A 10 Story building

May 17, 2017
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I woke up on a monday morning expecting it to be a great day at work, this was an unusual monday morning, and walked downstairs to have breakfast. After breakfast I drove to work in my car. I rode the elevator up to the 10th floor and sat in my shared cubicle. Quar, the person I shared my cubicle with, was already irritating me by proclaiming that he was better than me. I proceeded to ignore him for about an hour until he stole my story for work. He stole my story because we work at Story Corp, a company that produces stories for profit, and he is bad a writing. After he stole my story he bolted for the elevator, but the elevator nearest to us was under construction so he went to the stairwell in an attempt to get away from me. When we both entered the 9th floor we had no idea how dangerous it was. When the door flung open, there was an entire jungle filled with a variety of animals. Neither Me nor Quar had known about the jungle below us while we were writing stories for the past 5 years but here we were chasing running through a dangerous jungle on the ninth story of out building. We then got the eighth floor and realized that there was an ocean where pirates fought for treasure and glory. This process continued until we got to the garage; the garage was like a giant arcade game of life or death. Cars were screeching at fast speeds, both Quar and I were terrified for our lives, but I knew I needed my story back so I chased Quar through speeding cars and traffic until we arrived at the edge of the garage. At the end of the garage was my car. I was able to open the malfunctioning trunk of my car with the remote key. The trunk made a roar then flew open with a loud thud, hitting Quar, and releasing my story from his grasp. I grasped my story and took the elevator back to my cubicle and relaxed for the rest of the day.

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