t have just left her. She was so afraid. I need to go back for her.
Nurse 2: Darling, get back to bed.
(Shocked, Libby climbs into the bed)
Nurse 1: I can assure you this is real. You have no mother and you have no friend called Ruby. You were in a car crash, you had a coma. What you remember was a dream. This is real and you need to accept that.
(Libby starts to cry)
Libby: I’m sorry Ruby. I should have taken you with me. I won’t forget you or mum or out other friends. (Cries harder)
(The nurses shake their heads at each other and wheel Libby out of the room)

The End

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