A Desolate World

April 18, 2017
By jsampe BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
jsampe BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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When she walked in I could tell she was going to be trouble. Long over the knee boots adorned her lengthy legs, and a big sweater that hung on her shoulders. She had an air about her that screamed “I don’t care”. My father was dearly miss informed about her. This wasn't a shy girl who had spent years moving from one boarding school to another because of bullying, she looked like the bully. I was a little concerned about how she was gonna take the news. I could tell she never lost control and she was constantly alert.
As soon as she walked into the room her eyes were scanning every face until they rested on her father. The hard glint that had been present in her eyes since she entered the room disappeared and concern replaced it. Her father was one of her last living relatives that still cared about her the rest just wanted her money. That’s why doing this was so important. She had a hard life at least according to her file, but the file had been wrong about one thing so far. Emily Rosetta wasn't broken, she hadn't lost herself, she just steeled herself against the world, a place so cruel nowadays that if you were weak or useless you died.
Emily knelt by her father's feet and gave him a hug, the old man was dying and soon too. They spoke a few words to each other and i could tell that Emily didn't like what her father was telling her, she turned her head and glared at me. Then stood up and looked back at her father and told her very firmly no. She glared at me one last time and i could see the fire in her eyes she had something there, was a reason I  was assigned to her it was my duty to awaken that fire and i knew i had the power to.

The author's comments:

I like to read a lot and I just put my perfect character together as i read different books.

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