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Three's a Crowd!

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[The Scene begins with the two sisters (Marie and Anne) giggling and sharing some gossip over a ball they had recently attended. They sit resting on comfortable chairs placed on their balcony as they look out to the outer gates of the palace. Behind the large doors that lead to balcony lay a large room dressed luxuriously with furniture including two large beds that each belongs to the sisters. An elegant red rug lay on the floor. A large wardrobe stands in the far corner, and two long mirrors.]

MARIE: Oh! And how the maid had accidentally spilled the wine on the Duke’s white shirt! How hilarious! {Fans her face as tears glisten in her eyes.}

ANNE: {Throws her head back in a fit of giggles} His face was bright pink as he exited the room leaving his mistress standing awkwardly alone.

MARIE: Aaah! We certainly had a good laugh last night. Who was that young man you were dancing with during the third song?

ANNE: It was simply young Leo trying to impress me; he couldn’t help but stomp on my feet every turn of our bodies.

MARIE: Give the young man a chance dear sis, though I have to agree the men of this palace cease to interest me now a days. I have some interest on traveling to another kingdom to find a suitor.

ANNE: I may as well join you Marie, for I myself are near ready to settle down with some children of my own. To what kingdom do you plan on traveling?

MARIE: I was thinking of…

[The camera follows as the Door bursts open and the sisters jump up and return to their room to see who had abruptly entered without permission.]

MARIE: Oh Lucy! I thought you a thief barging in like that. What ever is the matter?

LUCY: Oh, M’Ladies we must get you dressed immediately! Your Father has some visitors tonight and you must look presentable.

{Two sisters exchange a glance of puzzlement.}

ANNE: But father has guests every other night. Why must we all of a sudden be presentable Lucy?

LUCY: You do not understand! Prince Damien and His Honor, King Alexander are expected to arrive soon. We haven’t any time to lose.

{Snaps a finger and two men servants bring in two large tubs filled with steaming water. Two more maids enter with large bags.}

MARIE: What?! Why would they arrive so suddenly? No messenger has been sent to notify of their visit!

ANNE: There must be something important they need to discuss with Father!

[ The scene changes as the two servants attend to the girls and have them dressed and prepared for the dinner.]

MARIE: What ever do you think King Alexander has come to visit Father about?

ANNE: I don’t have the faintest idea, though it certainly must be urgent.

{They sat in Silence waiting to be called upon}

Door opens and Lucy peers in

LUCY: His Honor asks for your presence now M’Ladies.

{They nod in unison and stand to leave. They emerge from their room and descend down the swirl of stairs that lay between them and the Dining room. They enter and the men turn around to greet them.}

MARIE: My my, now if it isn’t an Honor! How do you do King Alexander? {She curtsies gracefully and after letting the King kiss her hand makes room for her sister to do the same.}

ANNE: And to what do we owe this unexpected visit Your Honor? We would have been better prepared if you’d just let us know beforehand.

FATHER: I believe there is someone else the King has yet to introduce my dear girls.

{Young man steps up}

DAMIEN: How are you faring young ladies? I expect that you already know who I am?

MARIE: Yes, You must be the king’s son Damien if I’m not mistaken.

DAMIEN: Yes, that is me. You are the eldest daughter Marie {He turns to Anne} and you the younger one; Anne.

ANNE: Yes, it’s a pleasure to meet you prince!

DAMIEN: The pleasure is all mine. Now {He turns to the Kings} shall we not eat?

FATHER: Yes, yes. Let us sit and eat.

{Crowd sits down. After everyone eats they stand and head to the sitting room.}

KING ALEXANDER: Aaahh. That was some tasty food your cook made Henry!

FATHER: The best of my cooks {Grins with pride}

King Alexander: {Turns around to the girls and smiles} Now you ladies must be wondering why we are here. I am happy to announce that my son will be here with you for a span of six months. He has an interest in courting Marie and we hope that you agree to the arrangement.

{Silence as everyone turns to Marie}

MARIE: Ahhmm, It is a great honor to have you here and your son’s interest flatters me. I will be delighted to have him here the six months so that we may get to know each other.

FATHER: {Claps in Approval} I knew my daughter would agree to the matter. Now if you will excuse me Alexander, I must escort my daughters to their room for they must be tired. {Stands up to take each of his daughters’ hands.}

MARIE: {Steals a glance at Damien} Yes, Father I am still exhausted from last nights’ Ball and I believe Anne is as well.

ANNE: Actually… I will stay back and entertain our guests here, we wouldn’t want to have them bored.

FATHER: Well, I shall be back.

{Father and Marie retreat to upstairs}

ANNE: Well, I’m surprised that you would be interested in my sister Damien. You barely know her!

DAMIEN: {stares at her for a while} that is why I want to take the time to get to know her Dear Anne.

ANNE: Hmmrmph! Well then I wish you luck! {Gets up and walks out}

DAMIEN: {Stares after her, amused by her reaction} what have I said to set her off Father?

KING ALEXANDER: {Snoring loudly}

DAMIEN: Oh, Father. {He sets about getting his father settled into to one of the guest rooms}

[The focus of the camera changes as Damien himself goes to his room and retires for the night. The two sisters now lay in bed chatting over the day’s events.]

MARIE: He is handsome and tall. I never thought he would be interested in me; I was rather surprised at his approach and I think myself a bore compared to him.

ANNE: He certainly is handsome; I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. As for his personality, I heard him to be an energetic one. He would certainly suit me!

MARIE: {Stays silent for a while} I think that given the time, we would become more accustomed to each other and eventually fall in love.

ANNE: Fall in love? I doubt so dear sis.

MARIE: Let us rest, tomorrow is a big day and there is much to prepare for.

This scene closes with the sisters falling sound asleep. They are awakened by knocking on their door.

MARIE: {Groggily} who is it?

LUCY: M’Ladies you have been asleep through out breakfast and it’s now nearing lunch. The prince wishes to have lunch with you and your sister in the garden.

ANNE: Come in Lucy.

{Lucy enters the room and heads to the wardrobe.}

Lucy: We want to have Damien impressed today Lady Marie. What color would you prefer?

MARIE: I am in the mood of wearing blue, a deep shade of blue.

LUCY: As you wish M’lady.

ANNE: {Annoyingly} get me a light green dress Lucy and send for a maid to dress me. You clearly have your hands full with Marie.

Lucy pulls on a string attached to a bell. Maid enters and helps prepare Anne.

MARIE: Lucy, hand me over the jewelry please.

[Lucy hands the jewelry over to Marie and then gives a similar one to Anne. They each put on suitable jewelry and exit the room heading downstairs. The camera follows them down the stairs.]

DAMIEN: Oh my! Aren’t you a sight Lady Marie! Do you and your sister care for joining me to have lunch?

MARIE: We will be most delighted Prince!

ANNE: We are so famished. Going without breakfast isn’t something we do often.

DAMIEN: {Laughs} I’m sure it isn’t Lady Anne. Let us head over to the garden. The cook is waiting there to serve us.

MARIE: Let’s!

[The scene and setting changes as the group trio enters the garden and sit around the set table]

DAMIEN: Why don’t you tell me more about yourself Lady Marie?

MARIE: As you know I am the eldest of King Henrys’ offspring. I am 19 years old and have a calm nature. I enjoy knitting and reading books on rainy days. I also take pleasure in dancing especially the waltz.

DAMIEN: We must try that sometime!

MARIE: Oh, that would be marvelous. Also I take History, Arithmetic, and Literature classes. I have a passion for learning.

DAMIEN: You seem like a composed person, Princess!

MARIE: {Blushes} many have chosen the same word to describe me.

DAMIEN: {Turns to Anne} and you Lady Anne? Describe yourself for me if you don’t mind.

ANNE: I like to think myself a free soul. I do activities that may seem peculiar for a young royal Lady to engage in. I take horseback riding classes. I take classes with Marie though I’m not as interested in books as she is. I love going to the Theaters. Running is a common hobby of mine.

DAMIEN: We have much in common Lady Anne! Would you like to join me for horseback riding in the evening?

ANNE: I would certainly love that!

MARIE: I wouldn’t mind tagging along.

ANNE: But sister you don’t ride horses!

MARIE: Well it’s about time I start especially since my future husband enjoys it so.

{They eat in silence and arrange for the horseback riding. They depart with their plans in mind. The camera lenses follows closely as the sisters re-enter their room and get ready for the riding}

MARIE: What dress should I wear Anne?

ANNE: {snorts} Dress? You’ll have to wear breeches Marie!

MARIE: {gasps} You are teasing me! You believe that I would wear men breeches in front of my future to be husband?

ANNE: {shrugs} It’s really up to you dear sis. But you can not ride with a dress.

MARIE: Very well then, I shall stay behind. Tell Damien that I will have supper with him tomorrow night and that I apologize for having to decline.

ANNE: Don’t worry you pretty self over it. Go ahead and read your history books whilst we’re away.

[The view changes as Anne and Damien meet up at the stable and prepare to leave}

ANNE: I’m afraid Marie will not be joining us after all

DAMIEN: Is something wrong?

ANNE: No,no. She is simply horrified of wearing pants in front of her courter.

DAMIEN :{ Laughs} is that your horse M’lady?

ANNE: Yes, isn’t she a beauty?

DAMIEN: Beauty indeed.

ANNE: Do you care to race with me?

DAMIEN: Do you dare challenge me Princess?

ANNE: I believe I just did.

{They race}

ANNE: I have won! You should know better than to underestimate me Prince!

DAMIEN: You gallop with such talent. I assume you’ve rode since your childhood?

ANNE: Correct. And I plan on continuing despite what others think.

DAMIEN: I admire you.

ANNE: {Gazes at him} I as well Damien.

DAMIEN: I believe there is something I must tell you..

ANNE: Do not hesitate.

DAMIEN: I haven’t come to court your sister. I actually have come for you. I thought the people would be upset about the younger sister being courted in presence of the elder one. I hope you don’t think me a fool and please do not tell your sister. What are your thought on this news?

ANNE: {shocked} Oh my, you have come for me you say? I find this news surprising. What will you do now? Continue to court my sister though you have no interest in her? I completely oppose to that idea in case you plan to do so!

DAMIEN: I plan on telling this to your father and sister tonight. I request that this news does not go anywhere near the servants or any other person for that matter. Some one else shall be joining us for dinner tonight.

ANNE: That is good, we will do our best to keep this news a secret. I am curious of who the anonymous guest is. Will you tell me?

DAMIEN: I haven’t the time. We must return to the palace quickly for the people may get suspicious of our whereabouts.

{The focus of the camera shifts as Damien and Anne race off to the palace. Dinner approaches and the girls get dressed}

MARIE: Anne…

ANNE: Yes Marie? What is it?

MARIE: I’ve been thinking…about Damien lately.

ANNE: Yes?

{Lucy interrupts}

LUCY: Your father and mother ask for your presence downstairs now.

ANNE: {Glances at Marie and exits the room. Marie stands and follows. The setting is replaced with a glimmering dining room}

KING HENRY: Oh, my beautiful daughters! Come sit. Dinner is not to be served without my precious pearls.

ANNE: Oh father, you are too sweet but we aren’t too concerned over dinner. We ate with the prince not long ago.

KING HENRY: Nonsense! You must eat!

{Daughters sit to eat. Anne looks around and sees the anonymous guest staring at Marie}

DAMIEN: Ahm, I would like to introduce my elder brother David.

{A tall broad man stands and smiles}

DAVID: It is a pleasure to meet you Princess Marie and Princess Anne.

MARIE and ANNE: The pleasure is ours.

DAVID: I hope my younger brother has mentioned me at least once while he was here?

MARIE: {giggles} I am sad to say he hasn’t.

DAMIEN: I have something else to announce if you please. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t traveled here to court Marie though it has been wonderful meeting her. I’ve been interested in Anne since as long as I can remember, that interest has intensified the past few days. I am truly sorry Marie for such inconvenience and I hope you are not upset or offended in anyway by my sudden outburst.

MARIE: I suspected such! I was near telling the same thing to sweet Anne here as I dressed now for dinner. You do not suit me Damien. You and Anne share many characteristics where as you and I differ in many. You are a decent young man and I wish you and Anne the best. As for me... it shan’t be hard to find another suitor.

DAMIEN: {Smiles broadly} I am relieved to have the burden of that secret off my shoulders.

DAVID: What a mess you’ve caused here Damien! And it’s only been two days! I apologize on behalf of my brother.

MARIE: There is no need to apologize or feel bad Prince David.

DAVID: It is only polite to do so.

MARIE: So… tell me more about yourself Prince.

DAVID: Oh I am the eldest son of the family, more of the calm and responsible one. I indulge in studies not only learn but to also entertain myself. I am not as energetic as Damien here but I do ride horses and go hunting with my men.

MARIE: We have much in common David.

{The camera follows Damien and Anne as they excuse themselves and head upstairs to the sister’s balcony}

DAMIEN: The stars are so beautiful, they fascinate me.

ANNE: They are a wonder to gaze at.

DAMIEN: As is your face.

ANNE: I am so glad that you are courting me. I have so many ideas running through my mind. I do hope you enjoy the city.

DAMIEN: I prefer the city over the country, so not to worry dear!

ANNE: At the moment I have no worries, just happiness.

DAMIEN: I do hope I’m the cause of it.

ANNE: Indeed you are.

[Scene ends with Damien and Anne gazing at the stars. Marie and David chat away at the dinner table and the two joyful fathers watch from afar as their children build a relationship that is bound to lead to marriage.]

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