A Crimson Rose

October 10, 2017
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Its a love, action, and magical story. 

Chapter 1: The bloody pedal

"So fradgile, so uniqe, so.....  so-"

"Ceazar your doing it again!" 

"Oh I'm sorry where we're we again?.... Oh  right the herbology class, we need-"

(Sigh) " No Ceazar, you said youd show me where 'ITS' hiding spot is,. I want to get there first befor 'IT' does."

Pushing away the branches, " Well that depends little missy~"

"Depends on what?" she says with an angry look on her face.

Ceazar leans in to her face," Why don't I show you miss-"


"Thats what you get you dirtbag!" she sticks out her tounge.

He smiles, " I was only kidding! Its easy messing with you." He hugs her waist and lowers his chin, " Plus you look cute flustered~"

"Oh screw you!" hmpf!

Ceazar points to what looks like a dead willow tree, with confution on her face. As she is walking up to the tree she puts her hand over her mouth in fear.

" Ceazer, what in gods name is this?' she puts her hand on the trees broken limb as it withers away.

" Its the hidding spot you whish to see." 

" I don't understand, this is a dead tree. What is so special about it-"

Ceazar grabs her hand and places it on the heart of the tree. as it withers away a dark; full; glooming rose apears infront of them.

She leans in to the hole in the tree and her eyes glitter with tears falling down from her face.

"There, see I told you it was woth it." Ceazer backs up a step into someone directly behind him.

"What are you doing here Ceazar? Catalina! What are you doing here, you shouldn't be here!"

She ducks behind ceazar, " I just wanted to see waht you treasure the most, I just wanted to uderstand!" 

The strange man raises his hand and Ceazar blocks it.

" So you know who you ar messing with here younge man?"

"Yeah I do, an A-hole who thinks its ok to hit women."

He turns to ceazar, " GET OUT!" 

Ceazar grabs Catalina's hand and drags her out of  the woods but in the process of doing so she cuts her hand in the rose thorns.

"Ceazar stop please I need to catch my breath!"

He stops and notices the blood from her hand, " Oh my- your hand is bleeding!"

She ripps a piece of cloth off her dress and wraps her hand but when she removes the blood a red petal was in the palm of her hand.

" Its fine Ceazer, What was with him?"

she looked very confused. 

" I have no idea.... He really seams to be cautious about that rose. What's so important about it?" he says angerly

she walk up to him resting on his shoulder, " Well what ever it is, we'll find out what it all means. wWe just need to work harder on sneaking without getting caught."

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