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So this is what love feels like

By , roanoke, TX
[A normal teenage girl sits in her room on her laptop. She’s really bored so she plays some music. Emergency by Paramore. She hears tapping on her window and she freezes with fear. She carefully peers out of the blinds and sees a familiar face and relaxes as she hurries to the door to lock it.]
JENNA:(opening the window) dude you scared the s*** out of me. What are you doing here?
KEN:(with a smile) I had to see you.
JENNA:you’re insane. Leave before someone hears us.
KEN:(leaning against the wall) No way. I need to talk and stuff.
JENNA:(grabbing her boyfriend gently) make it fast though.
KEN:(surprised and happy) wow, that was kinda easy.
JENNA:(a little annoyed) whatever. Now talk.
KEN:(slightly sad) umm…..ok I lied I don’t have anything to talk about. I just really wanted to see you.
JENNA:(happy) really?
KEN:of course.
JENNA:ok so now what?
KEN:I don’t really know.
[So they are just standing there, looking into each other’s eyes when he grabs her waist and pulls her close. He gently places her arms around his neck and replaces his arms around her waist. And they’re still looking into each other’s eyes. Jenna remembers the Paramore CD playing in the background and as Ken dips her, she smiles. She’s just thinking “so we’re dancing in the middle of the night in my room to Paramore.” He lifts her back up and she puts her arms around him as if to hug him then she lowers her head to his chest and they continue to dance. He rests his chin on her head gently. Then he speaks.]
KEN:so…..ummm…..this is nice.
JENNA:really nice but it’s getting too mushy.
KEN:(relived) yeah I know.
[They stop dancing and just stand there again. When she starts backing away he stops her and leans in to kiss her. She doesn’t stop him at all. She’s been waiting for him to do this for months and she’s going to enjoy it. She wraps her arms around him again and she kisses him back. He stars leading her to the bed, she follows happily. He lays her down on the bed and climbs on top of her, careful not to crush her under his body. Once they’re comfortable he kisses her again and again. She thinking “this is awesome.” They kiss for a few more minutes then she just had to tell him.]
JENNA:(puts her hand on his lips) ok now this is fun!
KEN:(moving her hand away softly) oh yeah I know! (Leans back in for more kissing)
[Jenna easily shuts up and kisses him but then she feels his hand moving up her stomach. She freezes and he stops]
KEN:I’m sorry I suck at this, don’t I?
JENNA:of course not. It’s just…
KEN:what? Tell me.
JENNA:well, I like you a lot but I don’t want this to go too far, ok.
KEN:yeah ok. I get it but we can still make out right.
[Jenna uses that to kiss him again. She knows this has to stop soon; it’s been at least two hours. So she’s about to push him away to tell him he has to leave now when he stops and gets up.]
KEN:I have to go.
JENNA:what? Why?
KEN:this isn’t going anywhere major and it’s been like two hours of kissing. If my parents notice me gone, I’m so dead.
JENNA:ok but we should do this again……and soon!
KEN:YES! Totally.
JENNA:well bye.
[Jenna walks him to the window and he’s about to leave when he turns to her and says.]
KEN:(smiling) Jenna, can I tell you something?
JENNA:(smiling) sure. Go ahead.
KEN:(serious) I love you!
JENNA:(serious) and….
KEN:and what?
JENNA:Hey, don’t interrupt. And….I love you too!
[Ken turns and jumps out the window smiling. Jenna turns off her Paramore CD and crawls into her bed. She falls asleep with a smile still on her face and she’s happier than she ever was before this night. And her last thought is “so this is what love feels like.”]


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