The Book Thief

Darkness befalls on the private library as soon as the owner turn off the lights. No soul was present after a few hours after the owner left. But then, a sudden clatter and clash erupted from the farthest corners of the library. With a whisper of cursing, a figure came through the Janitor's room with the door opening so slowly that even a cat wouldn't notice it. The figure appeared to be a man, tall and black, with a silver knife shining from the moonshine that went through one of the windows. The man lurked through the shadows, with a determined expression and is sniffing around the place for any freaks. This man has been there for quite some time, and he is now here in the dead of night with one goal: Find the Object and destroy it. He has been a member of the Midnight Reapers, an organization that has the purpose of gaining dominance of normals from the freaks, for four years ago and is now 29 years old. With the teachings of his mentor murmuring in his ear, he continues to use his hand to feel where he is going since it is almost like light doesn't exist like the creation story that Christians have. With the occasional trip and cursing, the man finally decided to screw disguise and would rather choose his chances of being spotted than trip and hit the ground every two-minute. With a swift hand, he pulled out a glow stick from his bag, bend it and shook it. The green liquid slushed and slushed and soon, a gentle green glow appeared from the tube,  making the man's path easier to see. The object's shadows dance in the walls as if it is searching for his soul to consume. The man has a sudden dread of the shadows as if it might be the Nocatun, the shadow people. The man then walked through the shelves of books, organized alphabetically and categorized by genre, to the back of the library. The back of the library had a small shelf that has a label that says, “Teens” and there only four out of ten shelves are full of books. With the glow stick in his left hand, the man searched with his right hand against the titles and slid it across to look for the one that matches the one he’s looking.

Before I Fall…
City of Bones…
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
The Hunger Games…
The Freakshow…”

Wait, there! There it is! The man pulls out the book. The book was thick, and it had a picture of six people, three boys and three girls looking determined against a shadow of a man with a knife laughing. At the side, the book has a seal of the Brotherhood of Freedom that is a wolf with the yin yang above its head and beside it is the sun on the right and the moon on the left. One sentence was printed at the bottom, “This book is the property of the Brotherhood of Freedom.” The man took it out, quite surprised that the book is heavy, walked to one old fashion table and drop the book on it. The man stands with his glow stick ruminating the title, and his hands were trembling. This is the moment he been waiting for his life. The chance that he is worthy of a Reaper. The goal to give the Freaks the punishment they deserve. The man reached into his pocket and brought out a stainless steel lighter. Picking up the book, the man flicked the lighter and had the lighter get closer to the book, ready to burn all the evidence.

“Wait right there!”

The man froze halfway, turning his head cautious to the left. What he saw was a woman in her younger 30’s, wearing a white and light green dress, glasses that made her eyes look bigger, holding a pile of books in her arms, and a battle knife in its leather pouch around the woman’s waist.

“Can I help you?” The man in his deep Russian accent.

The woman approached the man and found that the man was several inches shorter than the woman which the woman is five and a half feet.
“Help you,” The woman baffled. “Why young man, you are trying to destroy some private property.”

“Yeah, so? I’m a Midnight Reaper; I can do what I want.”

“You were.”


“You were a Midnight Reaper. I know who are you Mr. Nicholas Wadikon.”

The man felt a sudden slap on his face; no-one dares to say his name. This woman knows he is part of the Midnight Reapers, so that means…

“You’re a Librarius,” Nicholas growled, quickly switching his hand from lighter to a sword. “Guardian of Books and Literature.”

The Librarius smiled, “I am called Lindsay if you may, but yes I am a one.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Oh nothing much,” Lindsay said as she walked to the old table and placed the stack of books. “I am here to warn you of destroying that. As you know, Mr. Wadikon, I am the one who protects this book from the evils of abuse. I guard those that are under my care.”

“Right, like saying werewolves aren’t allergic to silver.”

“They aren’t,” Lindsay countered. “What I am asking is why are you destroying the book?”

“Because it is my destiny,” Nicholas answered with his teeth grinding. “The Midnight Reapers want the book destroyed, and they send me because I am the perfect predator for it.”

“Because you betrayed them,” Lindsay added. “You left a group of Freaks to escape all because you thought it was “immoral.””

“That’s not true!” Nicholas roared and pulled out the knife. This woman is making him angry, and when he gets mad, it’s not a pretty sight.

Lindsay looked at the knife and started to laugh. “Oh please, you’re going to kill me with a butter knife? Gosh, you’re such a joke.”

Nicholas screamed with rage and sprang toward Lindsay, only to find himself going straight to the wall. He crashed into the wall, feeling a hard pain across his face. The next thing he knows, he has pain going from his head to his back., his fingers were trembling, and he could feel the warmth coming to his legs to his toes. Nicholas turned and only to find Lindsay holding the book and lighter.

“Oh dear,” Lindsay said as she approached Nicholas with a shocked face. “You must be dumb to do that. I guess you’re not the right person for the job.” Lindsay walked away, and mist started to go apparently at her foot and going upward, almost swallowing her.

“Wait,” Nicholas cried in his hoarse voice. “I need that book so that I can be worthy of something.”

Lindsay stopped, and so did the mist.

“I-I,” Nicholas stammered. “I let that group of freaks go because they were children. Children, Lindsay. I knew immediately that the Midnight Reapers were going too far, so I let them go. The Midnight Reapers were enraged with me, and they gave me this mission so that I can prove that I am as good as any other Reaper.”

Nicholas started to cry, from silent tears to loud sobs. He never cried this much ever since he was a little kid. He felt a sudden hand off his shoulders, he looked up and found Lindsay smiling compassionately at him.

“Very well,” Lindsay said as she hands out the book to Nicholas. “You may have it.”

Nicholas stared at the book, then Lindsay, and the book. He reached and grabbed it. Sudden joy rushed into his mind, and Nicholas got off the debris, surprised that all his wounds were healed. With a sudden cry of joy, Nicholas danced and laughed, only to see that he does prove himself as a Midnight Reaper. He stopped, looked at Lindsay who is smiling, then he bowed and said, “Thank you, if there is anything you need, just tell me.

“Actually,” Lindsay said. “There is something I want you to do.”

“Really,” Nicholas said with his head tilted. “Then what is it?”

“Read the book.”

“Uh,” Nicholas said uncertainly. “But I need to burn it to prove to be worthy. How can I do that?”

Lindsay pointed to the pile of books that are still sitting on the old table. “Grab one and burn it and say that you did it and they will believe you.”

Nicholas stared at the book in his hands. This book was written by a man, that is the member of the Brotherhood of Freedom, for the good of all freaks; This book became the primary cause of the Midnight Reapers to be hated by all nations and lose many of its members. If this book gets destroyed, then they will forget what happened to these six people. It would be interesting how an old-school object could change the World’s perspective of the Midnight Reapers.

“Alright,” Nicholas said finally. “I will read it, but I will burn the book down afterward.”

Lindsay gave a smile, “ I’m sure you won’t need to do that.”

The next moment, Lindsay was gone. Without hesitating, Nicholas Wadikon sat on a chair with the glow stick that he took from the wall where he hit, and he looked at the cover one more time.

“The Freakshow”

With a sigh of breath, he opens the cover and found a paragraph, and he read,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, gather around for the most spectacular show in the world!
Please stay in your seats, but don’t forget to bring some popcorn.
Prepare to laugh at these freaks and enjoy theirs out of this world performances.
Come one, come all!
Welcome to the Lord Maxon’s Spectacle Circus!”

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WibblyWobblyMadLibThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
yesterday at 5:02 pm
there is another book I have read called The Book Theif, so I assumed this was related. Totally different! Great job.
WolfWhisperer0911This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
today at 8:04 am
@WibblyWobblyMadLib Thanks! I actually noticed that too. I didn't read the book, so I wasn't sure if it had same stuff like mine, but now I know! :)
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