Demonic Hunger

May 24, 2017
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As Kyran, stuck in a rusted, brittle cage, yearned to escape into the harsh blue waters below, Lilith stood behind him, drawing his outline in the air with a knife. Every slip up lead to a stab in his flesh, blood pouring gloriously out of his body, splashing onto her dress, the cage, and the rocky cliff. The metallic stench clung to every surface, as did the blood. Lilith, infuriated, could feel the power surging into her body wonderfully.

She arched her back with each stab, anxious and begging for Kyran to finally collapse so she could finally start to work. Lilith licked an open wound on his back, bloodthirsty and eager to tear into his soft, juicy flesh. She imagined carving his skin, slicing him into pieces then devouring her reward. Oh, the thought of biting into his dying heart, savoring the chewy texture, the saltiness, and the extra bonus of more blood, was just too much for her to bear!

Kyran gave up and let go, hanging onto life by a thread. Lilith grinned voraciously; the meat would be perfectly seasoned and absolutely scrumptious with so much of his blood pooling around her ankles.

She had sliced and diced her way through his corpse, removing entrails and hanging his gory intestines around her neck like a fashionable scarf. All the flesh was removed from his ribs until they were clean enough to be fashioned into a necklace with thick sinew from his muscles. The girl sliced Kyran’s carcass like she was a sushi chef finessing sashimi, or a demon haunting, destroying its victim.

With the his hide laid out to be tanned into an animal skin, and the only parts of his body left were his heart and head, Lilith decided it was time for a glorious dessert. She sank her teeth into the well-deserved organ and gnawed off half of it in one forceful tear. The flavors exploded in her mouth, magnificent raw tenderness mixing with a slight bitterness that complemented its saltiness. Lilith always loved saving the best for last, and the heart was no exception. It was silky to the touch, and had its own flavor that was so indescribably wonderful, she had gracefully tortured and killed many people in her lifetime just for another taste. She was a monster consuming a mortal that had fallen into her trap of despair and desolation.

With the strong flavor of iron on her tongue, the girl reached for Kyran’s head. His eyes were frozen in fear, his nose and mouth coated in his blood. With a smirk, Lilith tossed his head into the ocean below, letting him escape to the waters as he so desperately wanted.

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