The Harsh Truth

“So like, are we gonna make costumes and is this gonna be our secret lair?” Terence asks excitedly.
“No and no,” Asha responds.
“What about super hero names? I'll be like, 50 cents, because my super senses...get it? Asha you can be Beast Girl. Oh, and Nasida you'll be Storm junior only because i can't come up with anything else forweather manipulation. Abby you'll be the Avatar because like, your elemental powers. Oh and we can fight evil and-” Terence rambles on.
“Hold up right there man, it literally took me two weeks to convince my parents to even let me come with you guys to prospect park what makes you think they'll let me go out and fight people twice my size and age, and you're forgetting the point that we all have parents,” Abby reasons.
“So we run away!” he yells
You're not listening to me, our parents won't let us out, we have school, we have homework, we're not like Greg, we can't duplicate ourselves and Dorothy who can pop in and out of places. We're still kids and there's a limit to everything we do,” she says popping his bubble.
“You're onto something, I just don't know what yet,” Nasida mumbles thinking.
“Ok so hear me out, there aren't exactly any villains to fight...and we can't really use our abilities on normal people. It's not like an evil villain is gonna fall from the sky.” Dorothy says rolling her eyes.
“That's usually what happens though,” Hayeon adds.
“We can kill rapists and Trump and like help the world, you know?” Nasida says.
Dorothy thinks for a bit. “You know, this teleportation thing would've been useful when Konstantin was asking me out and the WHOLE SCHOOL-”
The group shares a collective groan as she goes on recounting the story.
“OKOK we get it man, shut up about it already,” Terence groans.
Then Dorothy went silent. She's still talking but nothing's coming out. Terence burst into laughter and teases her as she tries to yell. She narrows her eyes and throws a rock at him, Terence dodges it laughing even harder. Asha quickly steps in as the mom of the group, she stood in between the both of them.
“Terence give her voice back,” Asha says in a warning tone.
“But look at how funny it is,” he says looking over to a mute Dorothy who flips him off angrily.
“Now,” Asha demands putting on her “do-what-I-say” look.
Terence shrugs his shoulders and points at Dorothy. “You can un-shut up now.”
Dorothy puts two of her fingers to her head tilting it. “Did I ask? Please tell me when I asked for you to mute me? Tell me when.”
“I liked her better mute,” Terence sighs rubbing his head.
Hayeon brushes everyone off. “Guys, that's besides the point.”
“We should pretend all of this didn't happen, it's not like we have some X-Men academy thing,” Nasida says.
“I agree, there's always the choice of wasting our abilities,” Greg adds.
“But that's no fair! That's like… that's like being handed immortality and refusing it!” Terence argues.
“Dude, we're like 5, we can't do anything about anything,” Nasida says trying to shut him down.
“If...if I can find a villain, then?” Terence inquires.
“No,” Nasida Abby and Asha say in unison.
“Just try to get your powers under control, no villains, no fighting. End of discussion,” Abby speaks up taking charge.
“But-” Terence starts.
“No,” Abby cuts him off.
“Losers,” he mutters under his breath kicking a can.
“Heard that,” she responds.

"I'll find a villian," Terence whispers to himself

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