March 31, 2017
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My standard clock flashes at me, taunting me. It reads "12:53 am" in bold red letters. There were only two words I managed to conjure in my mind before the dull hum of the AC lulled me to sleep. 

"Dang it!"

Chapter 1: Fire

Fire. All I saw was fire. Just like all of my dreams. First, I find myself in a luscious green meadow. Then, I bend down to pick up a bright red Dianthus, hold it in my hands for a few seconds, and by the time I get up there is a circle of fire spreading across the plain. Funny thing is, I don't get burnt. I feel the intensity of the flames only in the form of a tingling sensation on my skin. I roam my surrounding and turn to the sound of footsteps. I bump right into a dark figure, it has no face, just a perfectly white row of teeth. He laughs and says my name before a ball of fire engulfs him. I wake up, gasping for breath, sweating like I usually do every morning. Ever since I can remember, I've had dreams like this. I look at my alarm clock. It reads "4:50 AM" in flashing red characters.
"Can a girl ever get decent sleep?" I thought to myself.
Pulling on a sweatshirt, I make my way downstairs for my favorite stress reliever, a cup of nice, warm, coffee, with enough cream to make even an avid drinker sick. After setting up my brew, I look out the window to my backyard. To my great advantage, the back of my "dwelling" leads to the best 5 hiking trails in Utah. It's a good thing the realtor was able to persuade my mom to buy this. It's a great advantage for a 5'11 junior like myself. Hahaha, right. My backyard is usually a calming navy blue, which my mom has trouble seeing at this time of day, but it's like I have x-ray vision or something. I can see the outlines and details of the trees almost perfectly on days like that, but today it felt different. To be honest, it felt as though I was being watched by something I couldn't see. Suddenly, a flash of blinding light engulfed a couple of trees that were close to the creek. When my eyes finally adjusted, I realized I was staring straight at a ball of fire. I stared at it, in a complete state of shock. Turning, for the house phone, I come face to face with a taller male version of myself.
"Hello, Alexondra," he says
I scream.

Before I was even able to figure out what was going on, his hand is over my mouth. I look at him in complete and total disbelief, which he took as a sign of compliance.
" May I please address you, without you waking the neighborhood?
I look at him in awe and nodded my head, and at that moment, my mom came barreling down the stairs. She stopped right when she took in the sight of the intruder.
"G-get, out." she said timidly at first.
"GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT! she yelled out to the intruder like she knew him like he did her wrong.
Before I could even blink, I felt a mass prickling sensation on my back. The one I knew too well...Fire! He was gone, with only ashes as evidence of his presence.

Getting into the Jeep was a struggle. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. I just so happened to appeal to my mother's sensitive side, by telling her I needed to be in school earlier than usual to finish up my Argumentative Writing essay for Mrs. Whithers. Half of the time, the only way to get my mother to see the world in my way, in my perspective, is by bribing her with none other than coffee. The only thing my mom and I have in common is our love for coffee. Other than that, I could be adopted for all I care. We look nothing alike in terms of appearance. So, it really irks me when people make generalizations about children looking just like their parents. Well, guess what universe, screw genetics. All that rhetoric that goes around on the news and everything is just a lie.
"Alexondra!!!" yelled my best friend Lexi.
"Slow down!" she yelled back.

I didn't recall letting her in.

Chapter Notes:

Chapter 2 is coming soon by the way.

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