Tragedy of the Lunar Child.

January 3, 2018
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Darkness, emptiness, nothing in every direction. Nothing but stars, scattered across the dark space like vanilla shavings on fudge. Stars that have seen everything that has to be seen, yet they weep for the young girl that watched her planet die for greed, selfishness, and power.
The slender teenage girl can only be seen because of the merciful stars who shed their tears of light onto her planet. Her planet that lay sin shambles, surrounded by nothing but darkness. Her pale skin seems to glow as she sits on the dusty ground draped in all baby blue, her flowing dress spread around her like a blooming flower. Freckled arms lay at her sides; defeated. Her mesmerizing dark black hair falls to her face despite the silver headband she wears. Not bothering to sweep aside the lock of black she hangs her head, tears threatening. In utter despair she clutches a necklace with a silver crescent moon at its center, the indent finds its way on her hand. The peculiar symbol is the one of her people. A quick glance at her eyes displays glistening unshed tears that seemed to yell out to the universe. Telling it the unfairness it had brought upon her. The cruel and unusual punishment it set before her.
Cries erupt through her mouth as sobs rack her body. She stares emptily into what used to be her home, her soul void from all emotion. For when she lost her home she lost her family. She lost them, and she felt as if someone had ripped hole through her heart with a dagger, with no mercy nor remorse. For despite how, her family had ignored her, how they had agreed with the rest of her planet on her ideals and wisdom, that they were ones of a crazed teenage girl seeking attention. Even if they had disapproved of her and her choices they loved her unconditionally. They believed in her, and never lost faith in her exempt when it mattered most: when the planet failed. Her planet died from the inside unable to produce healthy food, clean water, and air and with it so did her family. This was what made her truly sad for she could have saved it and in return saved her family.
Her Family, her beautiful mother whose laughed made the world seem brighter, her presence only was found to ease depression. Her amazing father whom was always kind; preaching to those who needed encouragement. Her silly ridiculous twin brother whom never failed to make her laugh and always seemed to cheer her up when she grew sad. And her unborn sister whom she planned to swap secrets with and tease mercilessly. She begged them all to come to her shelter stocked with food, water, and supplies. They refused but she knew that wasn’t her fault; they had made their choice and she made hers. After all she couldn’t save her family. They had to do it themselves, and they failed.
Looking at the devastation around her, she found her mind drifting to how her planet used to be planet A place of what was once a place of massive discovery now laid waste as a cratered wasteland. A white glowing body if nothingness. All because they chose to not heed her warning, their choices, and the consequences that followed. Her mind could not begin to comprehend how it empty it was for what it was before was unimaginable: A place full of wonder, awe, and beauty. Looking around she chuckled darkly as she thought bitterly, ‘The prettier the exterior the uglier the within.’
The saying was very true indeed. For the planets once held a vibrant green forestry that were full of glowing plants just oozing with remedies for all types of illnesses, trees that reached the stars that somehow allowed sprinkles of star dust to glide down to the grounds like freshly fallen snow, and its animals that spoke of great wisdom and prophesies. All of it, every animal, every plant, everything, rots in the wake of an endless raging fire.
The waters of her planet were magical, but their waters had become polluted with star oil harvested from the scavengers in the core of the Renom star. The oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams could once grant a single wish to a traveler in need but now its waters are undrinkable, inhabitable, and dyed with yellow scum. The creatures that once lived in its crystal-clear waters sink to the bottom to die in its filth. Such beautiful creatures, the naiads, the merfolk with their flowing gowns and hair, graceful figure and emerald eyes that seemed to sparkle with mischief. Their fancy words granted them many troubles. But they were reluctant to leave their homes; stubbornness was their downfall. But at last even with that somewhat nasty characteristic they should have lived long but my people’s greed destroyed them.
Nature was what she once prided herself on. How the grounds were just bursting with all types of colors from all the plants and flowers, bright purple, sea green, and many more but now she sees only space lots and crumbling buildings it’s beauty lost in everything but memory. The rich soils that the plants sprouted from in magnificent quantities now lay covered in a cracked grey cement, chocking everything and anything it finds in its grip.
The carbon dioxide in the air searches for a way to turn itself into a lungful of oxygen, now impossible, because the once distinct variety of plant life to choose from is now gone. Extinct, replaced by buildings holding cheap tourist collectables, Hi-Tech companies, and snotty teenage kids who wanted nothing more but to use all the resources our planet had to offer until there was nothing left to use and complain because they had no fuel to power their rocket boots, their hoverboards, and antigravity bikes.
The people that once inhabited the planet have passed. They had not heeded the warning of the young girl to seek shelter and refuge from the fires, the storms, and shattering tremors under the surface of the planet. They did not believe her. That she spoke truth for many of her prophesies were proven unreliable. But the future was forever changing and never stayed the same and that was the only reason. Despite all they continued about their lives as if a prophesy predicting great destruction had not been given out. Everyone pretended that nothing was to come upon them and their loved ones. The young, the old, the meek and the strong, the high elders and the ones yet born continued to reassure each other that the young girl was an attention seeker, a liar, and a fake holding no true power over prophesy. And that was a mistake that cost them their lives.
As the girl surveys her lost home she wars with herself. Alone? How can she possibly be alone? The last of the Lunar people perhaps. But the last in all the galaxies? No, impossible. She can’t be the last in all the infinite worlds and dimensions. She can’t accept that.
She picks herself off the tear stained ground and searches for a way to escape the dead planet. She finds herself trembling with joy. The space yard miraculously still had a few able working ships. She chose one that seemed safe for travel, a slender silver ship so smooth it looks like a flowing stream. It seemed that if you poked it a ripple would form. On the hull of the ship is a perfectly designed graffiti painting of her people’s symbol, a crescent moon, signed by the artist in big swirly letters. A sad smile finds its way on her face as she boards the ship to search, to leave, to explore.
Because there is nothing here, no one to care for, nothing to save. She can’t wallow in the suffocating air of despair. NO! She will search until her last breath for civilization. For a new home, For a family.
The despair, the tragedy, everything. All the worlds and planets in our infinite galaxies, suffer the fate as her own. Death by their own people. They used every resource available until they drained and destroyed their planet until there was nothing left but a wasteland and eventually they had no choice but to rise to the heavens.
The girl now in her mid-thirties looks at the stars, her eyes glimmering with unshed tear as she dared to hope. Strains of grey in her hair, the only sign of her old age. Her pale skin has turned a crisp golden brown. Wearing a white tank top with a black plastic looking jacket, she looks young for her age. Her majestic fragile figure lay gone and in its place, stands a strong, independent woman.
She stares at the planet in front of her. The planet was full of opportunities, adventure, and discoveries just waiting to be uncovered. She has yet to explore the planet. Determinedly she places the harness on. She could never abandon it, no matter if she discovers dangerous species for the planet has many years  left in its life and if she plans to keep it like that she must stay. She won’t let it suffer the same fate as her home world and the many others she has seen. She won’t let history repeat itself.
She will make this planet her own. Using a technological advancment of her people she will use a machine to creat an artificial child who will seed the way for the entire race. She will teach her children and their children and the ones that comes after the true way of life. The way of giving rather than taking. The way of kindness rather that greed. The way of goodness rather than evil.
As she entered the atmosphere she thought for what she would name the planet and as the ship began to shake she reached her decision.
She’ll name it after her great grandmother who taught her that in order to achieve peace sacrifices must be made. That you must first be willing and eager to discard your pride in order to receive redemption. The true way to live. She will name this planet of both blue and green, Earth.
Because this was her new home, she will make her new family....

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