Slaves to the Alarm

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Mina, Mina! Get up now!” my mother shook me until I woke. She scrambled around the room, picking out winter clothes from my closet.

The bomb threat alarm blared, ruining my eardrum.

Grumpily, I muttered, “Is this a drill?”

My mother turned around sharply and screamed over the alrm, “No, Mina, this is real. Get up and get to the safety bunker! Now!”
My heart began to beat wildly and I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I couldn’t move, my body paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t hear what else my mother was saying over the noise. She was trying to get me to move by shoving me out of the bed. My older brother, Matthew, sprinted into the room and carried me out. Everything till that moment had happened in a slow motion when I realized I was missing something dear to me.

“Stop, Matthew! Stop! I forgot it, I forgot my locket! Stop!” I screamed but to no avail. The blaring alarm gradually grew louder every minute. My mom carried a suitcase and my brother carried me. They dashed out of the door and ran through the vast cornfield where the bunker patiently waited for them. They scurried the path, crunching the crops. I could hear my mother’s heavy breathing but she didn’t stop a moment to catch her breath.

The moment we reached the bunker there already were three other families waiting. Rapidly, all the families began to shove everything through the small metal trap door. The moment My brother placed me on the ground, and I began to run the other way.
“Mina!” My mother let a blood-curdling shriek.

I wasn't leaving without my locket.

I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. I ran through the cornfield. I ran and ran and ran. The alarm became louder than ever before. The constant crunching behind me proved my brother was chasing after me making me pump my arms faster. My nightgown rubbed against my legs, splattering mud between my shins. I was closer to the house, feeling its presence warn me to turn back.

I slammed through the door. The loud hum of jet motors was nearing. I tripped down the stairs, grabbing the wall for support. I stumbled to my room and peered under my bed. I grabbed the small box, opened it and snatched the locket. Mesmerized by its glow, I placed it closer to my heart. I opened it slowly and traced my small finger on my the photograph of my dad.

“I miss you dad.” I whispered.

Time had run out because my brother had grabbed me as if I were a small toy. He struggled to sprint faster and before you know it we were out of the house. Hanging on to his neck, I clutched the locket in my hand till my knuckles turned white.

The jets appeared till the entire sky was filled with an army of bombers. I hated the soldiers. I hated the war. I hated the rebellion. I hated what they did to us, how they tore apart my family. I’m five years old but there’s nothing to live for anymore. I heard the click of the planes and a whine of falling bomb accelerating to the ground.

“See you soon dad.”

The world became dark.

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HidingAnnabellaThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
today at 1:31 pm
This was really good and I love how you put in the point, "I am five years old and there is nothing to live for." Very sad but we're heart grabbing.
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