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Can't I marry who I love?

Character List

Anita: She is in her late teens. She is expected to marry an upper class gentleman. Her parents want one thing for her, but she has another thing in mind. Anita is daring and likes to be her own person.
Elliot: He is in his earlier twenties. He is the same class as Anita and her family. He wants to do is make sure Anita is happy and wants to have her in his life forever. He adores spending time with Anita and she makes him the happiest he’s ever been.
Oliver: He is a higher class than Anita and her family. He is in his early twenties. His processions mean a lot to him and he makes sure everyone knows what he owns. He cares a lot about what other people think of him and his status.
Mr. Rathbone: He is Anita’s father. He thinks Oliver is the best man for his daughter. He doesn’t like Elliot. When Anita rebels he tries to fight her.
Mrs. Rathbone: She is Anita’s mother. She also thinks Oliver is the best man for her daughter but quickly changes her views on Elliot and Oliver when Anita threatens to do something drastic.
Philip: He is Anita’s brother. When his parents start to worry about Anita they call him to the house. He is very accepting.
Servent: She greets guests at the Rathbone estate.
Driver: He is Oliver’s carriage driver.

Scene 1

Elliot sits down at the small desk in the guest room he is staying at. He retrieves a piece
of paper from the bottom drawer and begins to write a letter home.

“Dear Father and Mother,

I am doing quite well here. I have been looking far, near, low and high for a suitable wife. I think I may have found her. Her name is Anita, she is very beautiful. Her family is of the same class we are. She and I have spent many days together, alas, not as many as I would have pleased to spend with her. There seems to be another man in her life, he goes by the name of Oliver. I do not know much of him, hopefully he will not interfere with my love for Anita.

Oh Mother, I think you will adore her. She has a delightful taste in dress. Father, I am sure you will be pleased with her as well. Although, there is one thing neither of you may like, she is a very outspoken women and she, well, she has her hair cut short. I love how outspoken she is, I know that she will make sure I know her opinion on things. When I first laid eyes on her, I was not too keen on the short hair, but I absolutely adore it now. Mother, Father, I love Anita. Hopefully, the next time I write to you, I will be telling you of our wedding date. I shall ask Anita for her hand in marriage as soon as I am able to find her the best ring and have some alone time with her to ask for her hand in marriage.

Your loving son,


Elliot places his letter into an envelope and seals it. He sits back in the chair and
where he is going to go to look for a ring. As he stated in the letter, he will not be
able to ask for her hand until he finds the best ring in the country. Elliot raises
from the desk and heads for the stable to retrieve his horse and leave for the day.

Scene 2

Mrs. Rathbone: Anita! Are you ready? Mr. Oliver will be here soon to pick you up.
Anita: Momma, do I have to go? Oliver is a bore. All he wishes to speak of is his work
and all the processions he owns.
Mrs. Rathbone: Darling, your father likes Oliver. He hopes he asks you for your hand in
marriage. You must go with him today. I am sorry that he bores you, but we all
must make sacrifices. Your father did not appeal to me much when I first met
him. But he grew on me, much like Oliver will grow on you.
Anita’s mother helps Anita finish buttoning up her dress.
Anita: Momma, I do not want to be married to someone who has to grow on me, I want
to be married to someone who I love.
Mrs. Rathbone instantly knows who her daughter is thinking of.
Mrs. Rathbone: Are you speaking of Elliot?
Anita: Yes, Momma, he is so kind to me, I adore that man. I would be the happiest
person alive if he asked for my hand in marriage. I would be so delighted to be
called his wife.
Anita’s mother shakes her head and hurries Anita to finish her hair.
Mrs. Rathbone: Anita, your Father admitted that Elliot is a very kind young man, but he
is not right for you.
Anita: Who gave Father the right to declare who is right for me and who is wrong for
Anita’s mother guides her towards the door of her bedroom once her hair is finished and
down the stairs to the drawing room to wait for Oliver.
Anita: You never answered my question Mother.
Mrs. Rathbone: Anita, your father knows what is best for you. Also Elliot is our class,
whereas Oliver is a higher class than us. Do you know how many great things
that could mean for you?
Anita: I don’t care about class Mother! I just want to mary for love, not money.
Anita’s mother gasps.
Mrs. Rathbone: Anita, we would never expect you to marry for money. We just know
that Oliver is a better fit for you.
There is a knock at the front door. Moments later a servant arrives at the door to the
drawing room followed by Oliver. The servant bows.
Servant: Mrs. Rathbone, Miss Anita, Mr. Oliver is here.
Mrs. Rathbone: Thank you. You are dismissed.
The servant bows again and turns on her heel leaving. Oliver walks into the room, he
bows to Mrs. Rathbone and Anita then takes Anita’s hand in his own gently
kissing it.
Mrs. Rathbone: It’s wonderful to see you again Mr. Oliver.
Oliver: The pleasure is all mine ma’am. Anita, my darling I have missed you in the few
days we have been apart. I have been looking forward to this day the
moment I left you last.
Anita smiles graciously.
Anita: Oliver, you make me blush with your kind words. Where are you taking me
today? I am quite curious.
Oliver: My dear, we may go where ever you please. I do not have any plans today. The
day is ours to be free and cheerful.
Mrs. Rathbone: Mr. Oliver, I hate to put a time restraint on you, but would you grace
us with your presence for dinner?
Oliver spins from Anita to face Mrs. Rathbone.
Oliver: Of course I would! I would not miss such an amazing opportunity. Anita, my
dear, let us be off now.
Anita and Oliver leave the room and set off for a day full of adventures and spending
time together.

Scene 3

Once Anita has vanished from view her mother hurries to Mr. Rathbone’s study. When
she is at his door she knocks.
Mr. Rathbone: You may enter.
Mrs. Rathbone walks into the room bowing to her husband. He turns in his seat to face
his wife.
Mr. Rathbone: What is it dear?
Mrs. Rathbone: Darling, I think we may have a problem with Anita. She is very fond of
Elliot, and she claims she finds Oliver a bore.
Mr. Rathbone: My dear wife, did you not tell her how you were not fond of myself at
Mrs. Rathbone: Of course I did! I told her that Oliver will grow on her and that he would
be a better suitor to meet her needs. She believes we are going to make her
marry for money and not for love.
Mr. Rathbone: Where has that girl had these obscene thoughts planted in her head?
Oliver has already asked me for her hand in marriage. I have given him
permission also. I have barley had a conversation with that Elliot boy. Oliver is an
intellectual, he will be good for our Anita.
Mrs. Rathbone: Anita doesn’t seem to believe that. She put on a fake smile when
came around to pick her up. I could see the disgust in her eyes as she left.
Mr. Rathbone: My dear, I do not know what to say. I’m dead set against Anita marring
Elliot, I will not have her marry anyone else but Oliver.
Mrs. Rathbone nods and bows to her husband not knowing what else to say and leaves
his study.

Scene 4

Oliver helps Anita down from the carriage and they walk arm and arm into the first store
they see.
Oliver: My dear Anita, if you see anything that fancies your eyes, do not hesitate to tell
me and I shall purchase it for you.
Anita: Oliver, this store is quite expensive. I could not ask of such a thing from you.
Oliver: Anita, I am here to please you. Today my main goal is to to make you the
happiest you can be. If your happiness comes from new material for a dress, a
new necklace or anything of the sorts, I will be more than happy to oblige.
Anita shakes her head frowning.
Anita: I am sorry Oliver, but I cannot, I will not spend your money. My happiness cannot
be bought.
Oliver: I see. Well then, let us leave this store and go else where. How does that
Anita: That sounds grand. Maybe we could go for a ride in the country?
Oliver: That seems to be a delightful idea. It will give us time for conversation.
Oliver leads her out of the store. Anita quickly regrets her suggestion. She does not
want to spend another moment with this man. They have already been to his
house, he has shown her his crystal collection, his massive stable and his grand
oak dinning table. Anita cannot count how many times she has told him that she
could care less about money and possessions. It seems as though her words are
going in one ear and out the other. Oliver’s words break her train of thought and
the silence that surrounded them.
Oliver: The country is nice this time of year, is it not?
Anita: Yes, yes it is. For it is not too hot nor too cold. It is perfect.
Oliver nods in agreement. The silence that was there before quickly surrounds them
again. Anita does not mind, she is the type of person who enjoys the silence, but
it is clear Oliver does not. She can tell he is racking his brain to find another topic
to speak about.
Oliver: I recently purchased a new foal. He is quite the handful, but he is sure to be
beautiful when he is fully grown. I will need to purchase a new saddle for him as
well as other things he will need. Maybe you would like to go with me?
Anita: I do not know much about what horses need, I barely have any knowledge on
how to ride them.
Oliver: As that may be, you can still assist me in choosing a saddle.
Anita: I would assume so.
Oliver continues to rattle on about his new foal. Anita offers a nod here and there. She is
fixated on an object in the near distance, it is a man. She thinks that she can
recognize the man that is riding towards them on a stallion.
Anita: Driver, please go faster and pull up beside the man coming towards us.
Driver: Sir?
Oliver: Do as she wishes.
The driver commands the horses to speed up.
Oliver: Who is that man to you that you have had my driver push my horses faster and
interrupt our conversation?
Anita: I believe that man is Elliot.
Anita smiles as the man and horse become clearer and she is certain it is Elliot. She
leans out the window of the door on the carriage.
Anita: Elliot! It is I, Anita! I beg you to stop.
Elliot does as Anita asks of him.
Elliot: My dear Anita, what are you doing out in the country? I was planning on stopping
in to visit you and ask of your Mother and Father if it was allowed for me to stay
for dinner. I have missed being in your presence. Who is it that you are with?
Please do not let I be the reason you and your gentleman friend have stopped.
Oliver: Please Anita, let this boy be on his way and sit down. You are making a fool of
Anita turns and glares at Oliver.
Anita: Elliot, if you would be so kind as to allow me to ride with you back to either your
house or mine and be away from the presence of this man! I also do not want to
embarrass him any longer.All he cares about is money and I can not stand
another moment of his constant talking.
Elliot: Of course Anita!
Anita hops down from the carriage and takes Elliot’s waiting hand. He helps her up onto
his horse and she maneuvers herself behind him until she is comfortable.
Oliver: Wait until your parents hear of this, you are truly unruly and you must be
contained. Your father will not be please with you running off with some boy I do
not even know!
Anita smiles at Oliver.
Anita: Oliver, this is Elliot. Elliot, this is Oliver. Also, Elliot is much more of a man than
you will ever be Oliver.
Elliot: Nice to meet you, Sir.
Oliver: Driver, go! I cannot stand another second of this embarrassment.
With that command Oliver’s driver quickly commands the horses into a gallop. Anita
quickly explodes with laughter. She wraps her arms around Elliot’s waist.
Elliot: Where to my dear Anita?
Anita: Let us go to where our hearts will us to Elliot.

Scene 5

Oliver went to Anita’s house as quickly as he could. He told them everything that had
happened, only with a twist. He claimed that Elliot threatened them and Anita
only agreed to go with him so that no one would get hurt.
Anita’s laughter could be heard through out the valley. Elliot and Anita had spent the
remainder of the afternoon chasing butterflies, laying in the grass talking about
everything they could think of and enjoying being in each other’s company. As
dusk neared, Anita knew they should head home to not worry her Father and
Mother any more.
Anita: Elliot, it saddens me to say this, but, I fear you have better get me home soon or
else my Father and Mother will be quite furious as well as worried.

Little did Anita know that Oliver had lied to her parents and they were already furious
and wanted Elliot’s head served on a silver platter.
Elliot: Of course my dear, now we would not want that.
Elliot hops to his feet with much grace and skill. He reaches down to help Anita to her
feet. He wraps her in a hug and decides this is the moment where he will change
his own life, and, hopefully her life as well. Elliot drops to one knee.
Elliot: Anita, my darling, I love you. I spent my whole morning looking for the perfect
ring for the perfect girl, and I found it. I know I cannot offer you what Oliver is able
to. The way you left him today, for me, made me certain of my next move. My
next move it is to ask you, the perfect girl, to be Mrs. Thayer. Please, Anita, do
me the honor of being Mrs. Thayer.

Elliot had been staring at her hand the hold time he had been speaking. He slowly
raised his eyes to Anita’s eyes to find her crying silently. He quickly rises.
Elliot: Anita, what is the matter? Do you not feel the same way? That must be it. I’m
sorry I put you in this difficult situation. I will bring you home and you will never
have to see me again.

Anita wipes at her eyes hastily.
Anita: No, Elliot, that is not why I am crying. I love you too. You mean so much to me. I
adore every second I spend with you. The only problem is, my Mother and Father
want me to marry Oliver. They insist I do. I do not want to do that! He is a
dreadful man and I cannot stand him.
Elliot: We could run away.
Anita: I could not do that to my Mother! She would never recover from it.
Elliot lowers his head in defeat.
Elliot: I cannot compete with Oliver. I do not have nearly half the things he does, I’m not
even the same class as he is.
Anita: Maybe I can try talking with my Mother and Father.
Elliot: If that does not work?
Anita: Let us hope it does.
Anita and Elliot hurry to Anita’s home. She is wearing the beautiful ring Elliot gave to
her. She is so happy, but at the same time she is very nervous to see what her
parents say.

Scene 6
As Anita and Elliot near her house, she could see that her parents had called for her
brother. He was standing on the porch and when he spotted them, he ran inside
to announce her arrival. Anita hoped he had brought his wife and newborn son
along with him, she had not seen them in quiet awhile. She also hoped that they
had not pulled him from anything important.
Elliot: Who was that on your porch?
Anita: My brother Philip. My parents must have called for him. They must have been
worried about me. Do not worry my love, for this will all be cleared up soon.
Elliot nods and steers his horse towards the house. He hops down from his horse and
helps Anita down. Elliot steals a kiss from Anita before entering the house.
Mr. Rathbone: Where have you been Anita? Your mother has been worried sick. We
even called for Philip, he was just about to leave and look for you.
Mr. Rathbone turns to Elliot.
Mr. Rathbone: How dare you threaten my daughter and Mr. Oliver and then take my

daughter? Who do you think you are?
Elliot starts to speak but Anita steps in front of him.
Anita: Father, who do you think you are to accuse my fiance of threatening me and
Oliver. He did no such thing. The only thing he did was save me from being
to death by Oliver.
Mr. Rathbone, Mrs. Rathbone, and Oliver: Fiance?!
Everyone is standing now. Mr. and Mrs. Rathbone are on one side of the pallor with
Oliver and Elliot, Anita and Philip are on the other side of the pallor. Philip shakes
Elliot’s hand.
Philip: Welcome to the family.
Philip was always on Anita’s side growing up. He would stand up for her and take the
blame even if she was the one at fault. Philip was very protective of his baby
Mr. Rathbone: That man is not a member of this family! Philip, if you do not stand on
our side, you may leave.

Oliver: Anita, you are crazy. You are not going to marry that thing that is standing next
to you.
Mrs. Rathbone quickly leaves the room, before she leaves the room she claims she
feels ill. Philip follows after his Mother like the good son he is. Anita is glad that
she has one less person to fight with, although she wishes it was her father that
had left. Mr. Rathbone drops into one of the chairs in the pallor and Oliver sits
down next to him.
Elliot: Mr. Rathbone, I know I cannot supply your beautiful daughter with the many
things Mr. Oliver could. I love Anita very much, I will spend every moment of my
life making her the happiest women she can be. I know I should have asked for
your permission for her hand in marriage, I know Oliver has money, I also know, I
love Anita with my whole being.
Mr. Rathbone: Anita, step away from Elliot.
Anita: No, Father, I love him. I will be marring him with or without your approval.
Mr. Rathbone: I forbid you to do such a thing. If you do that, I will renounce your
membership of this family.
Anita: Father, can’t I marry who I love?
Anita is so full of emotion that she drops to her knees and begins to cry. Elliot follows
behind her quickly to comfort her. Oliver and Mr. Rathbone sit and watch the two
of them. Anita tries to speak through her sobs but is unable to.
Mr. Rathbone: You have put on a very nice fit Anita. Now, please remove yourself from
Elliot and clean yourself up and get ready for dinner with Mr. Oliver. I will make
sure Elliot is removed.
Anita raises to her feet with the assistance of Elliot.
Anita: No. I will not do such a thing Father, I love Elliot, I cannot stand Oliver. He is a
pig headed, bore of a man and I will have nothing to do with him. If you do not
allow me to marry Elliot, the man I love. I will run away so I can do as I wish.
As Anita finishes speaking her Mother walks in and hears hear threatening of running
Mrs. Rathbone: You will do no such thing! Dear, Mrs. Rathbone walks over to Mr.
Rathbone, my father didn’t want me to marry you. I never told you this, but he
didn’t think you were right for me. I really did love you, although I claimed that
you grew on me, I lied. I had to beg my Father and Mother to allow me to marry
you. Also, you were the same class as I was. Just like Elliot is the same class as
us. I’d rather have Anita happy then rich.
Mr. Rathbone: No, you are lying. I demand, Anita will marry Oliver and Elliot will leave
and never come around to the Rathbone estate ever again.
Anita bows to her Mother and Father, as well as Oliver. She takes Elliot’s hand and kisses hims.
Anita: Let us go Elliot, go far away from my horrid Father. No matter what he wants,
what I want will come first.
Anita walks towards the door followed by Elliot. Mrs. Rathbone moves in front of them.
Mrs. Rathbone: Anita! My darling daughter, you will marry Elliot and your father will be
happy for you. You will not leave.
Mr. Rathbone starts to argue, but Mrs. Rathbone shushes him and tells him that for once she is taking command in their life.
Anita: Thank you so much Mother. I love you.

Scene 7

Elliot sits down at the desk in his study. Anita and himself just put their children to bed. It’s Tuesday night, he always writes to his parents on Tuesdays.

“Dear Mother and Father,

Anita and I have decided to visit you both three moons from now. We feel that Charles will be old enough and strong enough to travel by then, and Anita will be fully healed from Charles birth. Cora is such a big help, she constantly is by Anita’s side and helping Anita with Charles. She is only four years of age, but she is a very intelligent little girl. We will be stopping at Anita’s parent’s house. I feel bad that they see the children more than you do, but they live so much closer than you.

Cora is following in her mother’s footsteps, she also has her hair cut short. Anita’s hair grew a bit longer than she would have liked over the last months, she was unable to pull herself away from Charles to trim it. Cora was not happy about that. Although, it may see like Cora spends a lot of time with her mother, she is constantly in my study with me begging me to read to her. I believe Cora will do great things in her life time. When I know the date of our leaving to visit you I will let you know. Write to you next Tuesday as always.



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